Reviews for Another Age, Another Adventure
Guest chapter 10 . 6/26/2023
Jesus, Gohan is so worthless.

All he can do is yell "NO MORE GAMES", and gets tricked. He could just wipe them all out immediately, but no...
NaaMaloom chapter 10 . 6/6/2023
Why is this fight stupidly dragged out for so long? Gohan should have killed them the movement they appeared.
I feel that you didn't had a good plot in mind so you dragged it out. pathetic
Jpx0999 chapter 6 . 5/15/2023
my guess is janemba,his desing is basically a mix up of cell,frieza and buu
Katushya chapter 23 . 1/12/2023
This has been a great ride!
mastercheif1229 chapter 23 . 10/19/2022
Great story so far! Hope that you continue this at some point!
Cabana Misael chapter 23 . 10/3/2022
Guest chapter 23 . 9/28/2022
Think you can get The Legendary Mew’s other fic Max birthday. I remember really loving that story.
frostbittenk9 chapter 23 . 8/26/2022
Another great Fan Fic. I've been on a binge of these lately, and somehow, I'm still able to stumble upon gold nuggets! Here's looking forward to more!

I guess we'll be getting a heart to heart next chapter about Gohans trauma?
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 21 . 5/13/2022
Don't blame you Videl, I want to fly too.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 20 . 5/12/2022
Nice chapter. Yeah, Erasa really is that embarrassing, but it was nice she saw Gohan alive and well.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 19 . 5/12/2022
Okay, I really hate it when people say Vegeta never beat Goku. It's simply not true. He served him his most painful defeat during their first fight. Poor guy was crippled for over a month and needed a snezu bean to recover. He says himself that he lost that fight and that's why he wanted to train afterwards, so he could surpass Vegeta (which he of course did, but that's besides the point). Sorry, I just feel the need to correct that error whenever I see it.

Other than that, fun chapter.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 18 . 5/11/2022
I would say Future Trunks is definitely the coolest. That guy's wicked cool and he doesn't mess around. Heck, I think him and Piccolo are the only guys who finish their fights as efficiently as possible, without screwing around one bit (unlike the idiots Goku, Gohan and Vegeta).
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 17 . 5/11/2022
Yeah, I was thinking along the same line as Trunks. Hope Videl becomes an actual fighter, instead of just learning flight.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 16 . 5/11/2022
Very interesting development, I liked.
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 15 . 5/10/2022
Fun chapter all and I feel so bad about poor Trunks. Lime was awesome, sticking up for Gohan like that. That really needed to be said and I hope it reshapes Videl's approach towards the poor guy, especially after all he's been through and the massive burden on his shoulders!
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