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DarkPirateKing69 chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
THeoretically, Gohan could just visit Satan when Videl isn't around and tell him to pretend otherwise.. But i guess that would take away from the 'drama' that can result from this particular set-up. Nothing against it though. It should be entertaining.
aiwataru1 chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
what the fffff! satan will come to his school? will gohan persuade satan to just ignoring him in class or else? :V I'll wait the chapter! btw, I agree with you about the skipped story things *lol*
lancecomwar chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
I'd like a Frieza returns arc, doesn't have to be the same as the movie but yeah haha

Interesting so far
StarwindX chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
Honestly hope Gohan refuses to train her at first or something along those lines.

Ive been considering doing a DB fic for a while now, I have a few ideas of how I want to do it, but if its cool could I shoot some ideas at you?
StarwindX chapter 1 . 2/23/2017
Interesting idea.

Oh god, unbearable Videl if her dad saved the world twice.

My biggest gripe with G/V fics is how easy Gohan gives in to telling Videl his secrets/training her

Goku noticing little things like that is why hes an amazing father

Hope this fic will diverge from canon at some point.
GoHaNViDeLSoN chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
Yeah its been interesting so far...looking forward to the story...update real quick plz
ThatGuyWithAnAfro chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
Really enjoying this so far, even if thus far has been mainly recapping of the AU and bits of the Buu saga, it is still enjoyable to read your spin to it. Glad you didn't put the Saiyaman poses in, as much as I liked the Ginyu Force the posing was a bit odd to me. I can see where you're coming from with the temporary loss of Gohan's super saiyan form since I remember in the Buu's Fury game back on the GBA once Gohan got his mystic form he was unable to transform. Good to see interaction between other characters like Eresa and Sharpner so I hope there is going to be more of that later on and they aren't just forgotten like they were in Z and Super. Only thing that bugs me is how in this chapter when Videl looked up info on Roshi, the article she finds mentions he trained a new group of students but doesn't mention their names which isn't a big thing since none of his students won a tournament until the 23rd so the article maybe hadn't found Krillien, Yamcha, or Goku worth mentioning at their tournament debut. Anyway, good read and I look forward to more.
Justanius chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
I totally get the coaches name being a fellow Burn Notice fan myself lol. I love it.
NoLongerUsedAnln chapter 3 . 2/23/2017
Love this story!
Risa Silvara chapter 2 . 2/22/2017
Oh no. Saiyaman...can you make him..less cringy? I mean...I feel like he took a page out of the Ginyu Force's book with his poses. They must be proud of him. Seriously, though. If you like Saiyaman, that's great...but maybe tone him down some for those of us who don't like him?

Gohan was always my favorite character - especially with the way he'd always get back up after being beaten down. He was a small child being thrown into life-threatening battles and apocalyptic fights, but he kept trucking on. I wish he had kept training after the Cell Games - at least a little bit. Chi-Chi trained Goten, but didn't allow Gohan to leave the house very often.

Anyway, as for the Super Saiyan transformation...Gohan still has limitless potential, I think. Elder Kai unlocked his remaining hidden powers, but that doesn't mean he still can't become even stronger. His full potential has been unlocked, so that gives him plenty of room for more growth with his new abilities.

Unlocking his Super Saiyan ability again would be a massive increase in power that like his transformation into Super Saiyan 2, he might not be able to control as well because of it, which might be a reason why he can't do it. His subconscious might realize he won't be able to control the power and will only reawaken under great duress. That's probably why he was never able to fully utilize his powers as a child - his body and mind weren't at a point in which he could freely control them. It took threats towards himself and others that allowed him to release the powers, even if he couldn't very well control them. His fight against Cell proved that - he was in completely control of the fight...but not of his emotions.

Honestly, Gohan still has time left to use on the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In a pinch, he could always use that and go solo in the chamber to learn how to properly harness it, maybe through deep meditation. Honestly, maybe learning Tien and Piccolo's multiplying ability might be a thing he should do beforehand, just to have training partner. I dunno. Just a thought. Or ask the Supreme Kai and Elder Kai about his options. Though, the Time Chamber would likely be his best option.

I can't imagine Chi-Chi being happy about it...but Gohan is old enough to be able to make his own decisions and Chi-Chi should learn to respect them. Especially if Gohan wants to continue his training and study. There was never ANY reason why he couldn't do both besides Chi-Chi being extremely controlling.
icecreamguy chapter 2 . 2/21/2017
Omg this story is amazing! It's well written and very unique. I love how all the characters stay in character, yet it flows with the story. Keep up the good work. You have a talent
narusakufan1985 chapter 1 . 2/19/2017
This sounds really good so far. Please continue. Gohan and Videl forever.
DarkPirateKing69 chapter 2 . 2/19/2017
I have some bitter memories from this particular arc.. It honestly made me think about dropping the show entirely. I came up with all sorts of scenarios for the 7 year timeskip and all of them included Gohan who actually trained for the whole duration. I convinced myself that at least one of them would be true, so what i got instead was almost too much.
0 Jordinio 0 chapter 2 . 2/19/2017
Are you planning on including Beerus in this story? At this point, he's literally the only one besides Whis that can defeat Gohan in that universe.

I was kinda disappointed you implied that the Super Saiyan transformation would limit Gohan. Unlike most, I see the Super Saiyan transformation as just that, a transformation like Oozaru. Gohan never needed to transform for his power to rapidly surge, so I see his Ultimate form as the limit his current potential could reach, his Ultimate Form is the limit of strength that the power inside him could reach at that time.

Many complain about that theory of mine though, stating that if he could transform why didn't he do so to beat Buu. Toriyama did state in an interview once that Gohan could still transform, but if he did then he'd probably destroy the planet, citing Goku's SSJ3 transformation as proof of that - believable in the sense that Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku, and the SSJ transformation is a 50 times multiplier on top of that.

Something else happened to confirm my thoughts later on. BOG showed he still had the Ultimate form, yet when he tried to transform in Resurrection F, his body couldn't handle the strain - which points overall to the fact that until he became even stronger, his body couldn't handle it.

I like where you're going though with the fact that he lost the ability to transform though and has to work to regain it, which is why I brought up Beerus and Whis. They're the only ones whom he'd need that transformation against.

Also, bit of advice. Like 80% of the time, you fail to finish your dialogue and it's kind of annoying to read. Good luck.
Lightningblade49 chapter 2 . 2/18/2017
I really hope you go the super route Because Videl's already struggling to accept Buu throw in people like Beerus she'll her mind lol.
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