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vv1234 chapter 22 . 7/24/2021
loved your story sm! update pls. bayer and rhiannon are the chuck and blair of the story
goldhue chapter 22 . 6/8/2020
Mother/Son bonding time YEEEEES. (tell me why I typed father/daughter at first idk why my brain was confused). You know I love it when Mae shows up, and I love the kind of distinction between how Mae is with Nolan, and Oliver with Nolan? They both obviously love him so much but I think Mae is a tad softer with Nolan but not in like a coddling way. She knows what to say to him and how to make him feel better and I love to see it. Also loved having her reflect on her time in the Selection because we both know it wasn’t smooth sailing.

I wasn’t sure if I could ship them just yet but Izzy and Nolan are cute as heck. The way she just hugged him and checked to see if he was okay had me soft. Rhiannon though? Girl whatchu doing here. Still not a fan of her but I guess she brings the necessary tension and drama. How awkward to be there though when Nolan didn’t even invite her back. I’d feel like I was intruding and get the hell out of there.

Whitney seems a liiittle ill-suited for her new position but I like her personality. Loved the info on the Russians though. Honestly can’t find it in myself to feel bad for Regan, I remember what a bitch she was to basically everyone so sorry not sorry. Gregor though, I really want to know more about him. I’m a little eyes at Whitney for being lowkey obsessed with royals and then she’s getting to know Nolan now. But we’ll see what her role will be in all of this.

There’s something about Rhiannon that just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe because she walks around like she owns the place and because she seems so entitled, but I don’t know. Also a little suss at Bayer just inviting a Selected back when Nolan eliminated her. Something about that just strikes me the wrong way. Maybe because it’s Nolan’s actual future that he’s playing with, and I know Bayer isn’t one to think of the consequences but he kind of crossed the line here. I hope someone smacks him upside the head for it. Imani is a queen though and I actually want to see her bonding with all the Selected!

Amazing chapter TTSW you keep on blowing our socks off!
Altomi chapter 22 . 5/27/2020
I hope you are ready because this review is going to be me rambling like an idiot because oh my god this chapter.

First Nolan! You can see how hard he has been working to live up to the task of being the next in line for the throne, but also you can see how the realities of the role still terrify him. Being king is no easy job, though I do have faith that even if the worst is to come Nolan will be able to handle it. He is stronger then he gives himself credit for. I loved hearing Mae talk about previous selection, as well as seeing Nolan’s reaction to the history with the Illéas and the choice Oliver made with Alaric. “Mae reached across the table and took his hand. "Marid," she reminded him, "Not all Illéas."” I think this line is really important. If anyone is able to reconcile between the two families I feel as though it will be Nolan.

On the topic of the two families, the information that Nolan received later in the chapter about the Russian’s was really interesting. Nikolai sounds ruthless if the rumors are to be believed, and of course, combining him with Madrid makes everything 100*’s worse. After all, what is better than one power-hungry psychopath? Two power-hungry psychopaths! I am worried what the Russian’s would be willing to do to win the war, what lines are there that they won’t cross? Gregor and what his life was like is also something that I am very interested in… though I have a strong hunch we will be seeing plenty more of him in the future.

Ok, Nolan getting to see his selected again was so cute! Amino tackling Nolan nearly knocking him off his feet, and Izzy going for that giant hug right off the bat. After hearing about Izzy and Nolan’s correspondences it is sweet to see them so close, to the point where she was able to pick up on his discomfort of Rhiannon being there. I can’t wait until we get to see the other girls again and to see them interact with Nolan! It will be really interesting to see how the war is affecting all of them as well.

Then there was Rhiannon and Bayer. Please let me apologize ahead of time for rambling because oh my gosh this section. I am both completely and not at all surprised Bayer sent that invitation to Rhi. Not at all, because honestly hijacking his cousin’s selection for his own personal reasons to hell with the consequences is truly such a Bayer thing to do. I feel for Nolan having to put up with this nonsense. And completely, because taking such a vested interest in one girl seems like something that is really rare for Bayer. This is the man that at the start of the story was dating multiple girls, and casually breaking up with them whenever it became too much of a hassle. The fact that he went through the trouble of sending a fake invitation just so he could see Rhiannon again is surprising for him… as was the fact that he admitted to her he was lonely.

The two of them really do have a fun relationship and reading their exchanges is always a treat. I loved that reference to Rhiannon’s family and Luke, and well ok pretty much everything about their interaction. Though my absolute favorite part of the situation was when they discussed the war, they are a pair of cynics through and through, and their views on the war stand in stark contrast to some of the others we have seen so far. It is nice to see a different perspective, one of two people that are looking out for themselves and the ones they love above all else.

Imani! I love that she is still here in the palace. With Kingsley fighting on the front lines it is clear that she is worried, and I don’t blame her. It is so incredibly likely he may never come home… especially since now there is nothing that can be done but pray that he will. I hope that she takes Rhiannon up on that offer to spend time with the selected, if anyone could use a friend here it is her.

Kingsley, Ryder, Finn, Alex, Oliver… how many of the men that went to the front lines will we lose by the end of the story? Whatever the number is it will be too many.
shades111 chapter 22 . 5/24/2020
Hi hello so much happened in this chapter aside from your girl’s usual freak out involving her character as we’ve seen in thorns and it feels a bit like a fever dream bevause I sent you her form right before the entire world shut down and went to hell and it feels like two years ago instead of two months and then she just showed up and I was like WHAT? And it was PERFECT and I could NOT HANDLE IT. Totally had to put my phone down and come back to it later because is there anything better than the adrenaline rush of reading your character introduced the answer is no. And like it was exactly the way I imagined her? From like working in the basement ?to her dialogue ?to her mannerisms? I loved it so much I can’t even express it in reviews short of screaming in all caps and much exclamation points which I’ll attempt to spare you but no promises. Sometimes it’s really hard to write across your character but Whitney all came together perfectly and I am LIVING. Like the little things she said were so in character (AND SAYING LIKE ALL THE TIME YES!) and how she was not confident but still doing her best tm and blunt and totally freaking out but still funny I can’t handle it in the best way possible! Unable to call him Nolan, knowing all the tea on the russians, thanking him for getting help from her. Also Gregor? I am now highley invested in him even though he’s been in like one scene. I also feel a tiny bit sorry for regan which I thought was never possiblebut here we are. Some noblewoman— WE SEE YOU SARA! JONATHAN IS GOING TO EUROPE. KAIT AND ALARIC GOT MARRIED I HAVE HOPE.

Not going to lie I was kind of sad last chapter that Rhiannon was cut and then she showed up in this chapter too and ! YASSSS! I am HERE FOR IT! My all time favorite troupe is the lowkey flirting but violently hating each other on the surface but lowkey flirting and chemistry off the charts but being nasty to each other and LOWKEY FLIRTING and you did that. But Bayer also has all these layers and flaws and emotions and I am in awe of your talent.

Nolan seems more sure of himself now even though he’s internally screaming. I like this new approach to the selection and Izzy is still so cute I can’t with her! Always here for queen Mae vibes and flashbacks to Oliver’s selection. Weird coincidence but over the weekend I went on my favorite local hike and I remembered setting up my hammock and then getting the email notification for a chapter like last September and it was the chapter when Pacifica blew up and I DID THAT SAME HIME YESTERDAY AND STOOD IN THE SPOT AND REMEMBERED DOING THAT AND THEN YOU UPDATED TODAY? I summoned it.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too and HECK YES I STILL LIKE THIS STORY !
Ruby Casablanca chapter 21 . 5/20/2020
YIKES I am nearly a month late to the review party! I am so sorry! There really is no excuse other than work and my incredibly lackadaisical brain. I would forget my head if it wasn't attached sometimes. Anyway, onto the review...

Nolan and Cheryl at the military hospital was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Seeing so much suffering and destruction was hard, but the little spark of hope the two brought was enough to lighten the mood and steer things from being too morbid. It's hard to think certain situations in romantic terms when war is looming over everyone - including the readers' - heads, but you do such a good job with subtly weaving it in so that we don't forget! How do you do that? I'm amazed. It'll be interesting to see how that continues when the Elite come back!

Awww so Finn is going to Romania? At least he'll have Kingsley. I feel better that he's in a foreign place with someone familiar. But that also makes me worried that the odds of both of them making it back are slim...

XANDER LEFT 30% OF SHARES TO CALLI! WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS IN HERE?! AND ON HER BIRTHDAY? There are infinite ways in which this hurts and soothes me. It will take too long to list them, but there are feelings, intense ones.

The closer this war gets, the more and more anxious I get reading these chapters. But in a good way. Does that make any sense?

Your writing remains an incredible, impeccable, emotional roller coaster. Thank you for the chapter! I'm looking forward to the next! :)
goldhue chapter 21 . 5/12/2020
so many feels in this chapter. SO MANY. first off, cheryl is a sweetheart and i like her with nolan! i think they're more friends than anything romantic but who knows, you could surprise me and something might blossom there, but at the very least she's definitely a good influence on nolan.

nolan's conversations with his dad are always scary and foreshadowing and i know you're gonna hurt us in some way so i'm keeping my eyes on that. BUT HE HAS HIS ELITE! and i'm really happy with all of them, and obviously proud of raina for making it. i think he has a good batch of girls!

finn... I'M SO SAD FOR MY BABY :(((( AND RYDER IS GONNA BE SEPERATED FROM HIS BRO AND RAINA IS GONNA BE SEPERATED FROM BOTH HER BROTHER AND BEST FRIEND and i'm just really sad and emotional and scared for all of them. i love how well you write the friendship between finn and ryder, it's obvious how much they care for each other, and then also the relationship between finn ryder and raina. it's just beautiful. obviously i'm a little biased but i'd really love to see raina's thoughts on this? she's hugely affected by the war with both ryder and finn going off and then her stepmother as well and she has such big feelings on the war as well i can't imagine how scared she must be.

ryder and calli at the end were very sweet so at least you gave us some happiness by the end of it. EVEN IF IT'S JUST A LITTLE AND I'M SCARED FOR THEM. amazing chapter as alwayssss.
Imbal45 chapter 21 . 4/27/2020
I’m glad the Selection is starting up again, I have a bad feeling that Nolan is going to need support for one reason or another as things unfold. I’m deathly afraid that you’re going to kill a bunch more people I love and just... NOOOO! No more deaths. Let everyone live and be happy please.

Of course, that’s not going to happen.

At least spare Oliver? :(
Thatguy222 chapter 21 . 4/26/2020
so excited to see that you updated! I love this story and all it’s character so I’m sad to see any of the select go but so freaking STOKED that haven made the elite cut! I love reading about interactions with her and Nolan and her making Nolan a little uncomfortable with her brass and sarcastic ways. Take as long as you need to to update because every chapter you post is a treat! Can’t wait for us to get to the prolong chapter because I’m still on the edge of my seat with all this action! I love war stories and when you combine it with one of my favorite novels I kNew this was gonna be a great story
shades111 chapter 21 . 4/25/2020
BRUH I saw the notification when I woke up and my brain saw 21 days before instead of chapter 21 and I was like WHAT but glad that’s not actually thing yet because we’re like 70 and I am already not okay.


This felt like some heavy foreshadowing and hopefully we just end happy at this point. I love getting into all the war details and everything and damn we really be out here in world war three and I am freaking out. Luckily we had Cheryl to be a literal ray of sunshine I love her so much! I liked the pause in the selection but I’m excited to see it brought back on a total different scale. Can’t believe we’re already to the elite tho but with so much else going on it makes a lot of sense.

Okay but I’m intrigued to know more about Gregor and the ramifications of him potentially being the next ruler (if all ends happily which it will right) and also the whole thing with Sara being like his governess (and Jonathan) and of course regan. I hope they actually can bring him to Illea and he can hang out with his cousins who are too good for this world and I will love them until the day I die.


Raina is also literal sunshine she’s so cute I cannot handle her I love her so much I’m so glad she’s here for Nolan.

HERE for Ryder and Calli being together and supporting each other and being there for the other I love this relationship so much but FINN AND KINGSLEY MY HEART IS BREAKING IM SO SCARED FOR THEM! Hear scenes broke me and it’s just the beginning I’m going to die. I figured callis letter was something like this but I don’t knoe exactly what it means but my girl gonna have so much responsibility and Ryder’s leaving and I’m so scared or everyone but I can’t wait to read more and you DELIVERED!
rysarium chapter 21 . 4/25/2020

Seriously, this chapter felt like a nice, gentle reminder of ALL THE PEOPLE WE COULD LOSE. Oliver, Jonathan, Finn, Ryder, Kingsley, EVERYONE I LOVE WITH MY WHOLE HEART. Despite how stressed this chapter makes me, I have to give you credit for making the tone of it so serious given the actual circumstances. Both the personal and country-wide implications of the war are done so well in a way that's truly heart-breaking, and I know things will only get more serious from here. Of course, it's because you've written these characters so well and made me so ATTACHED to them that I now fear for everyone's life. The last scenes in particular really showed how much these characters love each other and I... no, that's not the sound of me crying, it's just raining outside. I swear.

Okay, now, ignoring chronological order completely, onto the happier parts of this chapter.

Nolan and Cheryl together was so SWEET and ugh I just stan this wholesome fluffy ship. Cheryl really just seems to *get* Nolan, or know what to say, and I absolutely love their dynamic. Also, I will always be Team Chili Cheese Fries, so I suppose that extends to being Team Cheryl now too. Now you've really got me craving chili cheese fries. Alas, I am stuck at home and cannot satisfy my fast food cravings right now.

Raina is truly an angel and the way she's concerned for everyone else's happiness has got me sobbing into my pillow. But what has me even more of an emotional wreck is the way my poor boi Finn is doing. Especially given that his life is about to be in danger. DON'T HURT HIM, LC. YOU HEAR ME? HE'S BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH ALREADY!

And now we have... the Elite. :o But before I address that, I just want to say, Oliver BETTER NOT DIE because I did not stay inside his head for 45 chapters and witness his amazing growth as a character for his reign to come to an end so soon. And him being proud of Nolan... I SWEAR, I'M NOT CRYING! The sky is just flooding! :'''''')

I honestly was not expecting the Elite to be announced in this chapter so that got me kind of shook, especially when Margo made it in! Not gonna lie, I'm really surprised because I wasn't expecting that at all. I'm so excited that she'll be here for longer, at least, and that we'll get to see more interactions between her and Nolan uwu. I do love my child. I'm also really excited for the other Elite: I expected Raina, and obviously Cheryl and Izzy given the past few chapters, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the others as well! Murphy has had such great chemistry with Nolan since their initially-a-disaster date, and Kylee, Haven and Jay also have so much potential with him. I will admit that I'm just the *tiniest* surprised that Rhiannon didn't make it, because not gonna lie, I would've jumped aboard the Rhiannon-Bayer ship if the opportunity ever presented itself. But obviously the importance of that pales in comparison to the actual world war happening here. I'm proud of Nol for being confident in his own decisions, though, and the way Oliver trusted Nol and encouraged him to do his own thing really made me so emo. And also stressed. As we've already established, everything makes me stressed.

Forever here to hype up your updates! Until the day you kill all my faves! Then we'll be having a talk :'''')
Graceful Petals chapter 21 . 4/25/2020
I honestly really enjoyed the the beginning of this chapter and it really endeared me to Cheryl (and Nolan even more), just reading about the way he cares about the wounded and those fighting for Illea was really amazing and I think it showed how wonderful of a king he is going to make. I’m so excited for where this story is going to go, it’s really starting to heat up! Oliver is so calm and encouraging in this and I love it. Also Raina and Nolan’s interactions always make me happy, she’s so supportive and she brings something different out of Nolan.

You write beautifully and you manage to craft a very intricate story that’s still easy to follow. I love that as the story grows, Nolan grows too and it makes me so excited to read a new chapter every time you post. Thanks for giving me something to look forward too in this quarantine!
QueenEirelyn96 chapter 21 . 4/24/2020
I love this chapter! It was great to see Cheryl and Nolan go out together in Clermont and I think it's great that Nolan has chosen his Elite.

I feel nervous for the characters as they're about to go into war. I want to say that I hope everyone will be okay, but your first chapter, kinda makes it hard.

I love scenes with Calli and Ryder! They're so cute together and they make a great couple, supporting each other.
Altomi chapter 21 . 4/24/2020
Ha well here is hoping I can make up for my late reviews last time by actually being on time for once this chapter!

The war is progressing and with each chapter of it my anxiety is growing. Hearing about the deployments that are about to go in effect is chilling, especially thanks to those lists. Thousands of names who may soon be dead may never see their loved ones again. It really is like was said in the chapter “the ink equivalent of a death sentence”

Cheryl! It is so good to see her again; I really missed her bright attitude! She is right just because others are surely suffering doesn’t mean Nolan should be unable to feel bad himself. Pain is not a pissing contest. Seeing Cheryl just being herself and able to give Nolan the encouragement he clearly needs right now was really sweet. As was seeing where their date was, at the hospital offering more of that encouragement to others. Seeing her with the kids was so cute, but what really interested me the most from the date was the conversation Nolan had with Major Fox. I really do hope Nolan will be able to hold up once the true horrors of war begin.

Ahhhhhhhh and we have our elites! The bunch Nolan selected are pretty much the ones I had a feeling he would go with for this next group, and I love them all so no qualms from me on that part. Honestly I really just can’t wait to see all the elite in action again, I have missed those girls and getting to see Cheryl and Raina this chapter was a real treat. Raina being surprised that she was invited back to the selection was endearing, though I do feel for Finn. It must hurt to see the one he loves so clearly adore another.

And to add to the pain for Finn the man got his orders. In Romania which is on the front lines of the conflict, and Kingsley is going to be there with him. Kingsley, Finn, Alex, Ryder… I wonder how many of those boys are going to be returning from this war. It terrifies me, but it is probably nothing compared to how someone like Calli feels. I echo her prayers that this won’t be the last birthday she and Ryder share together. It would feel so cruel to have them torn apart now when their love has only just begun. I just hope that everyone will be able to return safely, even though I know it is not going to happen.

It is war after all. And I am not ready for the true sadness that goes along with it.
anj chapter 21 . 4/24/2020

okay so cheryl is adorable? the scene where she’s w the kids and then she tells them to go to nolan with the art mY HEART MELTED THAT WAS SO PUREEE
i’m so mf intrigued w this russian boi espec bc (from reference to ur board) i dont think he’s the tsar’s son (the like abt him not looking quite like his mom or dad had me like )
i am V excited to see where it goes w the elite,,, and also the war itself! it’s such a unique concept of having this massive world war about to go down and you portray the nerves and anxiety around it so accurately and w the gravity it deserves.
i love this story so much thank u for blessing us! until next time (heart)
Altomi chapter 20 . 4/17/2020
Well I told you I was coming here next didn’t I. It is 2am here but for hecks sake this review has waited long enough!

OK who gave you the right to make a chapter like this. First your breaking my heart and then you are making me happier than happy can be and now I just don’t know how to feel anymore. This chapter was an emotional rollercoaster and I loved (and hated) every minute of it.

First, let’s get all the sad out of the way first because I did actually let out a “no” when I saw who it was that died. I liked Xander in holding and reading that funeral scene made me so freaking sad. I was happy to see Margaery again, but to have her come back because of this… it hurts. I don’t know what I am going to do if one of the main characters die (that prologue still scares the ever-living crap out of me).. And seeing Lea and Alex about why where they will be buried… well, it makes me worried. Especially after seeing Alex enlist as a medic at the end of the chapter. I just have a bad feeling and am very worried about that boy and I swear you better not hurt him because then my heart will actually be shattered into tiny little pieces. He and Lea deserve a happily ever after with one another.

Ok and now lets talk about some happy(er) things. Nolan and Izzy’s letters are cute as all hell and it makes total sense that the two of them would write to each other like that. Izzy is a good girl and she just jumped way up on my list as well thanks to that. And then there was Bayer this chapter as well, seeing the way his country views him hurts. But I have to say the way he asked for the selected to be brought back was very Bayer.

AND THEN THERE WAS THE WEDDING. Oh my god, it feels like I have been waiting for this ever since finishing holding and it was everything I ever dreamed of and more. Kaitlyn and Alaric finally get their happy ending! Those two are perfect for one another and after everything else this chapter, a scene like that was just what was needed. I hope those two have many happy years ahead of them… and I hope the war won’t cut that happiness short.

Overall this was a fantastic chapter! And I am happy to see you back with writing this and Between Thorns~ I can’t wait to see what happens next and I hope you have fun writing!
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