Reviews for I Am The Dark Magician Girl
sweetyamiyugigirl chapter 12 . 12/30/2009
I liked how you ended this one. I hope tht DMG does regain her memories soon, I'm glad that Mahado is being nicer to her. I don't think that it's her fault htat she has no memories of her past... It happened to Atem (ok, he did it on purpose and She not, but hey, still similiar) and he regained his (sort of) soo... I hope that she does too!
Ravenclaw Slytherin chapter 12 . 2/18/2009
Cute story!
Wario-Girl chapter 1 . 10/14/2008
OMFG. i adore this piece of work. When I read the first chapter, I nearly cried. Its was so emotional. It is so deep and intense with mixed emotions. I understand, when you mentioned that you were depressed when you wrote the first chapter. I tend to do that when i'm depressed and its freaky when it comes It's amazing to read and quite funny too. ;)i adore this work. And I am willing to read Princess of Magic. I'm too doing a yu-go-oh story, hopefully, I'll submit it. Please, keep it up. :)

I'm with you all the way.
phoenixsoul13 chapter 12 . 8/28/2006
This was so cool.
Sweet-With-Talent chapter 12 . 6/30/2006
Konnichiwa Lazy Author,

One thought doesn't seem to stop going around my mind. Why haven't you updated yet? You have a great story that is interesting and worth my time and yet you haven't updated in gods knows how long. Is there an answer to that or do I have to dwell in uncertaincy? Or maybe your in need of a beta writer to help you out? Do say. It is getting getting quite annoying having to wait for you to get in the mood to actually update, do I have to be explane more?

Just update will you?
Silver Warrior chapter 12 . 12/12/2005
Now that was just plain cool. Dark Magician Girl is one of my favorite cards (unfortunately, I just can’t fit her into my deck. Poor girl).
lady of the frozen black flame chapter 12 . 11/11/2005
I loved the story I am looking forowrd to the next psrt of thr trilogy..if you have started it...
goldenbird15 chapter 12 . 10/16/2005
Awesome! DMG is my fav i can't wait to get the Yu-Gi-Oh! tin that has DMG she's my fav monster and can't wait to have her in my deck
Computerfreak101 chapter 13 . 4/21/2005
Awesome fic, I really enjoyed reading it. I've been working on it for a few weeks, reading as many chapters as I could each week, and I really loved it. DMG is one of my favorite Duel Monsters. Can't wait to read the sequel!
tincey chapter 13 . 4/9/2005
*smiles* i was going to review for every chapter,but i wasnt sure if i wouuld like it or not. ive learned from expierience that a fic can get real bad real quick,but this one is obviously not. Ive only got one word: A-W-E-S-O-M-E AWESOME!
PikafighterofROMANCE9 chapter 1 . 12/5/2004
WAUGH! T-this Fic I R-r-r-Rate

274%SEXY! Hey does DMG have 32 marker plump breasts? Damn I am Such Anime pretty girl with cute eyes and cute boobs aroused type pervert!
LTr436 chapter 1 . 9/3/2004
This is a great story
RiterAnonymous chapter 13 . 8/30/2004
What a great ficcy, u rock! this is one of the best dm/dmg fics ever!
DigiDestined of Courage chapter 13 . 8/14/2004
Very awesome way to end this!

BlackTerriermon: (cheers loudly) Encore!

That's what the Shadow Games are for.

BlackTerriermon: (blinks) What?

(lol) Keep up the good work on your future stories!

BlackTerriermon: Don't forget to momentai! What's up with these Shadow Games?

CodeLyoko chapter 13 . 7/16/2004
I loved this Fanfic! In some parts it made me laugh! I think DMG is the best! She's my fav!
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