Reviews for Marvel's Maelstrom
Omkar chapter 31 . 9/12
Steve would be proud at the ending
Efthee chapter 22 . 9/14
This wakanda arc is pretty wierd. I just feel that naruto is acting ooc, like almost dying from the bullet, being confident while being a little submissive (kinda) it just feels wierd
codereevise chapter 7 . 9/11
This is unreasonable. Sigh.
Detsella Morningdew chapter 8 . 9/9
The reason it might matter that Naruto is in character isn't really that all fanfiction should have people in character.

For this, it isn't quite as enjoyable to me, because it seems like it's a different person with Naruto's OP powers in the Marvel universe. That isn't nearly as interesting as Naruto being in the Marvel universe to me.

If there was an OP OOC Naruto in the Naruto universe, that's still interesting because there's still a lot of the Naruto franchise that's the same, that's reacting to the changes.

This isn't bad per se, just not something I, who likes Naruto a little more than Marvel, is as interested in.
JManM chapter 18 . 9/4
You've fallen into the trap of making your MC someone who combat tests brand new techniques in battle. I know you are caught between trying to make Naruto less of a jackass and the total jackass he was in cannon, but you should get off the fence about it. Either he is someone who is an experienced warrior or he is a jackass, pick a lane and drive.
JManM chapter 9 . 9/4
Shield not contacting Naruto to retrieve the item they lost that he'd been looking for from day one makes way more sense.
JManM chapter 6 . 9/3
Glocks are hammerless.
Soul-Seeker-1406 chapter 22 . 8/30
I just now read solo leveling's new chapters... I reached the part with Ashborn handing over the domain of death to MC and the first thing I remembered was the scene when Freyja told Naruto about how she fell for him...
Guest chapter 7 . 8/21
Pibbinator write this bullshit :"There were people who said that I'm not following Naruto's personality very well, which confused me. Wouldn't it make sense that his character would be off? He's been thrown into a world that isn't his own in a time when his world needed him most. Then he's got people who are actively hindering his return along with constant distractions keeping him from looking for a way home at all. He's frustrated. He's angry. He is lost both physically and mentally. That and you have to consider his age. He's getting older. He's able to emotionally respond to things that are happening around him like an actual adult. Instead of just immediately forgiving someone for wronging him and becoming their best friend, he's going to respond like a regular human being would. He's gonna be pissed. He's gonna hold a grudge. But he'll forgive, eventually."

What confused me this is was supposed to be about Naruto Uzumaki you know The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja not some mentally damaged OC. Did you even know why Naruto is soo much popular. Even if he is in different world he would still believed that his friends are still fighting. He never give up because that is his Ninja way. His was hated, ignored, sad, lonely, seeing his close friends, teachers, family and much more die and he never change becouse his is Ninja of Hidden The Leaf Village, future Hokage and his name is Naruto Uzumaki. More Naruto less OC.
musizlover2008 chapter 8 . 8/21
Most satisfying way to make Monica Rappaccini suffer. Honestly, that woman is the worst human being ever. Clones herself to cheat death, always butting heads with MODOK over who controls A.I.M. and using perverse, unethical methods of science just to push the progress of science, never heeding the consequences of her actions. She is like almost as bad as Orochimaru and that guy's the worst. A fitting end to people like her is to destroy everything she's build over the years, every knowledge and Project she has created, all the sacrifices she's done, the misery she caused, all came to an crashing end. Many people may never heard of her but recent media like Marvel Avengers, and Hulu's M.O.D.O.K. have given her some attention to the masses.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/18
I have to stop here. Kang the fucking Conqueror popping up out of nowhere is just too much. I can accept the contrived way you avoid Naruto just making a sling ring portal home. Naruto is something of an idiot, and he would avoid learning something like sorcery, which requires extensive study. Then you undercut that by making him easily learn new languages so he'll read about the Infinity Stones and leave Kamar Taj.

If this is the MCU, then SHIELD has had the Tesseract for decades, until it is taken by Loki in the Avengers. If the kyubi can accurately tell when someone is lying, he should have known Fury was lying about Naruto needing to find the tesseract. This would have set up an interesting conflict between Naruto and SHIELD instead of him becoming just another stooge.

Remember, this is the same character that begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke. He wouldn't give up and waste time fucking around. He would bulldoze his way through his quest to return home, and likely make himself many enemies, without needing to bring in third rate comic villains.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/11
Kang isn’t part of the mcu moron
PanzerJ chapter 27 . 8/5
Man this chapter really pulled at my heart strings. Well done Author. This is a very good chapter.

Also, fuck you for making me cry.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/21
Nah, man. Naruto would figure out that Fury was lying. And allying himself with a sketchy organization such a shiled was stupid on so many levels.
Blazeb79 chapter 31 . 7/23
Well thanks for at least writing what happens instead of leaving is in the dark. I think we all knew that if thanos threatened someone naruto would give up the stones easy. It was a good story. Black widow should have been redeemed and been with naruto she clearly loved him. Lol all around good story. Good luck with ya future writing.
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