Reviews for Avengers: Battleground
poimeme90 chapter 11 . 56m
I know he smart not saying anything even though theyre atill unaware of hydra, but the way he wants to be secretive is so grating id feel like anyone wouldnt want to work with him lol hes that difficult
poimeme90 chapter 10 . 1h
How can he not have a way to combat metal? I call bs a bit becuase if he is as powerful as write him as, then he needs to be creative in his methods to combatting unknown elements. If u say that magic is manipulated KE, then he should know a way to amnupulate it to fit his needs. Its like hes embodying the wizarding world in his little head and cant think out of the box. Even environmental advantages of magic can counter metal based weapons. Come on now
poimeme90 chapter 8 . 1h
LOL an actual henge in this fic sort of like from naruto
poimeme90 chapter 4 . 2h
that inner monologue, you can tweak it a bit for dramatic effect then we would feel how that newfound confidence can help him
Jason R Shelton chapter 5 . 7/28
the Marauders live in a new universe. LOL. I love this side of Harry.
Jason R Shelton chapter 4 . 7/28
Harry's reply should have been:
"I've already been through one hell, give me your worst. I'll survive, it's what I do."
Manwe Iluvatarian chapter 1 . 7/27
I love this story, very much, but I think you should toned down Harry's mistrust towards the authorities and government in general. I think, once or twice is fine you make Harry rant about it, but almost every chapters?
I know how you feel about the authorities mirrored your own personal experience, especially with the police several years ago (yes, we're friends in Facebook and I read that post of yours), but please don't let it clouded your otherwise amazing storytelling with this story.
Having said that, I truly loves this story, I think this is one of the best HP/Avengers crossover. I hope you'll update this story soon, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Be strong, Joshua, and may God Bless you ️ ️
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 25 . 7/25
The man just went from missing to majestic . . .
blackbox47 chapter 35 . 7/20
wtf man just gained a harem in one chapter
delphini a bit too sudden
blackbox47 chapter 32 . 7/20
blackbox47 chapter 17 . 7/19
i like the raven name tho it always just reminds me of itachi
sahilkv17 chapter 48 . 7/16
good one will u continue?
juliagdestanomes chapter 28 . 7/13
The plot is promising, but can't you stop repeating a saying all over and over again? Like in one conversation you just repeat one paragraph long for many so times, I'm getting tired to hear it. But other than that all is good, it's not boring and not too dramatic.
yourIQis60orless chapter 9 . 7/11
harry is too weak, both in character and in his conversations with shield. he is also weak. this is stupid and harry is irrationally like a sheep most of the time. he is also WEAK. only people like cannon harry would be stupid enough not to learn everything they could about magic, especially when a madman is after them and they bloody know it for seven years and still do jack shit and stay far below average.

your harry is like this, a weak coward who allowed shield to walk all over him most of the time. The greater good has cost him everything, he should be disgusted at every one of its mentions.

It shows ones again, the light is no better than the dark. everything not perfectly conform with it is dark and has to either be adjusted or destroyed. disgusting, like you.
YourWritingIsBad chapter 8 . 7/11
you made harry so pathetic, shame on you
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