Reviews for Avengers: Battleground
Lukoshi chapter 21 . 11/23
... That might have just ruined this story for me. Going to stick around for a few more chapters but that is pretty brutal. It was way more enjoyable seeing Harry dealing with the MCU dimension and throwing the magical one back into this is probably going to drive this downhill :(
Lukoshi chapter 20 . 11/23
Sigh, one little crucio would have shut Loki up pretty quickly but noooo
Lukoshi chapter 17 . 11/23
Magus? That's pretty lame compared to Raven. Also really hope this doesn't turn into a harem, if anything I am really liking the Morgan and Harry vibe. Hopefully our Author stuck with that and didn't mess with a good thing.
Zaccai chapter 23 . 10/28
I’ve really liked the story but the return of the magical world hasnt been great in my opinion. Harry seems like he just instantly accepted it and hasnt had any emotional response. I feel like there should have been been at least some emotional angst like are they really them or just them as he imagined. And just morgans magic world compared to harrys magic world are just so different in outcome that its jarring with this sudden blended version with all the people from harrys. I’ll keep reading and see how it goes but havent liked the intergration thus far.
Vercalos chapter 14 . 10/27
I have to say that I find this whole focus on the witch hunts to be really really weird.

Especially the idea that civil rights don't exist for people with magic.
Vercalos chapter 11 . 10/27
There's an annoying amount of shifts in both the tense you're writing (keeps fluctuating between present tense and past tense without reason) and the POV randomly switching from 3rd person to occasional first person.
midnightscar17 chapter 46 . 10/11
The reality stone was at Azkaban so how did he get it? We know where the soul, mind, power, space, time are and how. But not the reality stone
mst3ktoo chapter 10 . 9/26
I don't usually critique writing but there were two derailers right off the start. When Colson calls he says this is urgent.. and Harry replies with sounds urgent. This is bad writing. But to compound things, barely a paragraph later Colson says he's going to pick him up and take him in to Shield because he's right outside his apartment. And then Harry gets on his bike and drives the shield and meets Colson outside the parking garage
Dark-Wolf2011 chapter 48 . 9/7
I can honestly say I have started this story and can't put it down hopefully the next update will be soon
UnfeignedShip chapter 5 . 8/30
If I were Fury I wouldn't even be angry, I'd be impressed.
Sankarea396 chapter 35 . 8/21
Sankarea396 chapter 29 . 8/21
Gods I hate haremssss don't addd anymore plsss
Sankarea396 chapter 18 . 8/21
Y'know honestly author you should've known that everyone would vote for her to be added to the relationship, a harem/more than 2 people in a relationship would always win
BarbedCaress chapter 29 . 8/9
"...swear never to endanger civilians directly or indirectly."
That is nuts.
Change it to 'never knowingly and deliberately endanger civilians..."
And even that has a built in loophole.

Good thing it is not a magical contract or they would all soon be dead.
BarbedCaress chapter 16 . 8/8
Way to late to vote, but I like 'Wraith' the best
It is one syllable and almost screams to be whispered
This would be helpful in combat or insertion missions

Also, it is harder to abbreviate it.
(Am I the only one to wonder why 'abbreviate' is such a long word?)
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