Reviews for Avengers: Battleground
The Qrow chapter 26 . 10/18
Alright I gotta ask, what the hell happened to your writing? There is so much god damn repeating that my head is starting to hurt. I basically read the same sentence five times in this chapter alone regarding dark wizard and the same happened in the last three. Is the story going through a rewrite or something?

Now, I don't want to say the chapters are BAD per se, it's more like the quality really dropped from previous chapters so you notice immeadiatly.
Seriksays chapter 6 . 10/18
Thank you for the clarifications at the end haha. I had read wand a shield a long while ago and I was looking at this story like.. hmm.. this seems familiar but just slightly different enough that I don’t think it’s the same...
AriaSkysong2 chapter 43 . 10/16
Ok I have to ask why are you changing things you said earlier in your stories to be completely different or contradicting in later chapters it's happened in multiple chapters of the story already but this chapter is by far the most contradicting from Facts you've given it just doesn't make sense anymore. It still seems like an interesting story but if you're going to have definitions for Eldritch Magic in one chapter that's completely different from Eldridge magic in another chapter it gets a little confused. Not to mention you brought the Ancient One into the story chapters before but then never brought her back and kind of just forgot about her. It seems like you were trying to tie it in but you forgot what you're doing.
Kedaname chapter 10 . 10/16
I don't know if you go back to old chapters but towards the end of this one, you switch into first person. Starting at where Harry touches black widow.
DukeBrymin chapter 10 . 10/14
Wow! Jumping between past and present tense, and then between third and first person makes it REALLY hard to follow.
Crusherman5 chapter 1 . 10/13
even though it can be confusing to keep up sometimes I really enjoy reading this story
Altar chapter 10 . 10/12
I know this is fanfiction and I honestly shouldn’t complain about quality nor best writing practices, but this story had so much potential in its plot. But there are way too many inconsistencies and plot holes (actually this is exactly like the marvel movies haha) for me to keep reading.

Hope that one day you could rework this: it would be a fantastic read. One tip for then: please use one point of view.
kyuzo3567 chapter 43 . 10/12
I tried sticking through this story with its grammar and plot inconsistencies but this chapter is just too much. There is no skip in between Harry going to the dark lands, Morgan somehow broadcasting footage of his journey through there, somehow the U.N guys just know where the ritual circle is and show up and Harry steps out of nowhere to kill him woth no indication of any time passing let alone 3 days. Also Harry has the Power and Soul stones and Wanda has the Reality stone so how the fuck does Thanos have the Power stone out of nowhere? He should only have the Space stone from Asgard... There are just too many big issues brough up in this chapter for me to care about continuing to read
dfcole chapter 44 . 10/8
Wonderful story! Keep up the great work! I can hardly wait for Thanos to make an appearance! That will be awesome!
readen12 chapter 11 . 10/7
I've given this story a chance, while i enjoyed most of it. It just doesn't do it for me. Maybe if you changed parts of it, it could be better.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/5
Thank you for the wonderful story so far. Keep up the good work.
Zoey24 chapter 17 . 10/3
Great story! I really love what do you done with the crossover of Harry and the Avengers. He really does seem to ground them and I love how he's elected to be the leader. Can't wait to read more of your chapters when I have the time.
Siddharthaa chapter 44 . 10/3
Liking a lot. But tell us about more importance of Excalibur. Feature,history,its character judgement and how harry is capable of it.
C.wacht chapter 10 . 10/2
Slightly painful to read, really needs to flow better. Parody of Wand and Shield?
sayantan2201 chapter 44 . 10/1
Rip. science. If the sun has died out it cannot emit any light so the moon can't relay it either since it doesn't receive it in the first place
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