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Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 21 . 9/30
You certainly have caught this reader unawares. This begins with the believable image of a Cranford full of ladies doting on little Ada, but then Ada meets a stranger and decides to trust him. Noooo!

I had hoped we had seen the last of Mr. Blackwood, but it seems he's in full stalker mode. I hope Laurentia will send him packing, though it's entirely possible she will need backup from Mr. Carter, Lady Ludlow, and, for all I know, the Cranford constable.
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 20 . 7/26
I was quite pleased with the image of Ada clinging to Miss Galindo's skirts, and the observation that speaking to Lady Ludlow was like confessing to a priest, and of course that 19th century predecessor of social media, Miss Pole, springing into action, but you really got me with the exquisite tenderness of the ladies' decision to rally around Miss Galindo and provide an impromptu adoption shower. The book from Captain Brown was an especially heart-tugging touch.

Thank you for an especially sweet chapter.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/4
HI, just got done rewatching Cranford, and I found your story to appease my sadness of Mr. Carter's death I must say, your story is delightful, riveting and every bit the continuing story of Cranford. I absolutely adore Ada, and must shamefully request a new update! You stay perfectly in character, and I love Laurentia and how you display her struggle to be herself, which is more proper than liberal. I love Mr. Carter's thoughts, and smile when he calls himself Eddie. Please keep writing because I can't wait to read more from a new favorite fanfic authoress!
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 19 . 5/18
For all that Miss Galindo's act was impulsive, it does seem to be rooted in empathy and generosity. This chapter made me feel very much for these three (yes, three) lonely souls but also hope for a promising future for the three of them.

It's interesting that you should use your author's note to reflect on Cranford itself. My money's on Miss Matty and Captain Brown showing the most natural kindness to Ada, and if Lady Ludlow is shocked at the sudden turn of events, she's also at heart altruistic. So I hope it will be a smooth landing in Cranford, even if Mr. Carter may take a while to work out his own way forward. He knows what must be done.
Biscuit50 chapter 18 . 5/5
Just read this entire fic in one sitting. Well done - not that you need to hear that from me, but there you are. You’ve captured the characters well. They think, act and speak in believable ways and are quite compelling. Your plot twists also make for compelling reading. Will be interested to see how you move forward. Also, your research into various aspects of the journey, the available resources, and even the customs of the day seem add authenticity to your creation. As I said, look forward to reading more. Thank you.
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 18 . 4/25
I most certainly did not see that coming! And oh, the grim realities of the Victorian era - baby farming, homelessness, child labor, workhouses, enclosure of the common lands.

Your Laurentia Galindo is very impulsive, but clearly she's good-hearted. And I somehow suspect that this act might even link her fate to Mr. Carter's even more decidedly.
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 17 . 4/1
Although we couldn't help but be aware of where this was headed, you managed to keep a bit of mystery in the proceedings by not revealing thoughts and motivations beforehand, that there would still be obstacles and revelations.

And I must say that first kiss was unexpected!
Computia chapter 16 . 3/27
Ooooo me likey! This is amazing... I may or may not have skipped to this chapter though... I'll read it all when I have the time!
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 16 . 3/20
That was quite an image: Miss Galindo walking in to find Mr. Carter standing. This is an optimistic turn of events, and if I am dying to know the contents of those letters, I'm happy enough that you brought the characters together.

Kudos as well for giving some attention to Mr. Carter's frame of mind. It would be hellish for any man used to independence and responsibility be forced to give both up and depend on others, but your Mr. Carter is mindful of his just debts and properly grateful.

And well done on the state of prosthetics in the 19th century. I too did a little research on that topic and was astonished by what I found.

But to return to the story, I'm glad of this latest set of developments and look forward to the next installment (no pressure).
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 15 . 3/12
Well, I certainly did not see THAT coming. Like Miss Galindo, who felt as though she'd been doused with a bucket of ice-cold water, I felt chilled by the description of Mr. Blackwood's work. Truly he does not know whom he is dealing with, given Harry and Job Gregson's record on the other side of the law.

Thank you for bringing up the dread fate of transportation, and describing Miss Galindo's thoughts on it. More than once Cranford reminds us that life could be singularly grim for people without money, land, and connections in 19th century England.

Back to the characters:

I like it very much that Miss Galindo is showing backbone, and though she is rather bold with Mr. Carter, at least she is not forgetting who she is.

As for Mr. Carter, he is very fortunate to have such a group of loyal people supporting him.
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 14 . 3/11
I was booing Mr. Blackwood all through this. He did indeed make an improper suggestion, and he can't much care for Miss Galindo if he risks her reputation for his own satisfaction. And it turns out he does have designs on her. Wicked man.

By the way, I looked up the date of the usage of "nightcap" to refer to a late-night drink but can't yet determine what year it was. My hunch is that it originated in the 20th century, but again, I've no proof (pun not intended).

Returning to the story, it appears that Miss Galindo has decided to be true to herself and her values, and I hope that will be reflected in her meeting with Mr. Carter (I still can't get over that he invited her to visit him, rather than arranging to call upon her).
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 13 . 3/10
Well, Miss Galindo has certainly fallen among radicals since she left Cranford, where even devoted friends might not address each other by their Christian names. Maybe she will be relieved to go back home when all this is over.

And as always, it's good to see Miss Pole going arranging things, and thinking Miss Pole-like thoughts as she does. Your description of her shopping trip is entertaining, and Johnson's Universal Stores really do seem to have everything.

But isn't it a bit improper of Mr. Carter to invite Miss Galindo to see him? That's going to put ideas into both their heads, as will that book of poetry.

Looking forward to the next chapter...
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 12 . 2/26
I'm shocked - shocked! - to find Miss Galindo staying with a known radical and calling gentlemen (well, one gentleman) by his Christian name. Whatever are we coming to? Such things are never done in Cranford.

But I'm glad to learn that Mr. Carter is following soon after, though he WILL be shocked at this state of affairs (I was entertained that it all proved too overwhelming even for sensible Mr. Carter, and he excused himself for a rest). Here I thought this might be poignant, but it's possible Mr. Carter will wander or at least be conveyed into a farce.

And I wonder what Miss Pole has up her sleeve to effect a match.
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 11 . 2/23
I was glad to receive the alert for this chapter so rapidly after the one before it, and glad that our Miss Galindo has decided to confront the truth, or at least as much as she can handle. I am intrigued by that opening line.

it is good as well to have Miss Galindo in a setting other than Cranford, which likely provides needed perspective.

But the best part is knowing that Miss Pole has gotten it into her head to play matchmaker. I truly never though of her as such, but she is the gold standard for gossip, and of course likes having things her way, so if she believes this is a match, she will not rest until it is.

Besides, Miss Pole needs some more attention from Cranford fans. She's so central to the adaptation but is usually on the sidelines while the lovers take pride of place. Come on, Miss Pole!
Katie Duggan's Niece chapter 10 . 2/20
I don't blame her for putting off the reading of the letter, but at the same time I want to shout back at her to read it straightaway - that and that I cannot believe she would fling herself onto the bed that way. She is always ladylike - well, except for the snuff!

I am glad you have put an added twist into the plot and hope that Mr. Carter will hold to his resolution to do the right thing, and that Miss Galindo will be receptive - eventually.
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