Reviews for The Peace Not Promised
Cosray8d chapter 30 . 3/16/2022
This relationship is a one way street...
Snape is constantly expected to step out of his comfort zone and is expected to help one of his former tormentors who as a prefect did nothing during their torture sessions while he's being ridiculed and insulted from all sides.
And Lily doesn't even care.
With her self centered acting and behavior she constantly puts Snape down and puts him into situations where he feels either out of place or insulted.
She still hasn't learned empathy, demands honesty and his secrets while not doing the same.
And honestly her inviting him into the Gryffindor dorm where he can expect nothing but insults at worst and attacks at best?
Even in public she constantly acts as if she's jealous of other people or ashamed of Snape and if he does show affection - like she asked him to do - he somehow is out of bounds. (and she's accusing him of sending mixed signals)
Snape on the other hand still apparently lost all self control and occlumency skills he should have.
He still gets flustered, flees stressful situations and lashes out against people who pose no threat to him.
He was able to maintain his cover under one of the most powerful legilimens alive and somehow hormones throw all his hard earned skills in the bin.
If Snape could have just let go of Lily and concentrate on eliminating Voldemort then he could have lived a relatively fulfilling life afterwards without constantly having to humiliate himself and sacrificing his dignity.
Moving to America and start a new and successful career - that's what I would have wished for him.
He would have done his duty and could have had an actual fresh start without any obligations.
Cosray8d chapter 23 . 3/15/2022
So now after months of her demanding he does all sorts of stuff for Lupin she reflects on the bullying...
Wow I truly feel sorry for Snape.
Why do most Snape timetravel fics paint Lily as a Saint and make Snape bend over backwards to make him forgive his tormentors?
He apparently didn't suffer enough and has to sacrifice all of the dignity he has left for a girl who doesn't even appreciate him or tries to see his perspective...
Cosray8d chapter 22 . 3/15/2022
At this point I'm asking myself what's the point?
Even when she's together with Snape she barely defends him - and even if she doesn't like his appearance she doesn't talk to Snape about it or gives him any advice.
She claims she's not his girlfriend out of pity but so far nothing indicates it isn't.
And Snape again seems to be extremely nerfed.
As a master occlumens and legilimens he does nothing with it.
He also does nothing against Voldemort and let's the headmaster do everything although he proved again and again to be untrustworthy.
Lupin is a pathetic arse btw - even worse than in canon.
James continues to be OOC and only Sirius makes sense.
Cosray8d chapter 16 . 3/15/2022
This fic is really well written!
However a few things do not make sense to me (so far)
First of all Snape!
He is totally passive and apparently lost most of the skills he possessed before he died.
As an master occlumens he blushes and shows his emotions constantly.
He was shown to be able to fly and to be a duelist second only to Dumbledore and Voldemort.
But he keeps getting ambushed although he is shown to be able to react to spells from behind.
Then there's his Gandhi policy of him not defending himself.
Even adult Snape wouldn't let this constant shit happen to him and Lily (so far) continued to ignore James and the marauders deeds and doesn't reflect on Remus and her inactions.
Lily and James are shown as paragons while both of them are hypocrites with the way they treat/think about Slytherins.
Lily appears to have no negative site although she showed during Snape's worst day that she's vindictive and capable of abandoning Snape to be tortured by his worst enemy while throwing years of friendship away.
That Snape tolerates Dumbledores bullshit - again even after forcing him to be an accomplice of Harry's death - doesn't make sense to me.
Now he's forced to obliviate Lily - something he would have never done - especially now that his relationship changed.
This just adds unnecessary Drama and Dumbledores manipulation so that she stumbled upon the memories in the first place should have been enough to distrust Dumbledore.
Then there's James who is shown to still attack Snape but is somehow out of nowhere capable of restraint.
James being shown to be a misunderstood bully who tries to redeem himself is OOC - especially with him still attacking Snape.
Remus trying to be a wingman although he's a disgusting coward was infuriating.
At least Sirius still seems to be realistic.
Ash90 chapter 99 . 2/11/2022
Great story, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us. I feel like I'm going to have to read it again to get my head around all of various concepts and in depth magic etc.
good luck with your career and I hope you bless us with more fan fiction in the future
Ash90 chapter 78 . 2/10/2022
haha, as an Aussie I love "mugg-ohs". It would be spelt muggo, or for a plural muggoes, but totally said like that. lol
Gneisse chapter 59 . 2/8/2022
It's been a long time since I've been reading this story and this is my firsy review! I really enjoy how Slytherin issues are adressed and how the house is appreciated (specially with Severus' help)
Cliche chapter 2 . 2/5/2022
It is disgusting how all you fanfic writers make Lily blameless. It is equally revolting how you all make this man a slave over and over to Moly-Wart, Dumb-as-a-door, and Lily.
Ruth chapter 87 . 2/5/2022
Thank everything that is sacred that we can stop misgendering sebastian. I understood why you were doing it, but hated it every time and struggled with whether it would continue through the story, or if snape would learn/change/etc. I hate intentional misgendering and worried it would be a pervasive subtext (that I strongly disagree with) but glad it’s been resolved
RiMat chapter 12 . 2/1/2022
So far a very good story. Thank you for sharing.
For those out there that as me are not thrilled by the pairing give it a shot. I have to say I would prefer it w/o romance but it somehow fits nicely .. so far not overwhelming the story.
It is soooooo hard to find a Snape centric story that is really him not trying to hate all slytherins but embracing his legacy and seeing beyond the surface. For that part of rhe sotry I am so glat I gave it a try. It really deservs all the recomendation I heard for it. So far around ch. 13 or so, if it will fall to much on the romance I do might have to skip some part. But that is just me.

Again so much hard work for great writing. Thank you again for sharing your houres and houres of work.
oddmentandtweak chapter 21 . 1/19/2022
I'm on chapter 21 and had to take a pause to leave a quick review to say thanks for this story... I'm not new to fanfic nor this ship but I've never chosen to read time travel fics before, finding them never quite my cup of tea. But your writing and the characters are so compelling, and I really appreciate your approach and reading of the relationship between Severus and Albus which is my favourite dynamic in the series. I'm wondering if tonight will be my 4th night staying up reading until 1am... let's see!
PaigeMHughes chapter 99 . 1/16/2022
This is, without a doubt, one of the best fan fictions I have ever read and certainly now finds a position among my very favorites.
You have crafted an amazingly complex story and given wonderful depth to all of the characters. I’m especially in love with the way you characterize Severus. He remains true to cannon but with a whole world of growth and depth that we never got the chance to see. I also love the way you characterize Lily. She isn’t a paragon of virtue, she isn’t completely vain and arrogant enough to cast aside her oldest friend for a single misdeed either. Reading her conflict and doubts and her tendency toward flightiness and toward eavesdropping gives her character life.
That the two of them can love each other and coexist the way they do is the heart of this story. That and Severus’ constant struggles with his past, his guilt, and his determination to make a better world for her and them kept me reading on.
Thank you for the time and effort you put into this piece. And thank you even more for sharing it with a world of internet strangers.
Guest chapter 46 . 1/14/2022
Urquart turning out to be a girl was a bit disappointing in my opinion, mainly because I don’t think the way it was handled was the best.
dariofort chapter 2 . 12/27/2021
hey there, great story so far! would you mind if I traslated It to spanish?
SystematicChaos95 chapter 54 . 12/21/2021
It's very hard to imagine Frank Longbottom in Hufflepuff. Neville would have suited Hufflepuff very well, so with how much he tried to be like his dad (no doubt at his gran's insistence), I would expect him to be in Hufflepuff too if Frank was
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