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Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 7 . 12/1
ahh no lineage of hydra.. the fun part instead of the toothless dog they made the current one... shame.
anyway! I cant tell if you changed location on Doom? but this if delightful considering his travel the world and then played games with things and then created a kingdom.

but hey! part of me is like freaking HELL. Rodny freaking fancy peace prize man with a congressional medal of honor next to you... such a stupid argument.
or at least considering steves things he should have been ? course Steve getting a dehumanized treatment...
course Steve REALLY not wanting to focus on medal and things like that.. especially in a post you fuckers let hydra LIVE that he carefully doesn't say or speak to anyone... and that freak out of endless ETERNAL war witht hem because NO ONE IS ACTUALLY TREATING THEM LIKE THE ENEMY TO BE FOCUSED THAT THEY NEED to did NOEN of you actually KNWO the hydra myth? after chipping off heads you cauterize! don't just go hacking then leave it alone to REGROW more heads! ah well.
and the whole what do you even do about save the world thing when it was shield messing iths tuff and thus secret blame for hydra?
and then the HYPE it just turns out that the Mcarthy thing was just HILARIUSLY incompetent not WRONG about all them secrets and stuff...
but people being curious!
and Bucky! poor bucky.
but intruige on the scale of get everyone involved! always fun.
and hey perspective of the not living thing but ... regard. so fun!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 6 . 12/1
Yeah the American girl of the 21’st fucking century having to go princes that has acutal WEIGHT TO IT again is a bit of a mess.
Still in living memoery or osme people considering some countries of importantce? But not a lot comparable even if locally.. or.. well.
I dunno how I want to put that. But hey.
I hope Zemo was handed his ass so much but yeah. But now akward Heimdall please interfear in everything all a the superman question of issues that I must RESTRAIN myself type thing!
And fealty thing..
Seriously alas hydra when you should have ahd Schimt all laong to lead and sqrew with everything in a big surprise… just this. Ah well.

who really when people should refer to him should be KING VICTOR VON DOOM.
and Chatalla ADMIRING Doom is going to be amazing!
but! but! THEIR position if odd ball scrutiny and attempts at doing the isolation thing a same as wakanda... only well eastern front next to lovely Russia through the centuries good freaking LUCK at that... and every European power worth their salt in swatting distance ...
I mean wakanda only works because its distance to most powers as far as I am aware..
is .. part of me hopes for wallachia and also Cap just yeah vamps man, a pain in the ass...

god I want that Steve bucky talking thing about and the I killed those hitler clones and everyones like wait WHAT HITLER CLONES and Steves like DAMM IT BUCKY that was off the BOOKS misson...

that's got to be a hard thing.. what secrets got blown wide open, and what ones he's unsure anyone knows anymore and the ones that are only stuck with him now.

but! good feels. Von Doom is a high enough weight class to have fun!
course the presumably Thor is off doing something else and hulk gone to makes it more of a fun fight if Doom came prepared.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 5 . 12/1
psh ending your hype ouch.
and again everyone ignoring that akward how FUCKED are our own histories considering freaking asgaridans, aliens and magic exist! good feels.
but tis interesting from someone assumed from a more polymathic religion group?
what is it monolithic or only one versus pantheron?
course the whoel akward might be alines thing... sheesh. I man its fine and aceptible for a nrose one because of that largely all followers are dead and salted and generations ago even if culture...
which might be hilarious depending upon Agardians assumptions about cultures and land expansion. course how much Odin cared for client vassal states type of thing...
course retreating from the quasi colonizes?
and well if the clashes of god are palyed through man... Germania and the ROmans...
but then a whoel BUNCH of interesting bits about christiantiys explosions while messing ith the Olympian fushion thing, and then the MOngol empire and thent he golden hore the Islamic incursion does fasenating things cause the kievan rus, but the fasenating sqrew ball comedy of the crusades leads to breaking teeth of some empire while conviently sacing and destroying constantanoble. (jeezus 4th crusade) the last remnants of the supposed continuious government of the old empire with the byzantize and the otommans... then there fighting direct at the NON Abrahamic faiths. and the war of conquest against rival powers across the sea and china and japan and... the messing fo asia...
but Japan and china and the Russians and EVERYTHING.
I like history through the lenses of deities and gods being ACTUAL PLAYERS that play the game of thrones! but il lstop now.
and cap shield! and warriror observance.. youch. I mean the unconquered in defeated nonsense for unbroken line feels like SO MUCH sheer nonsense. I mean if people play it as a super Ethiopia that went strict isolation and thus made themselves never enough trouble or just plain not WORTH IT..and well losing wars different than being totally WRECKED.
it have to really double check on its borders across everything and all.
but the white mans city... sigh.
anywho! jane foster was fun even if you ignored the prince refused throne thing which THANK GOD that level paramount of disaster when the neit heir to the throne went CRAZY...
that's some bullshit . I mean considering the life times aspect of the asgardians the thrones ruling makes more sense but GOD if that actually happened and Odin either hoping that Thor steps up upon his death, and stops this follishness... or having to hunt down the family trees for people perking up in hope that the unsurpised FINALLY after so long THEY get the chance...
but such a SNUB! I mean jane foster as a character... like the woman? actor as well in some of her stuff...but GOD a tad annoyed at her thing. do find it a tad amusing the sorry cant listen to this quait thing I got to go TRAVEL THE COSMOS ON COMMAND FOR HILARITY TO DEAL WITHT HE BIG BOY ISSUES!
and the tie thro to earths problems through a sex pet thing is povinhrepf.
but poor isolated kings that arnt as up to date on the powers and THREATS going on...

but no Zemo murdering and blaming Barnes? aww...
on one hand we diddnt really get to HAVE an insight into Steve mind at that time of another nonsense thing no one dealing with hydra...
god I wish... I enjoyed the Zemo and the sakovia issue? but he STILL should have had the grandfather was in hydra to just rub salt in the wound. presumably the father got out of it and the hiden hydra diddnt contact them. but so much more FUN especially if at first yout hink hes just antoher hdyra guy cause Steve reconizes the name...
just Steve get him hit with my family was once your enemy but then we were not and then YOU by not reighning in THAT ONE. and then Tony's temper tantrum.
ok I mean murdered my mom thing sure that yeah. although HOW DIDDNT YOU KNOW.. even if murder attempt thing?
and the jailing all your buddies cause they got together at an air port.
who the hell THOUGHT they were going to be able to handle freaking BARNES with such a low level hit squad? is everyone kidding? that was just at least twenty dead if he went violent. lot more if he just FOUGHT and... well.
anyway! Tchalla doing his young man haughty thing. should be fun. wonder if that prohecy thing is going to be a damming in comparision to Tchalla? or not. should be INTERESTING. course may you live in interesting times...
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 4 . 12/1
Yes thank you! The amount of ridiculiosu poloticts at paly.. and the diea of Wakanda is MERHPnvwelgnermtiof.
I dunno. Well its interesting on a mess.

And I appreciate the big old talk of politics and old nations and the work of centuries. quite a good mess.

But yeaht eh Wakandan supremacy always.. sure vibranium is FUN and good stuff but the SHEER super majority was always ridiculious. I could see a nation that could be the king of its neighbors and be a big enough threat to not be wortht he trouble of the greats but population alone would… and BAH.
Also kingships and totemistic and well.
cause that's just ASKING nay begging for assasins and ususper and denial of lineages and all sorts of fun things.
but anyway! good feels really. like them doing the talking and the thinking. its a good feel.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 3 . 12/1
I mean I was always of the whole this a fucking HDYRA PLOT you idiots, that happened FAR to fast and while not focus on PRACTICAL concerns.
everyone needs to be rearming themselves FUCKING ALINES EXIST AND THEY INVADED THE WORLD.
need the god dam defensive pacts between U.S , Russia and China! if alines invade WE ALL BACK EACH OTHER UP.
and hey corruption for 70- FUCKING EARS of an old and ancient enemy thought dead ISNT where are the frantic PNAICINK purges and in depth trying to investigate who the hell OTHERS were hydra and... most probably long lasting modern terrorist group certainly the best well funded and..
but no. who gets to boss the avengers around. not we need more avengers, we need each country to be getting into the super solder game... just... "we need to be put in check" from the billionare that has the financial resources, the hard tech to take over loads of countries. and has a small army of people directly supported by him for their financial means to do things...
and like practically?
only Cap and Tony are reproducible.
vetting finding trusted people to bequeath the Iorn Man suits to others that are trust and you get a slowly building small army of em.
always making sure that those nto you are given the LESSER amounts and maintence are directly your responsibility for the most essential and secret if you want the possessive control over it.
and sure things go wrong some tech lsot into enemy hands, or someone traitor... only...

so I rage but I GET TONYS positions... or at least what his ideal positions SHOULD BE ON THIS.

and its interesting that Sam and Tony two people that ranks made them at the level of... what was that term... Steve was a company grade officer? and Sam is lower ranked experience. but RHodes a high ranking is the one that's good for

but yeah Steve is genie out of the bottle. either goes wildly varying results, from Black widow, Hulk, winter soldier or others.. so not stable...
or the harder akward heart breaking option of children.
and creation of children with the presumption of soldering...
I mean SHEESH.
course the movies are a bit bad about the casually implying others can roughly match or give them a fight? winter soldier was good at some of it but still. very insula community and the fact that the best fight theyed get is from freaking EACH OTHER is a mess.
anyway! love your stuff and ill get into it more when rage moments stop triggering. your fun!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 2 . 12/1
yeah the sqrewy Wild WIld west aspect of to the world is charming but constrained by only single events being their main focus for a movie format. alas.
still! good times for all.

good thigns! and change and I do enjoy Nat on her mental scathing aspects.
although mothering of the Wanda I a thing I'm a bit bitter not enough. cause actual ages and stuff.
Cap daddy and Nat momma would have been amazing fun! and hilarious.
course adults and actual work together and team works.

but good thigns!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 1 . 12/1
good feels! god they went a lot of no point of return things after ultron trying to corral characters it positions where they don't make sense.
WHERE in gods name the hulk Natasha thing came from...

but anyway.
LOVE how your hnaidling Steve as the intelligent fella he IS his experiences and specialties are alto different.
I mean the teach Cap about the world while WONDERFUL and fasenating. but is also a bleeding open wound, because its the entire worlds change in 70 years. never enough you know? but hey focus.

and going to ENJOY the fights and fun.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 6 . 11/21
Heimdall does indeed have a massive power when used right. Doubtless why Asgard retained its power even without Hela

Very beautiful speech from Jane on why the Accords have to be voluntary. Also liked T'Chaka's speech about giving thanks to the creator(s)

Oops, Doom. Very nice twist
Invader Johnny chapter 7 . 11/15
All hell is about to break down.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Tansiana chapter 6 . 10/16
I've been enjoying this story for awhile - I think I found it about the time chapter 2 or 3 was posted? - but this chapter has catapulted it up to the top of my favorites. So much of this chapter struck a cord with me. Jane's speech about fealty is wonderful; I'll admit that it's not a topic I've ever really thought much about, but this speech made me wonder why. You made so many brilliant points within - most notably, of course, that fealty is not fealty if it is not given by free men - that I find, upon reflection, that I must agree with.
Parts of King T'Chaka's words to Jane I responded to as well; although I do not believe in multiple "gods" (I am a Christian; there is only one God) and I disagree with the conclusions he has reached regarding Heimdall's "god" status, I cannot disagree with some of his observations about piety ("if this is so when the gods merely allow one to live, how much more so when a god has actually saved one from death" struck a particular cord of my heart, and I had to stop reading this to pray to the God who has saved my life).
Thank you for this story, and the depth of the ideas you have chosen to explore within.
Anonymous chapter 6 . 10/9
I'm regretting that I didn't read this story before. I often judge a story based on its reviews, and there weren't many when I first saw this. Even now, it doesn't have the appreciation it deserves. I mean, the plot is very good so far, and there's enough mystery in it to keep readers intrigued. The writing is excellent - I loved Jane's speech, by the way - and the dialogues are brilliant. I'm curious to see what role Victor Von Doom will play, and the stance the Fantastic Four will take, if they appear.
Please update soon!
Order and Chaos - Qui Iudicant chapter 6 . 10/5
Jane made the most persuasive argument one could hope to make in the Avengers' defense. Of course, having Heimdall (my favorite Asgardian, BTW) help out was a stroke of good fortune, but it was good nonetheless.

Seems T'Chaka was impressed, and in the movie he was the one who pushed for the Accords before his untimely death. Heimdall did more than just defend the Avengers' honor, unwittingly, but he also prevented the political fallout of a terrorist forcing the Avengers to divide on ideological grounds because of an assasination.

I'm not well-versed in the Marvelverse politics, so I didn't quite understand what was meant by the very end, but I assume it has to do with that one Russian who tried reactivating Bucky to serve as a guide-dog.
moodymel chapter 6 . 10/5
Very good and very interesting chapter. Good job, I can't wait for more.
Invader Johnny chapter 6 . 10/5
Well this was a fair turn of events.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 5 . 9/11
I do wonder if the issue of Vibranium and Wakanda ownership will ever come up. Would probably be bad form to do so with Steve right now in canon however, being a guest and all

My impression of Tony's relationship with Klaw was that it they only met once or twice at a meeting with other arms dealers, and Tony's memory is just that good (and since it was work related and not his most recent one-night stand or someone he deemed irrelevant, he actually paid attention). Or at the very least not the sort of relationship implied here (although yes, that impression could have been intentionally cultivated by others)

Yeah, when you put it that way, Jane Foster is indeed a noteworthy celebrity. Also great display of how she has developed (of course Natasha probably gave her a little coaching)

You really do a marvelous job world-building Wakanda with quiet references here

Surprising twist at the end, but entirely reasonable that Heimdall would have taken that extra step on Jane's behalf. You might enjoy this story on that note s/12306195/1/Tattletale

Keep it up!
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