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Polarissruler chapter 5 . 9/24/2020
Wow, a story where Soufe is a main character - I'm going to love this! I loved her speech about authority and how she said Hatshepsut would be a better nickname for her.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/9/2019
It's an interesting idea, and one honestly worth considering. It would be sensible for Yu to tell one of the adults best positioned to handle this scenario (despite the whole "murderer is someone in Inaba" thing, Dojima is considered one of the only competent detectives on the force).

But I have a hard time buying that Dojima is okay with endangering the lives of kids (1 one whom he's directly in charge of) and that he's okay taking orders from his nephew. Especially if such a difficult persuasion happens off screen.

I personally think it would have worked much better if he to tagged along with Yu in order to verify the claim. Then, he'd get attacked by his shadow (Dojima probably had a massive shadow), and come to realize how only persona users could have a chance of surviving in the TV world.

That would've helped justify why Dojima would be okay with working with the investigation team, and why he wouldn't bring in other police officers (because it'd endanger them needlessly). This would also neatly solve the issue of having Adachi know about the investigation far too early, which would lead to either an anti-climax (Adachi over-reaches to cover up his involvement and gets arrested), or an impossible fight (Adachi escapes, leading to a fight far earlier than the team would be prepared for).
The overlord of Darkness chapter 51 . 6/29/2018
WOW ok it took me awhile to finish but let me just say THIS IS MY CUP OF TEA
MaDmAN12435 chapter 17 . 2/9/2018
It is only now, that I realize that Persona 3 through 5 were literally steps away from being a superhero universe.
JohnJoestar17 chapter 51 . 11/26/2017
I'd just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed this fic. It was entertaining, over-the-top, and derailed the hell out of canon. The sheer amount of characters was overwhelming at times, but you did a great job at managing them. On a side note, the fact certain characters can summon their Personas in reality reminded me a lot of Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is a good thing since I'm a huge fan of that series.
Rayify chapter 51 . 11/15/2017
hey dude! this was a pretty interesting read, and i'll say that i enjoyed it quite a bit!

it's not usually my style, but in this case i'll say it as a compliment but reading this over the course of a few hours (i think i took about three hours in total to finish reading all of it), the writing feels almost like eating popcorn, and it kept me reading to the end. it's not perfect (i'm still a little bit sceptical about the dashes/hyphens you put in-between speech segments) but i dunno how to describe it - it feels earnest and fun, is how i'd put it.

anyways, honestly, even though this went by so quickly and things escalated hella fast with the techno-magical future and everyone getting hella powers and all the pairings (whoa!), it was just a fun romp and extremely entertaining. i especially love the new takes on the side characters given more life and personality - tbh sofue and sayoko were among my favourites of the new bunch, and props to naoki just breaking down and welcoming his shadow... also i love your take on yumi - the whole manipulative go-getter thing she had going on was really entertaining

I'm looking forward to reading the minato recovery team sequel later down the line, though it would be cooler to me if there's more conflict and stuff just going wrong! i think that having more hard to overcome obstacles in the future will make things even more interesting, because i feel that things were resolved much more quickly than i would've normally thought. i will be looking forward to seeing how you write the people of the minato recovery team and trying to handle that big of a cast! it's pretty big o-o"

haha O7 rambling aside, really well done and keep up the good work, cuz it's good stuff!
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 51 . 9/27/2017
Then congrats on saying that totally profound thing
Luckenhaft chapter 51 . 9/26/2017
Now onto the epilogue...

This was one crazy wild ride, that's for sure. This isn't the end though for this incarnation of the IT I believe. (Unless it is.)

Where are they now?

Mitsuo Kubo was found beaten to within an inch of his life through the many dead fish located near his body in his cell. The only hint the Police have investigating this attack is a calling card from individuals known as the Pungeon Master, and the Quirky Goddess.

Similarlythe Police are looking to question Yu Narukami about the fact someone got into Tohru Adachi's cell and beat him to a bloody pulp with cabbages. Another calling card was left at the crime scene, it's owner NastyCrimeBoy claims responsibility for Adachi's attack.

Nutcase Messiah would a couple years later run for Prime Minister and would discover another candidate for the position is using Shadows, Personas, and the world they dwell in to put himself in power. Hippie Jesus wouldn't stand for this so he awoke to his Persona Izuru Izanagi, and became a Phantom Politician. He would later assemble a team of Persona-wielding adults who desired that the burdens of fixing what is wrong with society should not fall on the shoulders of the young.

Finally Akihiko had sex again, but this time the girl who slept with him succeeded in killing herself. In response to this Yu Narukami went back in time to make it so Akihiko never lost his virginity to Nurse You'll Need An Adult.

Sayonara. See you at your next story.

I a
LancePunMaker chapter 51 . 9/26/2017
That's it? Wow...

I've been here since chapter 30, so I definitely can't be feeling the same pains those who've been here since the beginning, but it hurts to see this end. I loved most chapters in this fic, and it's inspired be to do something similar later down the line with P5. I've already got stuff going on right now, so that will be for later, though.

Great fic, and I'm happy to have read it. Gave a good life, and happy writing!
Jayelwillow chapter 50 . 9/20/2017
Epilogue soon. ;)
Luckenhaft chapter 50 . 9/20/2017
Now back to you CAN handle the Truth.

Yu's ex couldn't handle the Truth. That he moved on and found a new Waifu, and A LOT of friends.

What she also couldn't handle was Yu obtaining the power of ZA WARUDO!

Drunk Yukiko appears, loophole abuse, FRIENDSHIP, Yu's Getting Engaged, and other dumbass Persona Dieties shit themselves.

Only question I have left is... Is the story over?

I a
nightelf37 chapter 50 . 9/18/2017
Wow! P5 cameo! I wonder how this'll change Akira's fate, Shido's plots, and Yaldabaoth's game.
Luckenhaft chapter 49 . 9/7/2017
Now back to you CAN handle the truth.

Today Adachi couldn't put up a fight so he tried and failed to break the team by talking to them. Junko Enoshima, Adachi is not.

Then an eyeball got poked, and Adachi goes to prison being a rapist and murderer AND a cop.

Finally Gods making choices regarding the fate of mankind as a result of mankind's desires get schooled that mankind as a whole probably have a right to know what it is going on before they get wiped off the face of the earth. Communication is key after all.

The IT talk a bit about changing the world, and how adaptable people are to weird shit. Plus the IT gets a hint from the Quirky Goddess about the Final Boss.

Next chapter the IT faces the Final Boss of the game, Yu Narukami pulls a ZA WARUDO! to save the day, and the True Final Boss appears and vindicates my debunked suspicions the drunk guy from Persona 5 who hangs outside the protagonist's place of residence and spouts random main plot stuff about the game he should have no means of knowing IS the Final Boss.

I a
Luckenhaft chapter 48 . 8/25/2017
Now back to you CAN handle the truth.

Today Dojima decides to make Queen Hat his eventual wife with some encouragement from beyond via Chisato courtesy of a Quirky Goddess.

Yu helps Nurse You'll Need An Adult learn a lesson about friendship and her Persona evolves into the Big Bad from Final Fantasy X. Also Yu got a Red Potion. Meanwhile Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series shudders briefly before opening a door and subsequently gets buried under a pile of Potions. This has been your regularly scheduled NicoB reference.

Also the Pungeon Master Bullies A Dragon, in the process of getting the Iron Bae to break a remote.

Next chapter: Spoiler-Baby gets his shit wrecked, then he gets subsequently beaten to a pulp with cabbages and finally a giant evil eye ball gets poked in the eye with a God Hand, or maybe a Shining Finger!

I a
nightelf37 chapter 48 . 8/23/2017
Hahah! Call forward to Dr. Takemi!
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