Reviews for Mr and Mrs Percy Weasley
Guest chapter 15 . 7/24
I had meant, with the very BEST of intentions, to just skim through all the chapters in my quest for catch-up before reading the latest, but...but I just keep...reading. *sips coffee happily*
Grovek26 chapter 44 . 7/24
Excellent chapter
Guest chapter 8 . 7/24
I'm doing a reread to refamiliarize myself with this story before gorging on the newest chapter and I have to say that I think THIS is my favorite chapter especially as far as Percy and his family go - it's "the door opening", it's Percy and The Twins both choosing to come together.
Kallanit chapter 44 . 7/24
Why did Audrey wait until Percy came home instead of calling him on his mirror? It seems cruel to have left the girl unable to speak for hours. I know Audrey didn't know for sure it was accidental magic, but she suspected it.

I hope they don't pull Maggie out of nursery. They just need to teach her to control her magical outbursts. Perhaps children's yoga classes, which would probably teach some form of meditation (as much as a young child could cope with, anyway) might help.
Guest chapter 44 . 7/24
Thank you, I hope you are well and will continue to write this story.
badgerlady chapter 44 . 7/24
I’d actually forgotten what a good story this is. Please don’t let me forget again. ;)
mcepl chapter 44 . 7/24
Nice chapter! Thank you for it!

I wonder how the Maggie’s and Lucy’s story continues!
CarolsSister chapter 44 . 7/24
Arthur will probably be his normal ineffective self over this, because as we all know he will never stand up to Molly this side of the grave. Molly will be all pissy about it, and then attempt to blame it all on Dominique telling tales about her betters. Bill may well tell Fleur in front of Molly to never leave their girls alone with the bad witch ever again. The way she's going, Molly won't have any of her children or grandchildren willing to deal with her. It might be time to have her admitted to Saint Mungos, to see if they can fix whatever stupid shit Dumbletwat inflicted upon her those many years ago.
moriah chapter 44 . 7/24
What a treat to wake up this morning and find an update! Thank you! Great chapter, although I have to agree with Percy, Audrey is far more forgiving/accepting of Molly's flaws than I would be. I love your work, all of it, but I do think this is my favorite of all your stories.
KnightSkies chapter 10 . 7/24
Love the dialogue, Fred and George in this. Come to think of it I haven't read many multi-chap fics where they appear every so often, written in a more serious or realistic way, but keeping their humour, and I liked it a lot in this. They're refreshingly well written.
KnightSkies chapter 9 . 7/24
You have one of the bests grasps of canon I've ever seen, weaving it in seamlessly in this story. Seriously props to you for all the research and background you've done, it's an amazing story.
KnightSkies chapter 8 . 7/24
Love this, am continuing reading on.
KnightSkies chapter 4 . 7/24
Lol, muggle-worthy excuses. It's exactly what I'd imagine from canon. Love how that's been fleshed out, can't wait to read more.
KnightSkies chapter 3 . 7/24
Lovely chapter, I thought Audrey was a witch from the books but it wasn't based of anything there, just my assumption. It's interesting to read about a mugglexwizard relationship, not something I see really explored in fanfiction too often. Refreshing.
Marcus Rowland chapter 44 . 7/24
That's unfortunate - Molly is possibly the least self-aware character in the Potterverse, with things like her howlers and irrational dislike of Fleur causing huge problems for her family. I hope that Percy can find a solution.

Great to see this continue!
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