Reviews for Mushoku Tensei - Re:Vengeance
Dayside chapter 8 . 4/24
wtf is this? Constant chapters about random people I don't care about.
Zeroavenger chapter 20 . 4/11
Allyzzz chapter 20 . 4/4
Finished this in 2 days, please continue writing, it’s incredible so far!
mle3461 chapter 5 . 3/27
I like your writing style and you are honestly good and writing tension and fights, but I came here for a story about Rudy, not side characters that nobody can name without opening the wiki.
Masquer Q chapter 20 . 3/26
Honestly one of the best immersion I have seen.
I can see that you make a lot of detours in your plot building. The Rou chapters were a bit hard to get through after a bit considering he was dead and also not going to be very plot-relevant, but the parallels between him and Paul is quite striking. Maybe that was intended? Or maybe not. It was still an interesting comparison. The intention behind the detours may have been to test yourself, but the result is further world building that gave us more insight for future plots. Even the tidbit of Paul not knowing how to bargain and the apprentice cowering at the thought of him being a noble was quite brilliant in showing how commoners view nobles. And that Paul sucks at bargaining.

I hope you continue the story. I’m really looking forward to Rudy’s meeting with Eris and Sylphie. He will probably spoil them to bits, though with a bit of carrots and sticks with Eris because she’s still bratty and arrogant at that age.
It’d be good to see more of Feldt, too. I can’t tell how she’d react to Rudy hanging out with Sylphie and him later going away to tutor Eris / get apprenticeship training. The mystery has its own share of fun.

I won’t rush you on writing. Sometimes, I also feel like taking a break from my hobbies for a while. But looking at this writing, I can see that you really put a lot of thought into this and must enjoy it a lot. It’s just my 2 cents that you can continue at any time, maybe even 2 lines every other day.

See ya.
ymrgf chapter 5 . 3/21
Boring. Maybe it's AU and maybe it's relevant with you plot but it's tedious to read.
Tenten1001 chapter 20 . 2/21
Please continue to update! What an amazing story.
youdogshitatthis chapter 11 . 2/20
youdogshitatthis chapter 10 . 2/20
bro dont ever make stories again you shitter
youdogshitatthis chapter 6 . 2/20
this whole series is dogshit kys
TheOne320 chapter 3 . 2/10
Doesn't Rudi know that there are a few people in that world who can directly see the future, people who remember past timelines and even people who can affect the past? How can he think he is the only one who can change things?
TheOne320 chapter 2 . 2/10
About Rudi's mana ideas. There are demon eyes that can see mana itself, so he could either get those eyes or have someone with those eyes help in experiments. They just have to use their eyes to check if people absorb mana from the air.
Niralam chapter 5 . 1/27
This whole fight/chase sequence was really fun to read. There was a real sense of desperation felt and I liked how unlike a lot of other stories where the good side wins without any permanent losses but here there were a lot of casualties and it was a phyric victory at best. The action was very well done too and I could follow it.
Niralam chapter 2 . 1/27
I'm glad you're putting in effort into world building. Some people might find it a little boring occasionally but in my opinion good worldbuilding is crucial to a good story especially if it's an isekai where the character is discovering a new world.
Niralam chapter 1 . 1/27
This was a fantastic first chapter. You clearly put a lot of effort into it. It really doesn't feel like this is your first time writing fanfiction. You did a great job of evoking emotions and making us understand his feelings. Looking forward to the next chapters. Also I was listening to music while I read this and found that Yuji's rage theme goes along really well with this. Makes it feel really intense
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