Reviews for Their Beloved Prince
Singing Dove chapter 13 . 14m
Yeah reunited with his daddies!

Hard choice for Emmett but I think he will do it to be with Harry.

So looking forward to James getting punished.
(very slow and painful)
Laurent should be locked away for a century or two or be given a quick death. He may be a coward but he did help get the prince to safety with the Cullens.
Kichou chapter 13 . 1h
And his daddies are here. I bet Caius and Marcus will be pissed when they find out what happened to Harry. Nice chapter.
Luna1986 chapter 13 . 1h
gran capitulo!
cada vez se pone mejor la historia
yukino76 chapter 13 . 1h
yeah the fathers are there I will only be happy when James will be dealt with, good update thanks
candinaru25 chapter 13 . 3h
aw poor Emmett. he is so confused
Yuuri Tsuzuki chapter 13 . 4h
Another good chapter. I’m so happy!
lunaz chapter 13 . 10h
Love this Harry.
Logan chapter 13 . 15h
Great job, happy fathers day
RedB04 chapter 13 . 5h
Another uodate! Yes! Keep it coming! Great chapter! I think that if harry really wanted he will be able to find balance between him not wanting to hurt people and drinking blood!
Sakihinata chapter 13 . 5h
Thanks for updating ;)
Padfootette chapter 13 . 6h
Loved it please update soon
melissa52080 chapter 13 . 8h
Your going to spoil us with all these quick update's, lol.
Poor Emmett.
graceandpipp chapter 13 . 9h
This is going great, keep up the good work. :)
BlackFangFyre chapter 13 . 9h
I loved this chapter, and the intro really touched me. I love how you acknowledged the moms out there who have had to fill the role of dads, as well!
Mizu-shan chapter 13 . 9h
It's amazing, waking up and see a new chapter, I LOVE your story, well, all of your stories ️
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