Reviews for Miredhel
Marchwriter chapter 1 . 6/27/2005
Incredibly intense. Your description of the battle and the 'crazed Noldor' remarkable.

I espiecially liked the line:

"You waste your breath."

"I'm reminding myself I still have it."

Very clever. The end gave me shivers. Trapped under the dead body of your friend is not a fun way to end your day.

Thank you for that lovely insight! I hope you write more!

~The Lady of Light~
Klose chapter 1 . 4/2/2003
Oh... this was beautiful. I have a strange fondness for Mablung (writing my own Mablung story didn't help!), though I like him as much as Beleg.

The story was heartwrenchingly poignant. Mablung's conflicting emotions over the Noldor as enemis and Miredhel and his friends were believable... I can see why he felt the way he did.

Miredhel is pretty incredible for an OMC, even if he was a sort of device for telling the story.

Thank you for this, it was incredible. :)
Cirdan chapter 1 . 3/7/2003
A surprisingly good OFC. I usually prefer the regular ones since there's little written on them. Yeh, Mablung does deserve his turn, and I too like him more than Beleg, but that's because I always imagine him being somewhat like Faramir's Mablung, just a really good and loyal guy. Glad he and Beleg got separated. It's realistic. Noldor making songs of everything terrible? Great line. :) But I'd think the Sindar would do it more; they're the better singers, except Maglor, of course. Miredhel's a bit fey at times, reminding himself that he still has breath. I think it's great because, well, they do need coping mechanisms. And you did a great job of showing Mablung in the midst of battle thinking that this is the Noldor's fight. It's not true, of course. Morgoth attacked the Sindar before the Noldor returned, and many of the Sindar follow the Noldorin princes. But I do totally understand and sympathize with Mablung's opinion at such a desperate time.

I like this fic a lot because it does touch on a character I like who isn't seen very much. I hope you write more about Mablung. After all, his part at Beren's death was so strong that I couldn't help but to think highly of him. And there's no evidence that he didn't survive and live at the Havens of Sirion. O:) Well, no pressure. You don't have to be the Mablung champion. This fic of yours already does him great credit.
Le Chat Noir chapter 1 . 2/18/2003
Ah, Mablung. fics can never be too numerous. _ Especially applies to such a beautiful one.

Miredhel. is a very interesting character. His essence, I guess, is not really that of a character: he seems to be in fact the embodiement of some kind of despair, hope, all mixed together, what I like to think of as the 'hopeless hope'; which emerges when the battle is lost and you don't even fight for your life anymore. Why does he not sound like a 'real' character (not meant in any kind of bad way, of course)? Well, the "Still alive, Mablung/Maitimo." and the phrase "Miredhel's a Maedhros" helped a lot, I think. And even, in the end, when Mablung is pratically near death, his friend tells him "A few steps more!" which, after his earlier concerns, shows that he really does not care (which sounds terrible when phrased that way, but is not really what I mean) for life, but only that somehting else. maybe pride, a proud death even in despair. He is a friend of both Noldo and Sindar, and, most importantly, he addresses both in their own tongue; though his *own* tongue is of course the Noldorin one. (The Noldor are, after all, the very people of paradox.) The whole story lies under his (or should I say 'its'?) shadow, even after he is killed; he had to die, it was his purpose; the reader knows it since the very first lines. He is the one who, through the story, keeps saving the others: the -inexistant?-hope he embodies is what drives these fighters on.

I also liked very much the very vivid depiction of the battlefield: you are one of the few of us Silmficcers who writes battle-scenes that well, I believe (Heck, I wouldn't even dare.) Stricking was the moment when Maedhros' company joins them and Mablung is trying to contact Beleg across the battle, but fails; because in fact, there really is no hope. And Maedhros' two words "Push on." were also somehow. just right. As right as words can be in such a situation.

Ahem. Yes, I tend to get carried away when reviewing people. ::looks away innocently:: (just tell me if I am completely misinterpreting) Well, magnificient story, a true Gem that shines with the light of an 'idea'.
Belthronding chapter 1 . 2/17/2003
Hee! A Mablung fic, I was waiting for one of those. A marvellous piece, which captures so well the struggle of those "grey elves" fighting alongside the Noldor-their enemies in every day life. I really love your Mablung, and the hints of Beleg were much appreciated.~ )
Mouse chapter 1 . 2/16/2003
Stunning. And so painful.

You've made so vivid the poignancy of fighting alongside a people who are otherwise considered your enemy. And to have a friend among them makes it all the more heartwrenching. Miredhel seems to be the emobidment of the Noldor- all fire and light and life. And Mablung, repenting of what he thinks of the Noldor even while he thinks it- ahh, so endearing, that one, and noble in a truly believable way.

"We both seek light; let your light be mine."

Of course, I've barely touched on the entirety of the beauty in this story, but I do think it's amazing. Thank you from another Mablung fan!