Reviews for derivation
Rita01tx chapter 16 . 19m
Oooh, givin' us Bella's pregnancy from Aro's POV was brilliant *high five!* Life sure got interestin' for him when she was born LOL!
locheree chapter 16 . 38m
You are the best! I loved this story. Sad to see it done.
romficgirl27 chapter 16 . 1h
I LOVE THIS. ABSOLUTELY ONE OF MY FAVES. I would like to know what happens to the twins though. Greedy aren't I?
jule2 chapter 16 . 1h
Brilliantly done. Thanks for sharing.
luvyateamedward chapter 16 . 1h
Wow! Never expected her to become pregnant but she did have a thought about cesareans. I'm with you on having a period once every ten years. That is something most of us would like to be without. Thanks for delivering another amazing story! I'm looking forward to the outtakes.
ginkgo00 chapter 16 . 1h
Good job!
Midnight Angels Say GoodNight chapter 16 . 2h
So only took many years to get pregnant. The odds don't look so bad when you think about it that way. Especially knowing that they have an infinite number of years.
debslmac chapter 16 . 2h
:) loved this story. Looking forward to reading the outtakes
CrisLovesU chapter 16 . 3h
This chapter calmed my titties. I was freaking out because I'm late af for my class today so thank you for that.
Now gimmie outtakes with babies in then.
Greedy? Not dis bitch.
Hey, I'll have you know that I love Renesmee's name, fuck you very much.
Thank you!
brittany86 chapter 16 . 3h
As always an amazing story, can't wait for the future takes
Romana973 chapter 16 . 3h
Thanks for a great update!
BMSCullen chapter 16 . 4h
Yay! I absolutely loved the final epilogue! It wa exactly what the story needed, I liked the POV from aro, never seen that before and I actually did like the pregnancy angle too. I'm excited to see what outtakes we get and maybe more infomation on bellas synthetic blood! X
Romana973 chapter 15 . 4h
Thanks for a great chapter!
mamato chapter 15 . 8h
My God, you ar brilliant! I have loved ALL your stories over the years, but this one takes the cake! Obviously, I'm here because I'm a devoted Twifan and I happen to live sci-fi, so I've always loved your stories. But the beautiful spin you put on canon was just...beyond. I adored this! You kept all the qualities that I LOVE about the series and made them your own. I am so impressed! And this Bella was so much better than canon. I think logic beats everything, and this was perfect. And your kept him just the way he was meant to be...always! I fell in love with him all over again. You even made me like Aro! Just...thank you, thank you, thank you! Bravo!
Maddy chapter 11 . 13h
I think it's great that she realized how important the marriage thing to him (it's not just a he has to get his way thing.. it's strongly personal) and she's not dismissive about it
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