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TheAlphaJade chapter 32 . 11h
Okay, i honestly love this story, it's freaking amazing dude, i shit you not this is some prize winning stuff, don't let some hypocritical idiots say otherwise, i swear this has me hooked. Please, please, pleaseeee continue writing.
EchoWaves chapter 32 . 10/22
ohhh wow, I just found this and loving it! Following for the updates
Guest chapter 32 . 10/19
Where is excalibar? I know they used it to kill the snake. So who has it? Dumbledor or sirus?
Seminator123 chapter 32 . 10/21
I enjoy this story so much, but please make it so that the blood wards drain his strength, because it doesn't make sense if it only kicks in when protecting someone. like when he smashes a table for demonstration. also please don't just gloss over how or why the blood wards are screwing up his super powerness. love dis story, been following it for awhile.
RebeccaRoy chapter 32 . 10/20
Good, yes Harry should marry both Hermione and Luna it would be good for him. Though sex at this point might not be the best for him, he is just learning how to love after all and time is what he needs to get used to two beautiful caring girls.
White Squirrel chapter 32 . 10/19
I'm a little confused here. I thought you were moving towards the explanation that the Blood Wards at Privet Drive were draining Harry's magic, making him weak there, and he magically developed super strength to compensate. But you completely glossed over the whole incident. Here, you implied that Harry's super strength only kicks in when he's protecting someone else, not himself, but it still wasn't clear. Either way, you haven't really explored the issue, and I think it would be more satisfying to the readers (and maybe cut down on the complaints) if you went deeper into it and resolved this mystery.
Kaorilamb chapter 32 . 10/19
how long will you deny harry justice. peace of mind? do you prefer your suppose heroes to be indefinably weak minded, gullible, dont stand up for himself?he forgives everyone that wronged him and then he must save them from being destroyed. you never allow harry to have his own choice. he is always manipulated into someone choice for him. your story is good but you made harry so pathetic that you cant help but read on to hope for salvation, justice, retribution. vernon did horrible things but all that happens is that he runs away. fucking pathetic
robinshahonline chapter 32 . 10/19
Wow... lovely development. Everyone is opening up. Thank you for the fantastic update
te.nellis chapter 32 . 10/19
Lol. Keep it up!
jlove34 chapter 1 . 10/19
FYI: the masculine version of "blonde" in the English language is "blond." So, Mr. Neville Longbottom epithet should be "the blond boy", not unlike Draco Malfoy.

Oh, man! Albus, you dunderhead! What's magic, indeed...
Gime'SS chapter 32 . 10/19
thanks for the update
god of all chapter 32 . 10/19
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
The Age of Awesomeness chapter 32 . 10/19
Aaannndddd Dumb-as-a-Door is about to get screwed over... XD

Great work! Keep it up and please update soon!
ctc1000 chapter 32 . 10/19
I think there are still some stilted points here. For example. Luna slapping Harry - that seems very dumb. Also the whole Hermione and Luna deciding to share by crying a lot, and yelling - not a good way to do it. It also seems they make this decision with almost no input from Harry - which is not a great way to start. All that said, I am glad that Dumbledore's lies are being exposed, I am hopeful that Amelia Bones and Sirius Black take him down hard - very hard. While I understand not putting him in jail until Voldemort is dealt with, Albus Dumbledore running down is a detestable thing. I look forward to the utter destruction of his reputation - which I am sure will hurt him more than any physical damage. And of course, Harry being happy and not just confused. It is not clear to me why he can't also have Fleur. He obviously has a ton of stamina.
Arnie100 chapter 32 . 10/19
Well, I still think Fleur and Gabby wouldn't mind sharing Harry with Luna and Hermione, LOL. Better then Fleur marrying into the Weasel family. Oh, looks like Dumbles' downfall is about to start!
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