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greasy snivellus chapter 31 . 10/11
honestly the occasional grammar mistakes bother me more than your plot so yeah go with what you wanna do it's your damn story
jaydubya338 chapter 38 . 10/8
WELL, I have just wasted 2 weeks.. I really enjoyed reading this saga, but damn, they pulled it right out from under me. I did look at the lead-in and it said "completed"... not "abandoned. "I really dislike writers who don't know the difference between those to words. I would have rated it a favorite story. Not now, it is a most UNFAVORITE.
jaydubya338 chapter 24 . 10/7
ATTA GIRL. I can't believe someone of day and age would be so prejudiced to insinuate a samurai " could be a "fat-necked katana-wielding mall-ninja." 9sorry about the word connections, Grammarly insisted on the hyphens.) Also, I love this story. You are one hell of a writer, now i have to go find more of what you have written.
Blaze1992 chapter 38 . 9/26
Arwenien chapter 38 . 9/26
I've read the rest. I see the story will be rewritten, but I have some thoughts. Too much idle talks about nothing that are repetitions of early chapters every time Harry is on scene. I become bored out of my mind so much that I started skimming the paragraphs. For example: the ball at Hogwarts. It was just one big filler with nothing new. I have no idea why is that, because the action with Loki - when he concoted the disruption of coronation, realised he was a Frost Giant and taken the tron in Odin's stead - gripped my attention and I can't wait to read more. The plot was similar to canon but still vastly different with all those changes in this version of Asgard. I'm also starting to really dislike Harry and co. They're so arrogant! Even Thor pales in comparison. I can't believe how they can taunt their opponents, drawing the battle unnecessarily when they don't even have an experience! They could have been easily killed during confrontion with Quirrel thanks to Avada Kedavra or the alterations in the bar when Harry was almost shot. Harry is part-human and have no idea whether the gun - or other things like curses - can kill him. I can't believe how they can that idiotic. When Loki and Thor joke during battle, that's fine, they know what they're doing and I've never seen them underestimating the opponent (aside when Thor attacked Jotunnheim, but that was when he was too angry to actuall k). I also hate when Harry and co are lording over others, repeatedly pointing people's faults. I get it, nobody is perfect and they were wronged, but there are reasons to some things and attacking others verbally and monologuing won't change anything. Still, I wish all the best. I'll check the rewritten version.
lynarizsajise1 chapter 38 . 9/25
Love this story, can’t wait to read more of your works
Arwenien chapter 26 . 9/25
I have loved your story up to this moment. I was going to review when I read the whole story, but I had to stop there. I absolutely adore your pre-Hogwarts Harry. He is adorable, kind and exactly how Rowling intended him to be. I also couldn't stop sniggering when Rita Skeeter found to be Thor's daughter. It was so funny! Also, I love your version of Asgard, it was higly interesting to read about it, and of cours Loki is spot on. Unfortunately, I really dislike the Hogwarts part. Harry is painted as a snob who knows better than anyone. I cringe every time they comment about Ron or Dumbledore. On top of that, bad characters are just plain cartoonish. I don't buy your version of Ron and Dumbledore. They're caricature of villans. True, Dumbles were master manipulator - someone like Fury who will tell people their best friend died if it means they win the war. He also made a lot of bad decisions - in youth when he was blinded by glory and Grindelwald's lies and in adulthood when he ruthlessly concealed the truth. He also feared that Harry will be blinded like him, that's why he left him with the Dursleys and also didn't tell Harry about Deathly Hallows. It would have been a way more interesting and dramatic if you had painted him as ambiguous as he was in the canon. It would also have been more believable that Dumbledore still has people's support. I liked his version from the beginning when in desperation he hired thugs. That was very poor decision but I can see him doing it, when he fears about Harry's safety, thinking he was stuck with some bad guy. Also, Ron... he was stupid and reckless in canon, but come on, he hated the pureblood agenda and everything the nobles stand for. If you wanted to create a conflict between him and Harry, you could have easily exploited Ron's insecurities about wealth, nobility and Slytherins (Loki is typical Slythein - he values cunning, etc). The only villain I buy is Sif. She was definitely someone who if pushed hard enough, will try to push even harder. She even went against Allfather in one of the movies. I can easily see her descending into madness. I'm not going to stop reading in hopes that with introduction of Avengers Harry soon will leave Hogwarts and I can forget about this part of the story. Hopefully, it will be again as good as it was at the beginning!
lirel.tamora chapter 21 . 9/24
Yay im so happy Coulsons a teacher at Hogwarts now, now we just need Hela to drag away the defense teacher and Dumbledore to get the boot.
BlackRos394 chapter 1 . 9/23
cc.cirille94 chapter 37 . 9/6
Je vote pour continuer la FanFiction.
Elle est géniale
bradplum chapter 7 . 8/27
I wonder what Dementors looked like before? Did they fly, wear rags? Were they meant to be royal servants?
bradplum chapter 4 . 8/27
yooo darcy what an absolute badass
she reminds me of that girl from sex ed on netflix lool
Loki Odinson chapter 3 . 8/17
To the author known only as darkoraclegirl,
It has come to my attention that you are writing a fanfiction with me in it. Do not worry, I mean you no harm for this. I have read the first three chapters so far, and I must admit it is quite good. I will have Harry read this soon.
Regards, Loki Odinson
KillgarraghForever chapter 20 . 8/18
Yay! Agent Couson's here!
On another hand, these are the people I would very much like to piss off, thanks: Ron, Seamus, Dumbledore, Sif, and all other assholes in here!
KillgarraghForever chapter 16 . 8/18
Piss off, Dumbledore!
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