Reviews for Magical Girl Escalation Taylor
cassnova5424 chapter 90 . 10/17
i think Aphrodite lost a daughter in the wrong fandom
cassnova5424 chapter 88 . 10/17
I got a bad feeling about this
cassnova5424 chapter 78 . 10/17
I will definitely keep that in mind if i have a serious brain injury
cassnova5424 chapter 68 . 10/17
ima just go out on a limb and guess that "Immortal Assimilation Engine" is what they're scared of
ZhaWarudo chapter 203 . 9/16
Diversion from canon is nice, at the same time you've done crudely by just killing or moving characters away.
Plot is a bit all over the place and in the the second half there's been more and more munchkining.
ZhaWarudo chapter 186 . 9/15
info on a gang is big data...yeah those docs sure take a lof of space...
ZhaWarudo chapter 182 . 9/15
And when gangsters figure he doesn't have powers...what an idiot.
ZhaWarudo chapter 181 . 9/15
None of the templates scream to Kaiyleigh so she'll rather take the weakest device and remain D-ranked. She's a bright one.
ZhaWarudo chapter 166 . 9/15
fucking Disney
ZhaWarudo chapter 158 . 9/15
The fuck Vista thinks she is? most exp my ass, she just accidentally stumbled on Hookwolf once, otherwise her patrols were useless. Taylor got into actual fights ten times by this point.
ZhaWarudo chapter 155 . 9/15
You said Behemoth's core is in the base of his tail, not Leviathan's.
ZhaWarudo chapter 142 . 9/15
Yeah such a change from thinking she's 18-20 to 16, as if both are not kids.
ZhaWarudo chapter 141 . 9/15
What a dull person, she wants to be a cashier instead of a healer or tinker.
ZhaWarudo chapter 125 . 9/14
There are plenty of places that are empty, like warehouses. Vista can't find shit that way.
ZhaWarudo chapter 116 . 9/14
so what if taylor knows coil isf really a villain? unless she's in his way somehow, that's not a reason to exotic bomb her
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