Reviews for What Can You Do, Milly Sue?
kimchi759 chapter 3 . 5/23/2017
Maybe the password is just 'something'? Lol. Oh, and I'm curious how things are going to work out if she still hasn't broken up w Matt when she's supposed to be falling in love w Stefan as Matt tries to get over her. Unless she breaks up w him soon. Also, why didn't he visit her in the hospital if they're still going out...? And I wonder how this cersion of Bonnie will respond to her? Oh! And I wonder how you'll be changing The Originals to reflect all of the other differences. Hrm. Anywho. On to the next chapter! (Just had to get those quetions out.)
kimchi759 chapter 3 . 5/23/2017
I like the little tweaks you're making outside of the storyline. Like the close-but-no-cigar musicians. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed/sad you've made a CW series, of all things, even whiter (e.g. blonde & blue-eyed, Catherine instead of Katherine, etc), but. I like your writing too much to stop now. Plus, the other canon dissimilarities (like the OCs, Honeycutt instead of Donovan, John's active presence in the household, etc) are pretty intriguing.

Thanks for writing/posting for us to enjoy!
kimchi759 chapter 2 . 5/23/2017
I'm guessing Keira & Mags, along with the random name changes here and there, are some of the differences from canon? And her not knowing the show was based off a book series, and that John is her biological father is just bc she wasn't a fan. I giggled a little at the doctor's name, btw.
Intrigued, a little apprehensive, & excited to see what happens next.
kimchi759 chapter 1 . 5/23/2017
The writing is so, so much better than I'd been expecting it to be. Especially since I've been digging through TVD archives looking for anything to read. Like. To illustrate how desperate I was, I suffered through more than a few that focused on what the main character was wearing rather than what they were doing. Praise for this story. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this!
Skadya chapter 6 . 3/18/2017
Ok now you have done it my head plays owl
DarkDust27 chapter 7 . 3/17/2017
This chapter was great! The way that Damon was in her dream, and how he and Mildred were in each others minds was amazing. :3
DarkDust27 chapter 6 . 3/13/2017
This fic is great so far and I can't wait to see the next chapter! :3
DarkDust27 chapter 5 . 3/13/2017
Looks like Jenna is coming around :)
DarkDust27 chapter 4 . 3/13/2017
She's most likely gonna break up with Matt, I wonder how that'll go. Hopefully he won't be to bitter about it. Please tell me Mildred and Caroline will be much closer and better friends than canon Elena and Caroline, I mean I absolutely adore Caroline in the show! :3
DarkDust27 chapter 3 . 3/13/2017
Yea there seems to be a few book elements seeing as Matts last name is Honeycutt instead of Donovan in this and she has a few more siblings than I expected but I'm excited about the changes. So will Damon and Stefan still have been turned in 1864 or way before that?
DarkDust27 chapter 2 . 3/13/2017
So was it Stefan or Damon who helped her in the hospital?
DarkDust27 chapter 1 . 3/13/2017
Woah I did not expect that at all! O.o
Anyway I love it :)
Sharpeace chapter 5 . 3/9/2017
Well, this is very interesting. Is this because world with vampires should look different than ours, or just because? Because this insane AU is great.
Skadya chapter 5 . 3/9/2017
Even more changes to the Story. Will the other characters be more different too?
Esm3rald chapter 5 . 3/9/2017
This is really good, please update soon! I can't wait for Damon to appear again...and where's Bonnie?
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