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RamenLoverPixie chapter 25 . 10/23
I fell in love with this, you did such a wonderful job on this. I just love. I hope it's not finish, but at the same time I feel like it is. God, I could write you an essay telling you how much I loved it and how you did a bang up job on it.
Ja Ne~
lastwishesfromneverland chapter 1 . 10/21
Of Healing Love chapter 4 . 10/18
This story is AMAZING! Questions from the first review were promptly answered - thank you! I’m looking forward to more character and relationship development and such; right now, there’s a lot of world building without much insight into the mind of our favorite female protagonist. Such as - what’s her relationship like with Karin and Tenten, their dynamic? (I’m wondering if, when Genin teams are formed, they’ll be placed together!) How does she feel about more minor events, not just the big ones like Orochimaru and the Akatsuki’s arrivals? What’s daily life like other than building, on an emotional level? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS and I am SO EXCITED! YES!
Of Healing Love chapter 1 . 10/18
This is REALLY EXCITING! I’ve never read a fic where Sakura was taken under Tenten’s wing specifically, and the sea dreams and the faked-love for Sasuke and Sakura’s acknowledgement of how poorly she’s treated - I love it! Can’t wait to read more! I’m curious as to whether Sakura will seek Tsunade out or take another, non-mednin path, and how that will affect her dreams for reviving Uzushiogakure. It doesn’t make sense to me that she would, as it would further tie her to Konoha when she really wants Uzushio, but I guess only reading on will help me find out! :D
Maddy02 chapter 25 . 10/17
So I've read this fic through twice now and I adore it.

Do have a couple of discussion points/questions/theories;

I see you going full on female empowerment here ((what with Sakura&Karin taking names, Mei's taking names and looking good doing it agenda and Konan the Kage, whom I really should have seen coming with all the hints you dropped about her basically running Akatsuki and then getting involved with the council)) which is excellent and I am all for it -but you do seem to have skimmed over the boys a little too completely. How does Naruto really feel about the Uzumaki clan headship? How well is he working with Kuruma? WILL HE GET HIS MEETING WITH KUSHINA!? What IS Suigetsu's relationship with Karin these days and how does he feel about all the strong folks around him. (Also there is no such thing as too much Itachi, just fyi.) I feel like you've skipped a lot of development -I get that you've chosen to focus on Sakura's story, and Karin/Orochimaru/Itachi are big parts of that- but the problem with Naruto is there are a lot of awesome characters and I want to see what they're doing in your 'verse... but I also want updates quickly. Argh! Oneshots? Vignettes?

Also I see you playing favourites. I get Uzushio Konoha, you've made that clear, though you may have taken it a bit far. For all his myriad character flaws Kakashi IS a good ninja -I get that we've really only seen him and the remains of the Konoha 12 through Karin's perspective (and she is biased as all heck) but c'mon; I have trouble believing he flailed about as much as Karin implied during the fight with Obito. About the only Konoha nin who gets a pass is Genma and that seems to be only for his connection to Uzushio/Kushina. The Nara's may also get off lightly, but I swear you've shown every other Konoha nin badly -there must be some redeeming qualities there?

lastly, one little nitpick; I really lost track of time/ages until suddenly Sasuke was 16 and needing babysitting. It would have been nice to see a birthday or two just for reference a bit earlier.

But yes; I adore this fic, and I want more please. :)

(Oh, also Sakura trying to dispel the illusion when she was being rescued made me cry. It was brilliant)
Gogglegirl chapter 25 . 10/15
FUCK YEAH! This story is the best thing ever! :D *cheers with glee* Having Konan as Uzukage greet Tsunade and Jiraiiya is a GENIUS move!
Big fan chapter 25 . 10/14
I don't know about you guys but i kinda ship sakura with genma now. Always looking for to updates! You are amazing!
Ashes chapter 25 . 10/14
Konan! And Ank appeared and confronted Orochimaru! I hope to see Naruto talk to the Ichiraku people and with Iruka and receive love and support there. I love this 33333
loveitasakuxx chapter 25 . 10/15
Ohh.. yes yes yes.. I can Imagine all there faces gaping at uzumaki konan.
I m loving it
0SomeoneStrange0 chapter 25 . 10/15
Awesome. :D
Cheza the Flower Maiden chapter 25 . 10/14
That reveal was beautiful. I certainly wasn't expecting it and the build up was perfect. And with how you portrayed her, Konan is actually a very good candidate for a kage, despite not being quite the powerhouse her life-long friend and former co-conspirator is.
duchessliz chapter 25 . 10/14
And now the rest of the Konoha 12 can get to make their peace with Naruto and Tenten as well!
Esther-himechan chapter 25 . 10/14
Konan is the didn't expect that..
vanillil chapter 25 . 10/14
ok so i don't have much to say here except that i got my friend to read this fic a while ago and now we eagerly await the new chapter every week... and we also say "may the wind fill your sails" and "may the fish fill your nets" to each other... because we love this fic
Naomipy chapter 25 . 10/14
Nice chapter! Please update soon!
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