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ila123 chapter 9 . 18h
Thanks for your great updated.
Always patiently waiting for the next chap.
ila123 chapter 8 . 18h
Thanks for this great story.
I like it a lot
ila123 chapter 7 . 19h
Thanks for this great chapter, rias is so aggressive.
I dont know why but i like kuroka hehehe.
ila123 chapter 6 . 19h
Thanks for this great story, i really like this chapter.
ila123 chapter 5 . 20h
Thanks for this great chap, really want to read more.
ila123 chapter 4 . 20h
Too bad that naruto back to his village, but i still will read more, because i like your story.
ila123 chapter 3 . 22h
Thanks for this great chapter. I really want to read more.
ila123 chapter 2 . 22h
I like naruto's character.
ila123 chapter 1 . 23h
I just found your story recently and you know what? Your story is so great.
I will read more.
ThePotatoFamine chapter 2 . 7/19
While I like the premise of the story, your writing can see some improvement, especially in the first few chapters. The action wasn't very engaging. Take for example how Naruto defeated Riser and his peerage. There's too much dialogue without much else. The dialogue at times felt lacking and without enough description of the environment, characters' reactions, etc. in writing, it seems even more dull. You have a lot of very short sentences at times, many of which can be compounded. The nonchalant, aloof, almost apathetic perspective Naruto has seems to be bleeding too much into the writing, making it feel boring and dull. There are a handful of grammar mistakes, from commas in places they shouldn't be, missed proper noun capitalization. Overall, I'd say to work on your overall prose and writing quality, as the story is quite good but the delivery is a bit lackluster. You could've easily doubled your word count each chapter if you decided to immerse the readers a bit more with your writing.
iStyx chapter 9 . 7/18
Well, finally, something not-emo. Please, don't drag it longer than necessary, it will be boring and irritating.
aslan333 chapter 9 . 7/17
great chapter.
goatered chapter 9 . 7/16
This story is incredibly fun to read. I hope you continue to update.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/15
now i can really see the relationship between rias and naruto getting somewhere

and for harem and pairings i don't really care
and is kuroka going to keep on chasing naruto, hope she does would love to see rias getting a little competition even though she is not paired just a side character(;

and talking about sasuke would love to see him paired with some other women from dxd dimension
i just don't like sakura and her character
but it would seem impossible,talking about lifespan between supernaturals and humans
but hey anything could happen since this is fanfic hopr you consider pulling it off
or not doesn't matter but really hope u do

and i really love the power comparison in terms here where naruto looks like he is in the place where i always wanted it to be
and also wish the whole supernatural world could see how dangerous the shinobis are when naruto and sasuke are together
mabye even somehow witness it how dangerous naruto is or sasuke with toneri if he is still has the moon dropping plan on earth during the meeting between the devils and the 5 kage and hinata does or does't have to be involved u think

or momoshiki coming early and their battles between sasuke and naruto

well im just reviewing little and advising some
but its for u to decide and as they say the one who writes decides what is to be written
Guest chapter 9 . 7/15
yea ur back
from the death;)
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