Reviews for see through honest eyes
reppad98 chapter 1 . 3/13/2017
When I started reading this story, I was at first like 'Uh... where is this story going...' Of course all readers knew who was going to be the traitor, but still, I kind of would have liked it if someone else turned out to be the traitor, or if something had just gone wrong and they would never find out who had wiped their memories. Nonetheless, it was an interesting story, though there are still many questions remaining, at least for me. Maybe because you attempted to create such a big world, and you wanted to show so much, that it got kind of confusing to me, but that was just me probably. The small hints of what was going on in that big universe were very intriguing, and while it would have been very interesting to see more about those other characters (like Lily, Regulus, the Longbottoms) and what just exactly was going on, I understand you not elaborating on that, because it would have been a very long story otherwise :P
Thank you for writing this, it was an interesting read, and keep writing! !
DobbyRocksSocks chapter 1 . 2/27/2017
You are a beautiful, wonderful, perfect human being because this story is everything and it gives me life. Gushing over, I'll actually review :P

So, from the start, you captured my attention immediately because I found it so intriguing that they didn't even know their own names. That you called the AI Dorcas was fabulous, by the way.

I love how you incorporated so many characters in the different ways you did and the plot line was so detailed and wonderful that it sucked me in completely and was so engaging to the reader.

The ending, well, you broke my heart because the never be happy again thing is so perfect. I absolutely adore this story, thank you so much for it :D