Reviews for The Rebel Heart Incident: A Road Less Traveled
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 27 . 11/5
Lol this is like when you're watching a show and they release a holiday special! It's cute! O.J.'s first Nightmare Night. It's great that they all still know what it is through all the hardships of the wasteland. Man, Pumpkin Spice really knows how to get in the spirit of things, doesn't she. This was a nice little spin on the advancing story.

(\ Brohoof!
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 26 . 11/5
Ooooh, what a chapter. The Fort has a leg... or uh, hoof up on the rest of the wasteland as far as medical goes. With X-Ray machines and med-X to spare, I can only imagine the health potions and other drugs that they have in their stores. Lol I thought it was funny how O.J. kept mixing up pills and needles. Also, how'd the stable get jet? Stuff's made of Brahmin fecal matter. Then again, it was a dream sequence. Maybe the lines between the wasteland and the stable are starting to get blurred in his mind. Yikes, that actually adds a lot of development for O.J. in just that one bit. Also interesting that O.J. managed to get himself addicted to Med-X. It actually happened pretty much the same way Littlepip got addicted in FoE. Only Lily Bloom is O.J. Deadshot Calamity.
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 25 . 11/5
Whew! What a rush! It's good to see The Fort celebrating a victory against the raiders. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of them though. Even though the raider gangs came together here, who's to say they won't gather into a much larger clan under s fierce warlord. Then again they are raiders so they may scatter to the wastes like vermin. Either way, Blitz is gone now! ACK! I knew it had to happen though, he did say, he is a treasure hunter, a scavenger. It's not in his character to settle. I wonder if he's gonna go off and come back, or if The Guardian and O.J. are gonna go after him. I can't wait to see!

(\ Brohoof!
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 24 . 11/5
Great first part of the chapter! This battle getting kicked off with the explosions is really intense. I liked the scene with O.J. and popcorn. Random little humorous nods can really make a story. Now, on to the conclusion of this chapter!

(\ Brohoof!
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 27 . 11/5
this is cute. This is a lighthearted adventure. Love that OJ is still scared of everything, before realizing that it was for fun. And Pumpkin is a little deeper than just a pinkie pie knockoff. not that she wasn't ever, but now you see her life before the Fort. A fun romp in the mince of mayham
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 26 . 11/5
OK, OJ knows a lot more. he doesn't remember, but the stuff he says, how he reacts normally. it's like something is blocking his experiences and memory, which in turns block his intelligence. And what the hell is Jet? Like a bezerker drug. I knew from the title that is was about addiction, but didn't realize it would happen like really fast. And more flashbacks to Jose (that's what I'm calling Red, since he has no name yet). They were cute. But wait, is that why OJ can walk without feeling pain, was from the Jet inside him? well, Buck is going to have a nice surprise after this.
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 25 . 11/5
well that hurts. Just as they were together and confirmed and party and happy, Blitz has to leave. Why? idk. Treasure hunter my ass he is probably looking for some of the secret stables that he was in for supplies and information on where Nexus is and doesn't want OJ to come. Wants him to be safe. And he figures that he will fall in love with Buck. Fuck. this hurts like right after the victory too. well, gotta read the next one now
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 24 . 11/5
ok holy shit OJ is going to have issues. like, he keeps choose to be happy, eventually he will become unfeeling to his own surroundings. Hell, he already is at this point. His naivety is endearing, but he has to acknowledge death sometime. I think he is with the bridge scene. Like to me, he was happy they all weren't killed. still got his big protectors, and Blitz can be a cute sap when he wants. and is all of the narration just OJ talking to himself!? well, time to see the aftermath
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 23 . 10/9
Yikes, O.j. really does have another side to him here. He's innocent, but at times, like the Catch the Knife part, he seems a little bit like Wildcard from Murky Number Seven. It's good to see that the Guardian is unwinding a little bit. The Wasteland can be tough on a seasoned veteran like him. Maybe O.J. is just what he needs. Cool chapter, I can't wait to read the next one

(\ Brohoof
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 23 . 10/2
Alrighty, what a fun action packed chapter. OJ just wants to do more, love his little comeback line with Buck. That was cute. And Blitz trying to help him out by proving himself, that's nice too. But OJ just doing his own thing unintentionally, wander into the bad guy's camp. Like poor kid. And yeah, if any mare comes to him for sex, he would probably shoot her. But his lack of understanding for games, god that is going to get dark fast. Either he will never realize what he's done, and taht's scary, or he could understand and enjoy what he's doing, and that's even worse. But with Blitz and Buck, I do believe I am sensing a love triangle here. Or at the very least protective father vs boyfriend. But working together to stop the bad guys, its what they do.
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 22 . 8/22
oh yeah, this is what I'm talking about. so confirmed that Blitz is dating, though OJ has no idea what that means. That memory orb killed me, just Killed Me! why must you write such great angst filled flashbacks? and just the mutual mistrust between the guardian and Blitz. from going through the wasteland, the argument in the office. you can obviously see both sides but they can't cause they don't know each others history. and OJ has no fucking clue. and now they are being raided. this just gets better and better for him doesn't it? has OJ even found his cutie mark yet? I don't think he has, and no one has made to comment yet. well, I don't think they will now, with the raid and all. now will it be a race between Blitz and Buck to reach OJ first, or will they put aside their hatred to work together in protecting him? and what about OJ, how will he defend his new home? find out in the next chapter!
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 22 . 8/20
Wow! I'm impressed that you managed to keep the length and the intensity of the story the entire way through this chapter. Lol! The encounter with Blitz and The Guardian were on point! The Guardian getting all defensive, and then they argue about how to get through the wasteland... priceless. This feud is going to be interesting in upcoming chapters.
Dang, Blitz really does care for O.J. huh. I'm interested in seeing how this develops.
Oooh, a cliffhanger. The raiders are mounting an attack on The Fort? Something tells me some stuff is about to go down. I can't wait for the next chapter.

P.S. The military lingo is so funny in this.
Yolo Hobo Joe chapter 21 . 8/3
Wow, what a chapter. There's definitely a lot of emotion involved here, what with the developing relationship between Blitz and O.J. and the backstory of the night before O.J. was supposed to be decommissioned. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about Blitz and O.J. I kinda pictured Blitz as being like a Han Solo, not a care in the world beyond that one character in his stable. This is interesting because he's developing a relationship with someone that he literally just met a few days ago. Granted, they've been through a lot. It definitely throws my perception of him for a little bit of a twist. We'll have to see where this goes.

Oh boy, Blitz and the Guardian are finally going to meet. Stuff's about to go down. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Speaking of the Guardian, he does have a way with entrances doesn't he?

As always, I loved this chapter. I can't wait to see what comes next.

(\ Brohoof
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 21 . 7/26
Hold the fuck up. While their relationship is super cute, I REALLY don't like how self-deprecating Blitz is. I mean, he tried to kiss someone (something that I completely missed and had to look back into) then starts looking at his gun. Like REALLY looking at it. Now if that doesn't hurt I don't know what does. Especially with what goes on in his head there dealing with his own past.

Then OJ has to explain what Blitz did was ok, by giving the most messed up story he could think of. I'm with Blitz, Tide right there is fucked up. But Blitz first thought after that, about if it is ok, is "Wait but I'm 200 I'm way to old" like out of everything that he just heard, the age gap is the first thing to come to mind. That is just way to funny. But OJ and Blitz would be cute together. obviously they had a lot of time together, and it's like OJ's childish wonder put the spark back into him. I am a sucker for this.

I love the Raiders' heads just blowing up. That was pretty cool. And now the Guardian is back! The gang is all together! And now more drama! What questions does Blitz have about the world of Stable 26? Will the Guardian allow a relationship with his puppydog? And does OJ even understand what is going on? I am all for a scene between Guardian and Blitz. These two really needed to meet. Can't wait to see what happens next (Sorry for the long review, but there was so much in it for such a short chapter)
FlamingFoxNinja chapter 20 . 7/25
wow holy fuck that was a lot of information. it killed me to see Guardians past, what he did with the Overmare, how he escaped. i want to know how Thimble died, that is going to kill me more. and AHHHH OJ saving Blitz and they have such a huge protective streak between them. I love it. I love this
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