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TheGhostlyRobot chapter 25 . 9/22
Not Gonta!
Nero01 chapter 67 . 9/13
This was a great read, i found the audiobook project on youtube and when i realized there were 67 chapters i came here imidietly to read the rest, it feels satisfying and i like that. I dont know what else to say other than keep up these great projects
TheGhostlyRobot chapter 5 . 8/15
I love your intake on Tsumugi's execution, it's like how I imagined for her execuation
O chapter 67 . 7/16
I'm kinda sad to have Ouma die he was the one who save Kaede but at least we won the killing game. He created murder not even Monokuma knew who did it and it wasn't even a murder but set-up to end once and for all.
ARedgrave chapter 1 . 5/8
Here try this:
Does this link work?
SeesawEffect chapter 67 . 4/2
So, I basically just made this account to leave this review. This was, by far, the best fanfic I've read so far. I dunno what to say, it was fuckin' great! This ending was so good, in a bittersweet way. It's definitely better than V3's actual ending. So, truly, thank you for making such an amazing fic, it was so good.

Plus, you even made me like Himiko for once. That's not bad.
Kirita909 chapter 21 . 2/7
One thing bugs me about this does Monokuma randomly picks someone’s secret to tell or does the kid confessing chooses a specific person to know their secret
madsinzero chapter 1 . 12/20/2018
I just found out about this fic today, and holy heck am I ever hyped to read it. I'm getting a little thrown off by the use of surnames, but the writing is in-character enough that I hear everyone's voices and AAAAA!

This is a really strong start!
Animercom chapter 67 . 12/14/2018
Being sick, I binge read the past 30 chapters or so over the course of a few days so I didn't review as much. Got a lot to cover! (I'll try to avoid spoilers as sometimes I read reviews before checking out a story.)

Have to say for many of the trials I didn't know the killer. Just like in the game, you're expected to select a suspect when you have no idea who the killer is. Good for you in your ability to pack so many twists in trials when they're short and have little evidence. With so many characters, I'd imagine it's hard not to needlessly drag out trials.

After your reveals, it's clear in hindsight that you did leave clues but they're near impossible to pick up on, on the first read. As a writer you've master the ability of hiding what you want hidden, putting obvious fake hints that the readers believe, and having enough subtle real hints to make it theoretically possible to figure out before twists are revealed. As a fellow writer, I'm working on being better at foreshadowing but you take foreshadowing to another level. At times it's hard to follow the logic behind the reveals. Breaking it down further into more sentences and taking more time to explain it would help. It's clear you put a lot of thought into this, so I don't want readers to miss it. :)

The premise of a virtual world that was high born society was unusual. So I wished you capitalized upon the idea a bit more. I expected we would spend time learn about the virtual world's mystery. Rather, it was spent on Kaede x Shuichi and Maki x Kaito. Not that I mind that, I assure you. ;) But I felt that could have been outside of the virtual world and spend the time in the virtual world making the most out of your cool idea. No one else is going to be using that idea in another fic, after all. :)

Kaito's end is sad, but a better ending for him than in the game. Kokichi is a naughty boy giving them that key. I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned by any of the involved characters. Like Maki wondering if Kokichi's imagining them doing it or some other funny joke.

I was hoping that Kokichi would last until the end, but I suppose that was too good to be true. The image of him painting half his face as Monokuma and him pulling down his hat was a powerful, creepy image that will stay with me. I was surprised that Kokichi would accept his fate especially after winning, knowing that he ultimately wanted the game to end not just beat it, so I'm glad that was later explained.

I liked the development of Kaede not using the flashlight. That was an extremely good example of showing how far they are from their past selves before the game, and their selves in the real DRV3 game who believed them without a second thought. A powerful good moment. Great job! I should have guessed that the mastermind would be her. She was such an obvious red herring in the game, I should have realized that you would have used it. But the best and most genius moment was you using our comments into the narrative. Reminded me of Nier Automata, if you ever played that. Hats off!

You took full advantage of being a fic as opposed to a game. You included a lot more meanwhiles and took other characters' perspectives often. It helped you lead readers by the nose and added variety. You also made the most of your premise and switching who was the victim and who's the murderer. There was a lot of telling of character's feelings/development, but the direction you took with the character development was unexpected and interesting. For these reasons, I enjoyed this fic until the end. Thanks for writing!
Animercom chapter 23 . 12/12/2018
So thanks to picking up on the right subtle hints I was able to guess the killer correctly. You did well with twists in the trial considering that there was very little evidence. I’m not sure Tenko would be so angry when defending herself but it was still good. Also my logic from my last review applied but did so in such a way that was believable for Kokichi to do those things. It did mimic trial four. Now I’ve read two fics that have the same killer intending to kill the same victim and two fics that have Kokichi join Angie’s cult. Interesting.

Kokichi is the best at comedic relief. Saying his friendship is the treasure was unexpected and super ridiculous. When Angie gave Shuichi credit for trial one, Kokichi being annoyed enough to break cover and contradict Angie was funny. And the robophobic comments being “occasionally funny but mostly hurtful” means that even Angie finds it funny. That was great. Also liked the light shipping between Kaede and Shiuchi.

The confessional is an interesting idea. I’ve also read another fic bringing back the secrets but you’ve added quite the twist to it. I wonder how the art club regularly confessing will change things...
Animercom chapter 14 . 12/12/2018
It certainly seems like Kokichi blackmailed Maki into murdering Kiyo. Kokichi hates murder but if there was anyone he was okay with their death it would be Kiyo. He was a serial killer after all. But that seems too obvious. Maki wouldn’t kill someone and leave the knife in the pool for anyone to find. As a professional assassin she’s better than that. Plus I have a hard time believing Kokichi would preemptively murdering someone. He only “murdered” Miu after she decided to kill him.

And then there’s Tenko and Himiko not feeling well. Hmm... If it’s not what I outlined above then them not feeling well is the only clues/odd thing I picked up on. I wonder what’s going to happen at the trial. You got me intrigued! Thanks for writing.
Animercom chapter 11 . 12/11/2018
Nice ending there. Really adds the tone. It’s cool that you are taking advantage of assuming the readers have played the game to show things that weren’t revealed until the end like Kokichi’s room. Looking forward to casino night!
Animercom chapter 8 . 12/11/2018
Have to say I laughed pretty hard at Kokichi asking Miu which midget she’s talking about. Kokichi could be included in that number too. And it’s been fun/creepy to read so many authors hinting about Kiyo’s past. I wonder if there were hints in the game that I missed. Stay away, Kaede! I’ve seen fics with Kaede instead of Shiuchi but having both should be fun! I was glad at first to have Tsumugi get justice but her execution was just awful and bizarre and grotesque. Just like the games. Well done. Admitted at first I was intimidated by the sheer number of chapters. But each one is so short that they’re fun little bits of character interactions. I’m enjoying this so far. Thanks for writing!
roboscout chapter 67 . 11/11/2018
This fic is really good. Honestly i feel like i like it a bit more than v3 in some places. The motives are MUCH better. V3's motives always struck me as being a little nonsensical and this fic does a great job with new ones that add to the drama while also making sense for the characters. The confessional in particular is amazing. I also appreciate how ouma is characterized. Rather than being mostly helpful if annoying early on, then murderous in 4/5, kokichi is consistently being helpful in horrible ways. I love kokichi but his actions in chapter 4 always struck me as being a bit out of character. Being able to see in his head also helped. I really like what you did with the final chapter and fixed my biggest issues with it. The only real problem i have with it is that the mysteries werent that interesting. But considering its just a fic im willing to look past.
Flowingsky chapter 40 . 11/8/2018
'a wad o' butter'

and ishimaru cried
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