Reviews for The many Deaths of Harry Potter
sherrikw chapter 78 . 6/22/2022
What a great story — truly an epic. I don’t think I have ever read one quite like this — very unique. I loved the way you incorporated spells and objects considered undeadly and made them lethal. Really tremendous evolution of everyone’s characters.
cinhtay chapter 77 . 6/21/2022
I think I love your Draco, in the whole story, he became my favorite
Heyo chapter 78 . 6/15/2022
This was an absolute masterpiece.
HarryPfanfic chapter 59 . 6/12/2022
I loved the way you confronted slughorn! actually its my first comment on this let me share you my experience for the first 59 chapters.

Firstly the story is awesome! The first year was a little boring because he literally dies like 5 times..but from the second year it was just amazing story.

I also really liked the way you did H/Hr along with fleur.. it had so many emotions.. though I would have liked if you hadn't killed victor and maybe had Harry saving him..idk..its just my opinion.

The power divide is also right.. its believable how powerful Harry is..because he has lost so many times..he has improved so many times. It was not an unimaginably powerful Harry.

There is also no major bashing, I quite like such stories where Dumbledore and Harry work together.

The third year was handled a little poorly..I would have loved to see Harry and Sirius interacting for the first time.

The only other discrepancies I saw were of dates and time.. there were some sudden time skips that grated on my nerves like - they told the rules of the tournament and in the next para he was in the tent, and many more..I can't recall them.

I also sometimes felt a little lack of conversation throughout the story.. Harry rarely (it felt like) talked to Hermione and Neville and his relations with slytherins were also not showed much after the first year.. so yeah.. otherwise It is an amazing fic and I'm enjoying reading it.
mrafricanzulu chapter 78 . 6/9/2022
loved this!
Dekiru Grindelwald chapter 35 . 6/5/2022
I wonder what would happen in this timeline.
fictionalfinesse chapter 78 . 6/3/2022
This story was so enjoyable. On the edge of my seat the whole time. Hoping Harry could succeed this time around! I was shocked by some of the gruesomeness. It's really stomach turning, but it makes this story what it is.

I think the prophecy and Harry's pragmatism were used really well.

Thank you for the great read!
ErsinH chapter 1 . 6/3/2022
Also to reviewer "Just A Cool Fool"

You implied I don't like realistic characters but on the contrary, I actually don't like unrealisticly overpowered Harry :) In the similar manner I don't like stories make Hermione the most genius witch in the entire universe and other parallel universes :D (Not saying that this story contains those).

As I mentioned in my previous posts I really loved the brilliant plot and character(s) development in this story. Believable development of skills and good story were the two aspects that attracted me to this fanfic :)

And no, I would never say "Prophecy !" since that would be meaningless. That is another part I did not like in the cannon story as well. There was a prophecy and the 'great leader of light' in the JKR's story never thought teaching Harry some useful skills and magic against Riddle. It was just a plot device to continue the story (like time-turner, prince's potions book, etc). This story covers that prophecy much better and useful way though.
ErsinH chapter 60 . 6/3/2022
Hello reviewer "Just A Cool Fool"
I was about to give you the quote specific paragraph from specific chapter so I can explain my review however when I read it again I saw that I misunderstand the paragraph I read that previously led me believe that writer made Hermione practically overpowered and better than Harry in every way. Now I saw that it was because I misinterpret the sentence. I believe there were some instances in the story that favors Hermione's capacity over Harry's however my misinterpretion in Chapter 60 was the breaking point that led me my review. So I must retract my previous review about that. And frankly I am happy about that. Thank you for challenging that review which led me to respond and recheck what I read :)
It never sits me well that JKR made Harry worse (in mental capacity) in each consecutive book possibly to make readers to see he is not better then Ron and pave the way for Ron/Hermione. So I can say that (in my opinion) this story was way better then cannon :)
Just A Cool Fool chapter 1 . 6/2/2022
Also, I read a review that said that said Harry is weak while Hermione is given all the power. Whoever wrote the review has never understood the point of the story and/or hates a more realistic Harry.

And no, Hermione is very clearly NOT more powerful in any way compared to Harry, and Harry can't be expected to become Dumbledore within the span of just seven years, when Tom himself spent the better part of his life trying to be equal in power to him. DON'T say "Prophecy!" 'cause that isn't how it works, and even in canon, Harry never comes any where near Tom or Albus' power.

This turned into an opinion piece somehow.
Just A Cool Fool chapter 78 . 6/2/2022
Wow. Just, wow. There's really not so much I can say to praise this story any further. I love literally every single tiny little thing.

Perhaps the romance could have done with a bit more fleshing out, but it's still perfect the way it is.

I really hope that you write even more stories or maybe your own novels as well. This was a great read, and I thank you for this piece of art.
ErsinH chapter 78 . 6/1/2022
Well, I finished the story. Although I still don't like one aspect of your story that I made clear on my previous comment, I must say that I believe your story is pretty good. Your plot, development and writing is very good, and if you write another HP story I will be very eager to read :)
Thanks for writing and sharing.
ErsinH chapter 61 . 6/1/2022
I will be blunt. I loved your plot, your writing and the progress so far. But to be honest now I feel like I am tricked and your story begins to resemble the JKR's unsatisfying story. I always believe Harry and Hermione is best suited each other and both Harry and Hermione has their own strengths and abilities. The more chapter I read in this story the more I see you are making Hermione better in everything (mind, abilities, raw power etc) while making Harry worse each time. Even JKR's 'story' was better since at least she gave Harry the raw power but somehow in this story you are making clear that he has not even that kind of raw power. He just has this 'reset' ability and that's it. I feel extremely disappointed. Your writing is amazing, your initial plot was brilliant, and characters were much better at the beginning. This is why I feel bad. I don't understand why people feel that Harry should be inferior to Hermione in every way to have a working relationship with her instead of having a healthy relationship as equals (not in every aspect but I mean covering each other's weak points while supprting each other's strengths). I will read this story until the end only because of the story's 'initial' brilliance and I thank you for sharing your story.
Angeloux chapter 78 . 5/22/2022
Fun story! Well written and very little plot holes. I greatly enjoyed it.
Angeloux chapter 72 . 5/22/2022
"He didn't know any spell he could use wandlessly
and silently except accio, which meant that was the only spell he
could use in this form."

Literally used a wandless wordless transfiguration spell when tied up
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