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Guest chapter 13 . 5/14
This is disturbing poor plot. Taylor being basically useless with Elsa's power is so far out of charecter that it ain't even funny. She literally behaves like a pathetic and careless gnat. Come on man, this was the same girl who took down Lung with bugs in her first fight and here she can't beat two fucking gangsters yet, leapt into a fight? This is just painful to read, how brazenly out if charecter she is. Like calling herself "I am a indae hero" after two terrible showings in a row against just normal humans? Just why? So you want readers to get frustrated and flame your story? She didn't remotely use her wits, behaves like an OCC and saves Emma like a lesbo lover. Just why? You botched a good plot idea to the point where I think you are purposefully writing poorly.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/14
Wow. You really are an worthless writer, aren't you? Why give Taylor powers at all, if all she does is get kicked around by normies? Glad that you stopped writing.
45 IQ Taylor chapter 3 . 5/2
Man... this Taylor is stupid and pathetic. I'm tempted to drop this with how bad she is.

What kind of absolute moron does practically no power testing before they go out? Bitch, you can effortlessly control ice, why the fuck are you fighting in close range? She even said it in the last chapter, if an opponent was close enough to attack her unprotected joints she would deserve broken joints for being that dumb and letting them get that close. Then she proceeds to go full retard and fight in close range. I bet she thinks Legend gets in fist-fights with common criminals. How fuckin' dumb can you be?

I'm giving it one more chapter because as of right now, this Taylor is too dumb to live and I'm actively rooting for her to fail.
Thy Pegasus Box chapter 16 . 4/24
Aaah, this was so good, I’m so sad it hasn’t updated in years...
Arsur3215Loki chapter 16 . 4/23
There are very few Yandere!Taylor story and to find another dead story... well you get the idea of what I'm getting at. so PLEASE CONTINUE THIS OR MAYBE SOMEONE PLEASE ADOPT THIS STORY.
wugary2004 chapter 14 . 4/9

What did I just say in the comment for the last(ish?) chapter?
Threaten people who want to hurt "her" Emma with ice!
Granted, it didn't go completely as I envisioned, but I love this overprotective Taylor!

Also, with the "Because I love you, idiot" thing, is the love a romantic one?


(I don't even know why I'm commenting, the story is probably dead, it's been 3 years! XD)
wugary2004 chapter 10 . 4/9
Quote: "Emma is mine, and I won't let anyone else have her."

My, it looks like we have a yandere here!

Just imagining Taylor with giant icicles of death behind her threatening anyone that dared to touch "her" Emma.

I wonder, once she figures out how to do bugs and stuff, would Taylor (literally) bug Emma's room? Taking the concept of stalking onto a whole 'nother level!
Rhyn3 chapter 16 . 2/12
This is good, go back to writing it
PasiveNox chapter 1 . 10/12/2019
Hexenbiest chapter 3 . 8/9/2019
Why isn't Taylor being creative? Why isn't she doing half the things that an advanced cryokinetic can do?
Off the top of my head, I can think of two separate lists of things Taylor can do with cold and ice.
- Create/generate/manipulate cold for various effects, freezing areas of differing sizes/shapes and/or objects
- - Cold-Energy Manipulation
- - Frostbite; to freeze anything at the atomic level, making it fragile
- - - Cellular Disintegration; by inducing severe frostbite on organisms
- Create/generate ice for a variety of possible applications
- - Burrowing; with the choice of simply gliding through ice or leaving a tunnel behind
- - Melt/evaporate/absorb ice
- - Shape, compress, and/or otherwise manipulate ice
- - - Efficacy Manipulation (speed, density, hardness, and/or sharpness of ice)
- - - Shard Manipulation (manipulate shards of ice)
- - Ice Constructs; such as weapons, armors, tools, structures (walls/buildings), golems, etc.
- - Telekinetically lift/move ice at nearly any speed
- - - Matter Surfing (slide over frozen surfaces)
- - - Flight (using ice to carry oneself)
YeTianshi chapter 15 . 7/4/2019
You know, considering how Taylor connected the entire Sophia Emma thing, how Emma broke and Sophia healed her to suit her basically, how is she not seeing that Lisa is basically doing the same? Especially while "cooling" herself down, the logical side of her should be good enough to see that's exactly what's happening... I really hope she catches on before she gets used again.
YeTianshi chapter 14 . 7/4/2019
I could never quite get over Emma's betrayal, I still really can't. However I can also understand that she's mentally and emotionally broken by an event that no one, let alone a girl at the tender age of 13-14, should experience.
So, I can understand why. And this chapter was just a beautiful way to wrap it up.
YeTianshi chapter 7 . 7/4/2019
You know, it's pretty normal to see Lisa try and manipulate a version of Taylor for her own benefit, no matter how guilty it makes her. I mean, who could really blame her? Put in the same position anyone would do the same, no one really wants to be controlled by a man like Coil with the threat of death hanging over them every second of everyday, let alone be turned into a drug addled slave.

Yet even so, I can't help but sometimes hope it just all blows up in her face. Because no matter how badly Lisa seems to have it, manipulating someone as emotionally damaged as Taylor just seems wrong no matter what.
Aetherium21 chapter 9 . 3/26/2019
Taylor is so oblivious it hurts; in Brockton Bay it's sorta like watching a puppy unknowingly prancing about around hungry tigers
Aetherium21 chapter 2 . 3/26/2019
All Taylor's power and potential is unfortunately coupled with a severe case of myopic dumbass
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