Reviews for Stricken
Romana973 chapter 28 . 3h
Thanks for a great chapter.
roxiegirl chapter 28 . 5h
Lovely, just lovely! Thank you!
Midnight Cougar chapter 28 . 7h
What a beautiful day with Em's children! Loved it! Gah, my heart is so full!
Judyblue95 chapter 28 . 11h
Wonderful day, lovely chapter! What a great, healing thing this was. Thanks!
team rob chapter 28 . 13h
LaPumuckl chapter 28 . 14h
Lucky pole indeed; )
Just Sus chapter 1 . 16h
What a wonderful day! Edward, and the kids, needed this bonding time. He is healing more each day...
sujari6 chapter 28 . 16h
It went really well. Emmett would have approved.
jansails chapter 28 . 17h
The kids represent unconditional, uncomplicated love for Edward.
Who doesn't cherish that?
mysticfighter111 chapter 28 . 17h
That must be the first day of Edward just being happy in a very long time.
cbmorefie chapter 28 . 17h
Guest chapter 28 . 17h
:) great
roxanne34145 chapter 28 . 18h
That's a lot of healing in one day!
2muchtrouble chapter 28 . 18h
Those tiny pieces of Emmett are helping Edward heal.
Alice's White Rabbit chapter 28 . 18h
That went great! Edward did really well with the kids. He handled all of Noah's questions perfectly.

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