Reviews for Team Journey
The 10th Wand chapter 5 . 7/1
So Neo doesn't teleport in your story. Shame.
Pyancakery chapter 5 . 7/1
Looking forward to seeing how Neo and Jaune meet up in all this
Natsu vi Kurosaki chapter 1 . 6/28
Whenever I see King in the North I just see Jon Snow lol. It's kinda hard for me to see Robb Stark as the King. Anyways enough of Game of Thrones, I like this story, a Neo x Jon fanfic is rare in this site, or I just haven't found many, but I am looking forward to reading more of this good job. :)
Guest chapter 5 . 6/28
Shouldn't the blast also at least seriously damage neo it killed a white fang member who was basically full on aura while hers was near the red? A easy and logical to fix this hole would be to say most boxes were empty which would make since as the warehouse appeared suspicious and it's main purpose was to be the battleground in which they kill Neo. They would risk important supplies here but, they still need to convince Neo that it wasn't designed to be her death. Also you I can't say that i love the fic because we haven't gotten to the meat yet the part of the fic that truly shines but, it is being set up so far to be a nice read. Just don't put other pairings in unless it improves the story to unnnecesary pairings detract and besides one of the points of this story is Neo x Jaune
malefic.essance chapter 4 . 3/18
I like where this is going so far and I am ready to buckle in for a good read. But constructively, you should consider spell checking and grammar checking or having someone proof read your chapters before you post them. There are usually several instances of improper word usage and incorrect spelling throughout your chapters. One such example is that Ruby and Yang's Dad's name is Tai not Tia.
icemaxprime chapter 4 . 3/17
Nicely written and entertaining
EnriksD8 chapter 4 . 3/16
A few grammatical errors here and there, but other than that, really good story you cooked up here, friend. Hope you have more in store for the readers out there.
Guest chapter 4 . 3/16
Me again. An action story is fine by me, hell, it is actually what I would enjoy the most really. I just can't wait for Neo to be in this. She is my second favorite character, after Jaune. And now you are telling me that this story will be more of an action story, involve both Jaune and Neo, and won't be primarily bogged down by romance and relationships but will still involve it. I am loving it!
rugby1719 chapter 3 . 3/13
u should probably think about shortening pragraphs. As in for something like this chapter, you dont have to take away anything from the long paragraphs but just make a few pargraphs for it so people can not lose track when reading. But that's just me, other than that i like the story so far
icemaxprime chapter 3 . 3/13
So I have to ask... Oscar?
Ken Wise chapter 3 . 3/13
Well this was an interesting look into what's going on in jaune's head. I just hope that he gets a little better before he ends up dead. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/13
Want Neo
Spangle Jenks chapter 2 . 3/10
Well done on the new chapter, it was great
EMIYA KURO chapter 1 . 3/7
nice start ...keep it up..
xgen738 chapter 1 . 3/5
This seems pretty interesting, i hope you continue