Reviews for My Spark Still Shines
Skyfire511 chapter 33 . 4/4
OMG! Could Refit be *gasp* Rewind? That'd be so twisty. Ah! So many victims to Megatron's insanity! I hope they're all okay in the end.
Heart of the Demons chapter 33 . 4/3
Those flashback dream sequences were pretty fun to read, M.J. You wrote them well, and they certainly added to the overall story. Not only that - you manage to keep every Cybertronian in character. Thank goodness your writing remains sharp.
Angelwings2002 chapter 33 . 4/3
Whoa, those were some epic flashbacks. Really intense and I’m so excited for what is gonna happen next! Keep up the good work!
Skyfire511 chapter 32 . 3/31
I can't wait until the "slag hits the fan"!
T501 chapter 32 . 3/31
Starscream is really interested in the "interfacing with Megatron" idea. Maybe a little too much, lol.
Chessmasteroftheuniverse chapter 32 . 3/30
Dang. that's a special feature for elita. A living cyberteronian version of the flash. shame how she had to crush her own fuel processor to keep buckethead from getting unlimited power via red energon.
Heart of the Demons chapter 32 . 3/30
You weren't kidding. This chapter IS sad. It had me feeling heartbroken with how things between the Transformers of "Transformers: Prime" are playing out. That's exactly the kind of storytelling that seems to get lost by Hollywood sometimes. You have my support always for showcasing your imagination to the world.
Chessmasteroftheuniverse chapter 11 . 3/30
The Vehicon PR-35 is actually Bluestreak repurposed!? WHAT?!
Angelwings2002 chapter 32 . 3/30
No! Ironhide! Why!? I didn’t think I could dislike Megatron more in this story. Not to mention Elita having a rude awakening. Though I am looking forward to Starscream and Thundercracker getting Vehicons to beat the scrap out of Megatron.
Skyfire511 chapter 31 . 3/29
You write some of the BEST stories here! This one... I have no words for it other than how AWESOME it is! I hope there's more some time soon!
ApritelloForever chapter 31 . 3/17
Huh... It actually seems as if Knockout isn't COMPLETELY sparkless after all. Poor Frenzy. :( Awesome chapter though! :)
Heart of the Demons chapter 31 . 3/17
Frenzy's characterization is the best in this new chapter. He's clearly been through so much in his life.
Angelwings2002 chapter 31 . 3/17
Wow, nice chapter title. This was a nice chapter to focus on the decepticon side of things.
Cashagon chapter 31 . 3/17
Knock Out isn't really evil... he's just an idiot. Seriously? He's seen the Vehicons' sparks hasn't he? How much proof does he need before he figures out these guys aren't just drones? smh

Aw, poor Frenzy... The kid just really needs a good friend. Someone who'll listen to him.

Its interesting that Dreadwing doesn't know the truth of the Vehicons. I wonder he'll report this all to Megatron. Hm, I hope not. I don't think that'd go over very well.

Cash is out. Peace!
d8rkforcen1ght7 chapter 11 . 3/3
Oh no... Bulkhead's parents...
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