Reviews for To Love and Protect
BlazeStryker chapter 28 . 9/23
BlazeStryker chapter 27 . 9/23
BlazeStryker chapter 10 . 9/23
Let the moRon taste nothing but corned beef for the next school year.
BlazeStryker chapter 9 . 9/23
Remus needs to have avbout 125 pounds of wet newspaper slap him across the nose, one soaked issue of the Prophet at a time. (that being about all it's actually good for)
BlazeStryker chapter 6 . 9/23
I just had a horrible notion. If Umbridge was aware that Harry was to undergo training in the mind arts, did she word his detentions as a wizarding contract to make it impossible?

By the Law of Sod, Harry's always worn his heart on his sleeve but it got a whole Hell of a lot worse as of the beginning of those detentions...
You-know-pooh chapter 1 . 8/26
I am literally in love with the stories... but oh Poor James ... though I like Snape and Lily ... I felt bad for James...
blazer0199 chapter 43 . 7/3
loved it. and the punishment you gave the adult dursleys was perfectly karmic.
csheila chapter 1 . 7/2

Damn Dumbles for so much
Areesha chapter 25 . 5/8
In Ch 25 snape said voldemort in the last part... Doesn't he say dark Lord anymore?
MidniteFoxFire chapter 43 . 5/5
Loved this story. Cried in some parts but still loved it!
guest chapter 43 . 12/18/2022
Lovely. Thank you so much.
guest chapter 37 . 12/18/2022
I was sorry to read of your loss. I know how hard it is and hope you are recovering.

Good catch that SS can now say "Voldemort" now that his Mark has been muted. Not sure I can credit that the Weasleys' jokery will stand up to adult attacks, though.

Really rather not get comic relief at the hands (mouth?) of a commentator even worse than Jordan. (Didn't expect Luna to stoop to the "ferret" bit, either.) Biased ones should be sacked, even if the bias is in favor of the "good guys." McG continues to be worse than useless as a Quidditch overseer: she just keeps nagging after the fact instead of correcting the problem. If she can't find a commentator who is fair, she should do it herself, being careful to quell her own bias for that purpose.

I wish that Snape would not so publicly display such pleasure at seeing his House beaten. The smirks at HP belong in private, else SS should resign as Slytherin Head of House. Those kids - including, remember, a great many who are ~not~ DE-lets or wannabes - have everyone else against them. They deserve better from their Head, whose job it is to support them in every legitimate endeavor. (Later:) For once I agree with Draco Malfoy about something (if not to the rest of his diatribe).

It's simply untrue that whatever the "good guys" do is right by definition. I so hope this trend does not continue.
guest chapter 36 . 12/18/2022
Good! HP learns the joys of effective snark. Lupin grovels - we'll see if he means it.

Looking forward to whatever ingenious workaround allows HP to live through his Horcrux's destruction.
guest chapter 34 . 12/18/2022
Very well done. The idea of LE's successful charm against the Mark was inspired, yet - in hindsight - followed inexorably from her ability to protect baby HP. No one else that I know of has thought of it.

Snape's now being rather bolder than I'd expect, but ~no~ complaints!
guest chapter 33 . 12/17/2022
Good! About time Snape got something to gladden him. Your idea of the note from Lily was fabulous, should ease his mind considerably.
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