Reviews for As Color Fades Away
Kiera Elieson chapter 80 . 9/16
This has been fantastic! I salute your superior writing skills! It's sad that it's over, but it was so good, and ended so well, the sadness is only bittersweet. I loved being along for the ride.
The-Angst-Chronicles chapter 80 . 9/16
Aww this was a wonderful ending. I really love the journey you crafted. Thanks for this amazing story!

Also I really like the tattoo scene. The internal journey to self-acceptance and healing doesn't have to be unaided and I love that you showed that.
kamauno chapter 80 . 9/16
*runs to the nearby trash can* *picks up my heart* *tries to make it shine* *gives up* *offers it to you anyway*

oh my god, I can't believe I've finished it. it was what, three / four days? when I should have been studying for my exams? well, looks like I'm screwed (•́﹏•̀ )

bUT, I managed to see Space Dad shiro making dad jokes. really, what a luck!
and, keith *smashes my head* I love this man

/goddamnit, I forgot to copy the line/ and Pidge, ah! badass pidge makes another apparition; it's been so little, but i missed you *thumbs up*

I must admit, when Lance went for a dive, I somehow remembered Percy Jackson? like, first movie when he's at the bottom of a pool? what the hell
but. his smile... that was 100% lance
ah that son of mine *hugs him* so precious

... so, Keith: those aliens, you, me... date?
but I'm so down for Respect Lance Squad, even respect Lance when he doesn't want you to beat anyone who talks shit about him.

AND THAT TATTOO? my tattoo thirsty ass is so SATISFIED;!
everyone got a tattoo, YEAH
/ I wanna a wwld tattoo, too/ /but I'm so traumatized by needles :(/ *imsadnow*

picnics scenes are so... cliche, lmao. but I want them to have the safest cliche scenes that exist. picnic, hugs, catch lines, pick up lines, dad jokes ones.
*slams fists on the wall* give them cliche scenes
*turns table* make them happy

*bows* thank you for that work, really. it was breathtaking, heartbreaking and, at the same time, soulhealing.

kamauno chapter 78 . 9/16
(oh God, am I making it a habit?) (can we avoid the “although, you didn't do it" part?) I usually headcannon pidge as nb, but, nb or not, you cannot look into my eyes say that pidge is not a badass.
and I HAVE PROOFS: "I have seen it all and I am coming the fuck in!"
(they're so like me, omg) (I mean, God's sake, it's only a body) (but let's put the patriarchy and bodyshaming conversations for later)

... have you said... cuddle pile? *comes near with my sheets* I'm sorry, kind author, but hAVE YOU SAID “CUDDLE PILE"? *melts on the god-damned floor*
and please, if this wonderful trinitity is a bunch of coalas, then I alone am an octopus.
(really, momma doesn't sleep more with me because of this) (*cries*) (momma, stop abandoning the baby!)

*approaches* *smells* what in the hell is this
*clouds open* *sky clears* *singing voice*: it's your heart.
*gulps* oh lord, put it in the trash already.
*heavenly figure leaves screaming*
*turns to camera* well, that could've gone worse
kamauno chapter 76 . 9/15
although it is not your intention, I can see why someone would think about Shallura. i mean, both are amazing people, trying-to-be-as-amazing leaders, have lost a lot unfortunately and are so strongly minded... ah! that compatibility!
but, before all that, they are family people. and that comes above when talking about them.

I don't know to who I should /die/ cry harder. WHY ARE YOU BREAKING, MELTING AND BURNING MY HEART LIKE THAT?! (what have I done to you, what)

coran, ah coran. I love you so much, you beautiful old dork
~ah, kiss my ass. I wanna my man hunk better NOW. he deserves a fuckin galaxy. make him better please, you can even keep my /useless/ / beaten/ broken heart.
A-Shy-Introvert chapter 80 . 9/15
I made it to the end!
I want to say this story was lovely. Especially the ending. Everyone have their moment with Lance. And seeing the small growths that they were having. I mean most stories would just have a big time skip to the end. But you put in the effort to actually show Lance’s growth. So my heart thanks you so much.
Also I’m glad that it wasn’t like Lance was just like completely all better. Having no scars or trauma is strange. And I love the tattoos idea. Everyone got one with Lance (but Pidge and Hunk also including WWLD was so cute and amazing).
Oh yeah I was a little upset like Lance when he didn’t get super powers, but him having super powers would have been a little overboard for me as well. And you even had valid reasons on why he didn’t have super powers. I do think it is cool that Lance can see their colors and with how you end it (like his life is bursting full of colors, instead of color fading away).
Anyway I want to say thank you so much. Now I shall head my way over to Hope fanfic now.
A-Shy-Introvert chapter 79 . 9/15
Wowza. I can’t believe I’m almost there. And it so sad to see this story go.
Also clingy Keith is the best.
kamauno chapter 71 . 9/15
holy damn fuck, sksjjsjsjjd this chapter waS AMAZING!?
what the fuck, I was expecting them to fight in the Astral Plan, but like THIS? FUCK NO

and that part: “Mine Blue declared, cutting Haggar off. Paladin is mine. Lion is Paladin's. Not yours. Never yours."? gonna admit I teared up... a lot
kamauno chapter 54 . 9/14
uh, hi. I'm quite... not new to this site, but it has been a while since I logged in. and English is not my first language (just letting you aware).

anyway, I usually comment only in the last chapter. habit, I guess... and other things. so, let's get to the point:

this chapter has touched quite close to home, so much that I am here way early than I thought I would be. Lance, as you said, has begun to accept himself and it was so, so, so personal. I can't help but get emotional, again.

I have social anxiety and, because of it, I had to quit my last school year. besides that, I had to completely avoid my friends, my family, almost my entire life even doing therapy. I couldn't be near them. it was so damn difficult all the time.

“He needed to stop comparing himself to Shiro's situation. They were nothing alike and he couldn't look down upon himself for the fact that Shiro had made it out and he hadn't."
it is so goddamnit EASY to compare yourself to another one; to pick yourself apart piece by piece because “if x can, how the fuck you can't, you piece of shit". it's so damn easy and so fuckin tiring. but do you know what's difficult? mind-breaking difficult? it's to learn that you are not x, you are not and you will never be. and that is not supposed to be a Bad Thing. and seeing him acknowledging it, by himself (because, even though the others keeping saying he's all this things - strong, brave, important -, he said it himself for himself and by himself. / am I clear or lost in the void of the differences between our languages?), made me remember when I did the same, back then. no matter how many times another one says that, if you're only trusting it just because they think it, then you are not recovering.

AND YET!, yet you cannot accelerate this process as you have beautifully written here: “Maybe… maybe not that one yet." you must validate yourself, your gain, your mistakes, your experience. your pain. that one is, I must admit, a lesson I'm still learning but you managed to say it so well. I'm so goddamnit touched. thank you.

“He needed to give himself time." *claps* VALIDATE *claps* YOUR *claps* PAIN ~you fucker ily~

there are so many phrases that hit me, many because of my therapist. with this chapter I remembered the first time I fully admitted I was screwed over, when I accepted help, when I first talked with a friend after three fucking MONTHS of complete silence. I cried so fuckin hard, I'm crying so much right now.

and yet I cannot, will not, I actually refuse to, regret reading it. it was near painful sometimes, too many memories goddamnit, but it was real too. it was important. thank you
A-Shy-Introvert chapter 78 . 9/14
“Coran had quietly speculated that the mice had likely cut their life force in half, but he had no idea as to how long a space mouse who had bonded with an Altean over a ten thousand year period was supposed to live anyway.” Lol I thought this line was funny. I mean how long do the Altean mice live?
Other than that, I love the scenes with Keith and Hunk coming out. I’m so glad we got to see that. But also now I know I’m near the end I don’t want to read it. Because then that’s the end .·()·.
A-Shy-Introvert chapter 77 . 9/14
Aaaaaaa the one thing I hate is bodily pain so I had to take a step back. Only to find out that you didn’t make the hand cutting scene really bad. So I’m relieved.
Also I wanted to say your one of my favorite whump/angst/hurt and comfort fanfic writers because you really never fail to write all the characters. Every time I read a whump/angst/hurt and comfort fanfic, they either don’t write Coran or Allura. In your story though, everyone gets their time to shine.
(PS I noticed you been having kissing forehead scene which I love)
Now back to finishing.
Lib89 chapter 80 . 9/13
Hi there! I’m Lib89, but you can call me Je!
I arrive when the story is already over (Shame on me) but, actually, I’m following it from chapter 30, more or less. I didn’t review anything until today ‘cause I’m not so good with english x3 In fact, I’m getting some help from my boyfriend.
But let's straight to the point: I love this fan fiction. It is perfect in anything: The plot and its development, along with that of the characters, it’s crazy and it’s what I would have liked to see in the original series. Because you took them all: from Lance to Pidge, and from Hunk to Coran.
Coran, so much love for him The Lions. Bless Unicorn, the Lions.
Beautiful job with all the description, and the thoughts of every characters – villains included. At a certain point, I think Theodek scared me more than Haggar. At any rate, in the last chapters about the showdown, every sentences made me tremble. I was afraid to see someone of our heroes die. I think that my heart would have been broken in half if it had happened. In conclusion, I’ve read this fic with the help of Mister Google’s translator, but I loved it since its beginning.
I anxiously waited for any update every week (that for me was always a day later, since I live in Italy), and when you didn’t I was going to read the last two-three chapters ‘cause I was missing your story. I have read all the other stories too, but “As Color” is absolutely my favorite.
I would like to tell more and more things, but I could get along for days. xD So, I conclude making you every compliments you deserve and thanking you for writing this fanfiction.
lymaria chapter 80 . 9/10
Wow, so it’s really over. I thought I would never see the day *wipe tears*
First of all, I would like to thank you for putting so much effort and dedication into this story. Not everyone can stick through a fic for as long as you have, still with a chip on their shoulder and flesh out new ideas for the reader. 80 chapters is ALOT and you deserve all the praise that you have received. This was a whirlwind of emotions and I was constantly on the edge of my seat the entire ride.
I came in around chapter 50ish and I remember not being able to put it down! You truest have a knack for drawing the attention of the reader.
I can’t wait to see what your next big project is, and I wish you well! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing writing!
Hestia chapter 3 . 9/9
Oh my god.. I was shaking. Literally.
Demigod whovian chapter 33 . 9/9
I LOVE YOUR CHANGES SO MUCH! They're all super amazing but I'm just going to talk about this chapter. The changes to the keith/pidge conversation a ton better than the original, and coran's thoughts about keith's reaction were great, I think my favorite change to the chapter. It shows how thoughtful he is and I love that.
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