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dog1056 chapter 69 . 6/16
My heart can't take this just stop. Stop it okay? They're all okay and alive and then they're dead but then they survive and just nnnooooo... Why do you hate them so much damn it like first Keith's dead then he's alive then he might not make it but then he's in the healing pod but then it's all going wrong and I just can't think straight after all of this torture okay?! Just O_o and that describes what i'm feeling and maybe some :O and O_O too.
JeromeHaddock15 chapter 69 . 6/15
I loved Coran! I admire his character in the show and in your stories, and the little backstory you gave him. I feel like everyone skips over Coran, but you give him the right amount of attention and I think it’s awesome.
katbug123 chapter 69 . 6/15
heck? this is amazing? you did an AWESOME job sksksje that shiro part? remembering how Keith helped him? right before he "died" because of shiro? that was so heARTBREAKINNG I CANT SKEKDJ it was so beautifully written and I was screaming and it was so heart wrenching and I can't believe how well u write and how creative and talented u are and I can't believe you wouLD DO THAT SKSJSJ thank you so much,,,, and corn,,, the whole "he lost so much and now he's losing more" hecK THATS AMAZING? you wrote that so amazingly my mind couldn't function and I just,,, I can't believe,,, how wonderful it was,,, and the mice? friCK I am SHAKING this is amazing,,, thank u so much for putting ur time and effort into this and creating something so amazing,,, also I will fight all the anons who left spam and I'll fight myself too u deserve better sksjsjs thank you for blessing my soul with your writing,,, I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy season 6!
Popo-chaaan chapter 69 . 6/14
Got to love Space uncle Coran (wipping a year away). God, ur always making me an emotional mess, ... But I Love It!
But no Keith and Pidge, arh I wanne know how Pidge is going to save the day, again. And Hunk, snif, aaaaah, to meny things that are unsolved, wanne read more
StrawberryFever3 chapter 69 . 6/14
My heart stopped and has now started beating again thanks to the gorgeous man that is Coran and the mice. Wow Icy. That was beyond impressive.I di dnot see that coming but I see the little hints now to Coran's ability and the rune circle and just wow. You set things up so, so far in advance it's amazing.

Shiro hurt me. I just want to hug him and tell him that he is strong and he hasn't failed anyone. You write his emotions so well and that guilt and responsibility. I really hope he passes the infirmary on his trek and finds Keith and Pidge. He needs that. and maybe the mice can go tell them all that Allura is alive too.

Hope you have a great time watching season six and can't wait to see you on the 22nd!
wingedflower chapter 69 . 6/14
Ah, poor Shiro. My heart ached for him, not only because of the physical injury (that's a lot of blood there) but because he actually thought he should have scarified himself and Lance to Haggar. I'm glad he eventually reached the conclusion this is NOT a good idea. I still kind of hope for him to lose conscious on the way to Hunk and Lance to spare him the horrific sight of what he's going to find :P

Yay, Allura lives! I really loved that the mice were responsible for that, very cool idea. And then healer!Coran gave me all kinds of feels about my old healer!Lance fic, especially with the whole passing-quintessence-to-others-and-nearly-dying-yourself-because-of-that concept. Good thing the mice knew to end this in time. They are such good teammates!
HylianLoth-Kat chapter 69 . 6/13
At the end of this chapter I just heard the ghost echo of “sounds like the mice did more than you though” Also, THEY’RE ALIVE! I’m still concerned about everyone else, but Allura and Coran are going to be at least relatively okay!
Fae Diamonde chapter 69 . 6/13
I’m dying! Omg this was amazing! You’re amazing! Omg it’s getting there! There’s still so much to tackle, hopefully Coran is going to get Allura to the crypt-pods and find Keith before too much damage is done to him, at least the cold from the cryopod will be nice on his burns a tiny bit until it’s too much. I don’t remember if Pidge stayed with him but I feel like she left and I feel like she might bump into shiro before she gets to hunk and lance. Omg Hagar is going after lance! That poor poor boy! I’m so glad you told me he isn’t going to be willing to sacrifice himself for them because he knows that she’s full of lies but omg I just hope she doesn’t leave the castle with him. If she manages to get him out of the castle they won’t have any choice but to heal before going to save him. The lions are going to help in some way soon I’m assuming. Maybe to help heal their paladins to keep them alive long enough to get them to pods? I dunno. None of them are strong enough to carry each other at this point I’m so out of ideas on how this will work out which I think is amazing! You’ve already proven that nearly impossible odds are something you can write about but you make it believable and more importantly it’s not just like a quick happen stance that makes it ok again. That felt like it didn’t make sense but I mean like with Pidge and Keith you didn’t just have her be like oop we’re ok now without explaining the very risky situation she took them through. And even with lance and theodek it was not a simple or easy way out of the situation. You write so well and I really enjoy each of your chapters. Thank you for continuing this story even though sometimes you’re disheartened by the comments or lack of. You’re amazing and I love your writing!
uNICOrnDIANGELO chapter 69 . 6/13
Damn. Reading the part about Shiro made me feel like I couldn't breathe, it hurt. But as always, his strength never ceases to amaze. And the feels from Coran! And the mice! I'm glad Allura's going to be okay (right?), but Coran... hopefully he'll be okay too, it looks like the mice bit him (like they bit Lance, I remember that!) before he went too far. I totally forgot about the rune circle, that was clever. Anyways, lovely chapter as always. :D
HetaRosFangirl chapter 69 . 6/13
Ahhhhhhh! I'm been a Coran-stan lately, and I love this! The mice and Coran need more appreciation like seriously:) And Space Dad your Space Dad do your thing you got this! Shiro's my favorite character, so I love it when people give him self-doubt about his leadership skills - it adds a new side to him and makes him more legitimate as a leader. Just because he doesn't voice these things doesn't mean he's not thinking them. Man, this was a good chapter! I don't know what i'll do with my life when the last chapter's posted. I'm going to remember this thing for a long time. And random note: I finally started writing again and that's putting me in a really good mood, especially for season 6! Yay! Life's great (sometimes). But again, you deserve so much praise for this work, really.

As always,

Happy Writing~
Guest chapter 69 . 6/12
IM ALIVEEEEE! and so glad that I’ve been able to catch up on all the chapters I’ve missed! Totally did not get any work done today but so worth it. But wow! So many chapters to review but I’m only going to do this one for now. Poor Shiro! What’s going through his head right now hurts my soul. But dang Coran Coran the Gorgeous Man! And the mice! Haven’t heard much from them but should’ve never let them slip my mind! Can’t wait to see the next installment after Season 6!
Aki.Electric chapter 69 . 6/12
She is alive! *-*/
I dont know if it is well written.
Its Corans time!
I just wait that he is ok.
I like this chapter.
Enjoy the season six.
See you later!
EclipseWolf18 chapter 69 . 6/12
I loved this chapter!
It was so amazing!
It's nice that other characters get hurt, some times if it is just one character it gets sorta boring:) I'm so happy your story is not like that! :)
Okay, so what I liked (a lot of things, let me tell you)
1: Shiro angst! Is it cruel to say that I'm sorta glad you made the Paladins think Keith and Pidge were dead?
2: I absolutely adored how Shiro was (hearing?) Keith, it was such a great idea.
Like, I would of never thought of quintessence healing Allura.
4: Coran, my baby, thank you for being such a gorgeous man:) CORAN is so precious.
Love, love, love, LOVED this chapter,
Toodles until June 22nd,
TheHufflepuffHuntress chapter 69 . 6/12
Oh my gosh I take back all my Evil One comments from earlier that was genius! It all came together so well I'm screaming that was well done. As a very British person, I would like to offer you a firm handshake. Well played. I just loved how all the elements for Coran healing Allura were woven in gradually - it makes you see how much planning and effort must go into writing such a good fic like this - just how long have you had that planned out?! It's crazy, I love it! Thank you for this (very satisfying) chapter o (and on a side note because I've fangirled enough over the end of the chapter, I really liked the start with Shiro as well, I feel like we haven't heard from him for ages and I love him - but he needs to rethink, he is so strong and selfless. I hope we get to see Shiro improve his self worth bc he does so much and he has to be the older, more responsible leader and he just deserves the world. They all do.) Wow, this got long. Oops. Eh well, thank you very much, and see you after Season Six!
Finnesotan chapter 69 . 6/12
Oh, Coran, you rock! I totally missed that little bit of foreshadowing! Nice! You're so awesome at this! I was worried how you'd manage to keep Allura alive; what a relief!

Come on, Shiro, I believe in you! I love how you added the inner voices. That was a nice touch.

Gurl, I can't wait for the next season! I hope you enjoy it too!
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