Reviews for Bewitch, Ensnare
Rossess20 chapter 19 . 5/6
Rossess20 chapter 13 . 5/6
sad gurls chapter 19 . 4/24
oh every time i reed of storys wiv harry/draco 2gethrr i cry an start 2 cut my self again in pain
y do u hurt us so much? it not tru an we all no it not tru but u stil post untru
i bleeds be coz off u not caring i cut 4 u telling all lies wiv ships of peepoles hoo not be 2gether evers
we crys cut an crys morr
plez stop 4 us
sadd gurlz
Sep 20 2009
cora.vannorsdall chapter 7 . 3/23
I loved the end of chapter 7 it made me smile
noncanonqueen chapter 13 . 2/6
oh my god oh my god oh my GOD!
Chalayne chapter 19 . 1/13
itscheriee1 chapter 13 . 1/8
Oh my g what the?! Oh gods I'm speechless
AliceMalefoy chapter 19 . 1/7
OMG! Perfect story, thanks!
Stille und regen chapter 19 . 12/19/2020
definitely creative and interesting. very good
Andrakaye chapter 19 . 12/10/2020
Gosh I really enjoyed this story. It’s was amazing. If there was a sequel I would read it in a heartbeat!
mimisemily chapter 19 . 12/6/2020
Sooooo good. I didn’t not expect the de-aging plot twist but I LOVED it. I’ve read a lot of your other stuff but never this one, what a mistake that was. You’re an excellent writer and I look forward to continue reading your works.
hourhercrevan chapter 19 . 10/18/2020
AWWWWWWWW! this was so cute!
LiteratureLover197 chapter 19 . 9/22/2020
This was amazing. I can't say anything else because I know it's all been said before.
NaomiK chapter 19 . 9/19/2020
That was absolutely delightful :)
Even if also terribly sad..
but it fit so perfectly with canon!
Terribly cute.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/16/2020
Why do authors in fanfiction thinking 18 year old girl Andaman who's 40 dish what have sex
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