Reviews for The Slytherin Reformation
K chapter 15 . 10/16
This has been a great story so far, and it would be a great shame if it never got finished. I do note that the latest update was not so long ago from when I am reading it, so hopefully you are persevering with it. You have talent.
mumphie chapter 15 . 10/17
I'm so glad I found that you added another chapter! Wonderful. :)
Your story is so engaging. I am enjoying it.
K chapter 9 . 10/16
Going well. I am enjoying your spin on the story immensely.
K chapter 7 . 10/16
Problems and delays or not, I am going to keep reading, as it is a good story.
Luke5921 chapter 15 . 10/16
Great chapter.

I would 100% say that your quality has not gone down in my opinion and all your stories/new chapters are always a great read
Beauty Eclipsed chapter 15 . 10/15
We are our own worse critics.

I have liked and continue to like your writing style and plots. I consider myself to be a very picky reader. If you sucked, trust me, I would not bother even leaving you this review. I wouldn’t review at all.

If writing this fanfic is making you this stressed out, then back away from this. If it’s not the underlying problem, then go figure out what is and fix it.

The best of luck to you.

I would hate to see such a brilliant writer give up because they suffer from low self-esteem issues and are overly critical of themselves.
MarilynT chapter 15 . 10/13
I like your stories. I read these for enjoyment. hope you keep writing
peruvianprincess chapter 15 . 10/10
Keep up the good work.
LifeIsAGreatAdventure chapter 15 . 10/6
After reading this excellent chapter a few days ago I needed to go back through your earlier chapters. This is really great though I worry that your next chapter will be the "Harry puts a petition together, writes the Minister and Moony keeps his job," kind of chapter which feels like a far too simple solution to the extremely complex problems underlying Remus job issue harry is facing in wizarding society.

I recognize the temptation to write such a chapter but as we're learning in rl, many of these fixes, whether in fact or fiction just don't happen. In many ways the fact that Harry and friends aren't winning across the board (Theo with his father for example) is one of the things that makes this story well worth continuing to read and so I hope you'll keep attending the balance between the desire for "he lived happily to the end of his days" and the challenges associated with a character needing a strong antithetical environment to be interesting. Thanks loads for your hard work on this, I'm looking forward to future installments.
snazzieshazzie chapter 15 . 10/6
fantastic, please make harry and the gang succeed. can't wait for the next instalment.
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 15 . 10/5
it was great.
PotterThinker chapter 15 . 10/4
It’s alive! Please give us more oh great spectre
ElizabethAnneSoph chapter 15 . 10/2
Very good chapter! Keep fighting for your writing even if it fights you tooth and nail for each word! You can do it
Svenion chapter 15 . 10/1
you, and by extension your stories, are still awesome. thanks for the chapter
tfranco9 chapter 15 . 10/1
I’m really sorry you aren’t find joy in writing this story anymore and your confidence is so low! As someone who read a lot of fanfics, you don’t have to worry! Your is one of the best! Really well written, with an amazing story that makes sense! There’s a lot in here that I like way more than the original books! You are a fantastic writer! I love your stories so much! I really hope you can find the want to write more of this one bc is great and wonderful! The premise of competent adults is great! The characters here are way more interesting that the original trio, I mean Ron is so useless, lol! I’m glad he isn’t here! I just want to say how much this change a lot of my views of the original books and how much love I have for this story! You are amazing! Thanks for this! And I hope I get some more! Lol!
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