Reviews for An Obsession From The Heart
Nameless Fable chapter 1 . 9/13
Fuck yasssss! Stalker Roman for the win! Hey there, I hope you update soon. I found your story about two weeks ago and I have already reread your story at least 5 times now lol. I love how much detail you have put into it. I can tell you really took your time creating it. Every time I reread this I am finding more and more little things that I missed the first time around. Any ways, I just wanted to say: " You're awesome, this story is fucking gold!" Keep up the kick ass work!
madisontaylor22 chapter 10 . 9/9
Omg I love this so much! I really hope you continue it!
Jess chapter 10 . 9/7
I love love love this story! I recently watched hemlock grove and was curious if there were many fanfiction stories about it! Easy to say yours is truly the best and your writing really captures the personalities of each character down to a tee! I hope you update this story soon. For now, I’m gonna start reading some of your other stories!
JustCallMeWhatever chapter 10 . 8/5
No lie. This story got me into watching Hemlock Grove.
I’m a fan of your IT fic, and it made me curious to see what other stories you had.
So glad I chose to read this. :)
I can’t wait for the next chapter!
HellToTheNo123 chapter 10 . 8/3
Hope you update soon
Degrassilover.xoxo chapter 10 . 7/15
Thank you for coming back to update! I’m so excited to see where you’ll take this:)
Great chapter chapter 10 . 7/12
Yay you updated! I love this story and I am looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the great work!
Kristine chapter 10 . 6/22
Hey great chapter! Hope to see the next one come up soon!
PsychoBeachGirl88 chapter 10 . 6/12
Great chapter! I've missed this story! I love that Letha really wants to be Imogen's friend, she's so sweet. Maybe she'll even give Imogen a makeover, help boost up her confidence. That would be cool. I'm really anxious to find out what exactly Imogen is if she isn't a witch. I can't wait for more!
ReptiliaEve chapter 1 . 6/11
im overjoyed that you returned to this story
Lestatsgirl15 chapter 10 . 6/11
Welcome back! Thank you for updating. Good chapter.
harleyquinn87 chapter 10 . 6/7
I LOVE this story and I was so happy to receive the notification that you had updated! I love the interaction between Imogen and Roman! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Haylz93 chapter 9 . 6/6
I love this story! is there any chance you'd consider coming back and updating and continuing it again? I really love it and how you've written both Roman and Peter's charecter, kept them true to themselves and your writing style is amazing and of itself. Please please please, come back to this story!
AuroraSeven chapter 9 . 3/10
I like how different she is to Roman, opposite do attract. Also can't wait to find out what she is!
Love it chapter 9 . 2/19
I love this so much. Please update soon!
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