Reviews for League of two Earths: new world
Vibe12 chapter 60 . 11/1
KARA IS WHAT?! ASDFGHJKLLAHDJDKSK I'm soooooo curious about how the baby will turn out too! Hehe glad Barry could have some fun running with the other speedsters despite everything happening. Ugh Lex...he irritates me.
Zainab chapter 59 . 10/7
First of all, oh my God! You finally updated! I've been waiting for so long and the wait was worth it! You did a fantastic job with each and every detail of the chapter! I can't wait for Barry to create Gideon and learn the punch! And poor Kara! I hope she recovers quickly, mentally and physically! I can't wait for the next update so see you soon!
Vibe12 chapter 59 . 10/6
A visit from Red Death can only be for a bad reason. If Anti-Monitor wakes up it's basically the end of everything? Well shit... Wow i must admit when Kara said "It's hope. He's here." i got goosebumps! It was my favorite part of the chapter when Barry went there to help Kara, like wow best entrance ever! The worldkillers' appearances sound scary as hell. The infinite mass punch will be so so sooooo freaking awesome, i can feel it!
Capty Fanfic chapter 59 . 10/5
Love the new chapter, awesome fight scene
Vibe12 chapter 58 . 9/8
I love reading about Caitlin and Frost. It's sad how Caitlin's mother kept calling Frost a monster but i guess she was just scared. I love how you wrote the part where Caitlin was thinking about how Frost has always been there. Maybe eventually Caitlin and her mom can work on their relationship. Ooooo Kara is getting a new suit! Yay! Honestly i got excited too when i saw the pics of the new suit. Who is Cisco gonna ask for help? The sound waves ring a bell but i just can't remember
Vibe12 chapter 57 . 7/16
Is it bad I laughed when they went to Spiner? The dude deserves it. Hmm i understand Barry's concern about Iris but also hers about Barry. Aww I really hope Frost can find a way to fix her problem. It must be so sad ro not be able to touch anyone without freezing them to death. There's is someone that can leave Lex gaping!? Wow. The 9th circle looks powerful as hell.
Zainab Hamza chapter 57 . 7/10
Really loved the chapter and the President got what he deserved. I can't wait for how you build up Killer Frost's story and I gasped when you brought up emiko. The 9th Circle is truly on to a Queen. Can't wait for your next update!
Vibe12 chapter 56 . 6/18
Omg I was worried too about Barry! Kinda liked how he jumped out of the speedforce in a minute and was like what are you guys talking about like nothing happened I hope Alex's answer to Sara will be positive cause I ship it! Aww thank YOU! You write this amazing story and i love when I read it. Also don't worry about updating fast, take your sweet time cause I'll always wait.
Speed Reader chapter 56 . 6/8
This has been a fantastic story and a fantastic chapter. The way you've blended the characters of the earths together, even the lesser known ones was fantastic. The Regime was written wonderfully, and everything else is solid.
Zainab Hamza chapter 56 . 6/8
Well that was quite the speedy(hehehe okay I'll stop now) recovery but I'm really glad the crimson comet is better now as hearing even the Queen of Frozen hearts worried, terrified me. I'm really happy that you mentioned Nia and Ralph in the story and I'm obviously very pleased with Alex's decision. Watchtower is a good name for Winn and I think Cisco will agree too. Can't wait for the next part of the story, now that our heroes will be head to head with the president and the army ( I think oliver queen may be needed for the next steps due to his position in politics). Keep up the good work!
Vibe12 chapter 55 . 5/12
Holy shiiiiiit what a fight! You included dreamer omg I love her! I loved how everyone was checking out their doppelgangers at first. I facepalmed at how stupid that dude that attacked first was, a pointless action which started a fight that could've been avoided. Also the vibration fight between the Flash and red death gave me goosebumps! That part of the fight was definitely my favorite.
Zainab Hamza chapter 55 . 5/12
HOLY COW! That was one of the most epic battles I've ever read about. Absolutely smashing. You did an amazing job writing this chapter and had my gasps stuck in my throat. Oh God I hope Barry is okay. I wonder if Barry is now going to get a new suit now. I actually really don't hate red death. He's just been wronged so ruthlessly that he's been driven to this state. The battle between the two Karas was also really epic and I can't wait for more as the league is no where near their relaxation point. Kudos to you for writing this terrific chapter and putting a nice twisty end to it
Vibe12 chapter 54 . 4/18
For a sec I was scared the parademon would get them, I had five heart attacks lol. Ugh annoying government and their plots. Eiling really annoys me, so I'm happy Kendra knocked the shit out of him hahahaha. So Red Death is looking for Batman? I thought it was some kind of object he was looking for, I'm a fool lol. The Regime arrives oooooo what's gonna happen? :o Do I hear impressive battle? I am hyped!
Capty Fanfic chapter 54 . 4/18
I love this story so much I wish you would write quicker sometime, also the Justice League that Remains on Earth-1 did an excellent job. Also, I wonder if Red Death is actually here for Batman or perhaps something else.
Zainab chapter 54 . 4/18
My heart is literally in my throat right now. Oh God red death sounds like a monster to me more and more everytime there's a mention of him. Can't wait for the battle tho
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