Reviews for Birds of a Feather
Lovegood Loves Good chapter 5 . 8/20
erik chapter 5 . 6/1
Still a great fun read.
Sir Cookie chapter 1 . 5/20
really awesome. never saw btvs but sounds interesting
Lord Sia chapter 5 . 5/6
No idea where this is going, but I hope to see where it leads.
DarkViolet7258 chapter 5 . 5/1
more like filler chapter but still nice
Riniko22 chapter 5 . 4/3
Ah Starfire, she is such a fun alien.
NarutosBrat chapter 5 . 4/2
Ten bucks says the pubes Star asked for are going towards the center.
Zoanzon chapter 4 . 4/2
I'm completely on board with this pairing.
WolfbrotherTitan chapter 5 . 4/1
The dream catcher bit at the end was great, and Starfire's part is hilarious, but I can't decide if it's more amusing if she wants to encourage sexual dreams involving Xander and Raven or if she's smarter than she usually seemed in the Teen Titans cartoon and is just messing with them.
Umbra.Venator chapter 5 . 4/1
Good chapter
Loatroll chapter 5 . 3/31
Amazing stuff! Thanks for the great read!
KyosukeCA chapter 5 . 3/30
This is turning into a fun story. I like Xander's relationship with Raven. Interesting note: My sister HAS one of the Twilight Zone pinball machines that has been restored to nearly new condition. It is a fun machine.

In any case, I am really enjoying your stories! I look forward to whatever you come up with next!
The Richmaster chapter 5 . 3/30
Fun chapter; the interactions here were great and I liked the reactions back in Sunnydale
Guest chapter 5 . 3/30
*Blinks* Da mn, Star is one sneaky witch. Offhanded "reassuring" request of Raven's pubic hairs "too".

Who wants to bet that by the time the Titans go to sleep that night, in the story, that Alex and Raven have a shared erotic dream... with all of Raven's emoti clones. I... don't know if I want to actually witness that scene or not... Or just deal with the after affects, and of course Alex asking Star what she wants help with the most, as a sly attempt to repay the blatant hookup help.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/30
Oh G od, TEh LuLz! This chapter... a pity, such is, you're abandoning of the crack.

*Le Sigh*

Oh well, at least when you're obviously high you still write good humor pieces.
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