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Guest chapter 2 . 10/4/2012
awww... this seems to be very interesting, unfortunately I don't know how to read french...
I hope someone translate your fic...
Intelligensia chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
Cool! Good going, keep it up.
Tuuna chapter 2 . 1/17/2010
noo! this seemed so good and its only 2 chapters? :(
pauline chapter 2 . 3/20/2008
HA!Je suis française et sa fait des mois que je veut lire cette fic et toi tu la met en ANGLAIS Je meure sur place la mperde je crois qu'en plus tu n'est plus sur ce site et merde alors si j'avais ton adresse MSN J'taurais tirer les oreilles et éventrer sur place pour faire une chose pareille. Maintenant que ji pensse suis apparament la seulle française qui te laisse une reviews? BIN TU METONNE MERDE ALOR ECRIT UN FRANCAIS BONS SANG DE BON SOIR

PS: Ne le prend surtout pas mal toute cette reviews et un gros LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Enfin pas si lol que sa vut que en effet je ne sais pas lire l'anglais pf

jla lirait peut être un jour mais sache que le soit et la 1 fic que j'ais commencer à lire (sur un site vraiement merdique soit dit en passant car je ne pouvais pas lire les chapitre aprés le 9 (autant te dire que j'avais la haine))Bref je suis une de tes plus grande fan et jespére que tu termonera cette fic et FRANCAIS le plus vite possible Biz

Cordialement Pauline
Kernella chapter 2 . 9/7/2007
Black Perla chapter 2 . 8/5/2006
Wow. You absolutely must continue this! Please! I hope you'll find some time and inspiration cause this is really great! You know what, I'll try reading it in french in the mean while. Yep. Can't wait for the translation though!
riley chapter 2 . 3/8/2006
i really like the story! can't wait to see what happens next. please update soon!
Blackest Grim chapter 2 . 1/10/2006
I love it so far, and it wasn't that bad. Better then some of the fics I'm writing. :-)

Update real soon!

vanessa chapter 2 . 6/11/2005
ilike the stories which have tomandharry together so please put another chap up soon
Kiharu Aroukii chapter 2 . 9/16/2004
I sincerley hope that you update soon, since this is one of my favorite pairings of all time!
Helene van der Coelen chapter 2 . 8/17/2004
i wanna read the next chapta! come on! i've started to read the story in french, but my french sucks!

~ luna
miou chapter 2 . 8/5/2004

oui bon moi j'ai déjà lu, relu et rerelu ta fic en français mais je me demandais si tu vas udapter cette fic en anglais parce que ça fait longtemps qu'il n'y a pas eu de mise à jour! et c'est bête pour ceux que ne parlent pas français de ne pas pouvoir lire cette fic!

bon ben moi j'vais lire la séquelle du souhait!

destroying tokyo chapter 2 . 8/4/2004
This is pretty good. I hope that your translator will finish translating the next chapter soon. It looks as though your fics already done in French. I wish I knew how to read French just so I could read your fic. Great fic.
Professor Potter-Malfoy chapter 2 . 4/19/2004
Is there any chance of an update sometime soon? You haven't posted anything in a while and I wondered whether you were going to continue with this fic. I hope you do - it would be a shame not to.
Mrs Tom Riddle chapter 2 . 4/6/2004
Ah! Such a shame that there are only two chapters thus far! This only makes me wish I knew French all the more! Everyone says how similar to spanish it is, and while some words may be similar in pronunciation, that's as far as it goes. I saw french on paper the other day ago, and I'm not quite sure you all need all those letters in those words. To placate myself, I've started a self-study in Russian. Please promise me you wont do something so foolish unless you have a tutor, because it is REALLY hard.
'S me by the way! Mrs Souma Akito... Got a divorce... *snicker*
If it helps, I'm moving to Argentina this year, and I don't have enough spanish to understand anyone. Not that it would matter, because if you were to compare it to english, it would be like the english in Trinidad and Jamaica to english in America or Canada.
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