Reviews for Sticks and Stones
saiyanwizard chapter 6 . 6/9/2005
Wow, Severus was Valadictorian? I had no idea (I thought it would go to Lily...she just reminds me so much of Hermione). Well, at least I can say that Severus earned it. Now to chapter 7...
saiyanwizard chapter 5 . 6/9/2005
Honeysuckle, that's it! Why didn't I think of it before (*races after Severus to help him*). That was a great chapter; I was very glad to see Severus, Minerva, and Harry interact with each other in a rather stress-free environment. And Severus complimented Harry on his Quidditch abilities...he's just full of surprises. I for one am not surprised that Severus became a Potions Master at age twenty-five (I've always considered him a genius). Once again, great chapter, and now I'm on to chapter 6...
saiyanwizard chapter 4 . 6/8/2005
Poor Severus; he's really got it rough! I think he needs a hug (*gets out of her chair to hug our dear Potions Master*). Hope he's not gonna crack. Well, to find that out, I must read on. Now to chapter 5...
saiyanwizard chapter 3 . 6/8/2005
Well, that was an...interesting...lesson. And I too hope that it won't be one that Harry has to use. Now to chapter 4...
saiyanwizard chapter 2 . 6/8/2005
Severus definitely has his hands full having to rebrew the Wolfsbane Potion for Remus and training Harry to fight Voldemort! Hope he doesn't overwork himself. Now to chapter 3...
saiyanwizard chapter 1 . 6/8/2005
Wow, poor Severus...such a bad day. Good thing his nose was fixed. I really like this story so far, so I'd better get going onto chapter 2!
gaudy night chapter 16 . 6/5/2005
Oh my god, I'm crying.
JORDAN KINTZ chapter 14 . 5/23/2005
JORDAN KINTZ chapter 11 . 5/23/2005
Amber-and-Ash chapter 16 . 4/27/2005
I feel so sorry for your Severus. So broken that even this half-hearted attempt is so amazing to him. I would have liked to see some of the other characters actually accept their culpability in this fiction, but I understand that was unreasonable - and perfectly demonstrates the Gryffindor fault! Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us.
Amber-and-Ash chapter 15 . 4/27/2005
Wow. I echo Severus here. They sicken me. The actions of Dumbledore and Lupin in this chapter were absolutely contemptible. A very emotive scene!
Amber-and-Ash chapter 11 . 4/27/2005
That's all it took? Sirius admits he is wrong, and that's all it takes for Remus and Harry to condone his actions? They're as bad as Dumbledore.

(scurries to carry on reading)
TheDeathChamber chapter 16 . 4/22/2005
This was good. Slightly exagerated one could say in some points(Snape some kind of superwizard, Sirius such a grudging bastard, Remus too friendly, Harry knows it all.) But I was still quite good.
infiniteviking chapter 2 . 4/10/2005
I just read Chapter Two. "Unconsciously doing a very good imitation of Snape"? Oh no, it's catching!

Nice work.
Anutheal chapter 16 . 3/31/2005
Great, I love it...I can't remember if I reviewed before, but o well. I love how you protrayed every character in the story. It wasn't very was different and I like that.
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