Reviews for Deputy Headmaster Role
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 12/22/2017
Although this story was a oneshot, I was surprised how much you managed to put in it. I found it interesting how the Headmaster is experimenting with his school, trying out different ways of managing it. This creates a nice hint that the Headmaster is trying to refine his plans.

It must have been a challenge trying to flesh out Mr Venables, since he is such a minor character. However, you did it very well, and I was interested to see that he could still feel excited about something, despite being the Headmaster's drone. I felt very sorry him when that excitement was dashed, especially when he had to oversee Ian's detention. However, despite his loss, some of his hope was restored when Ian said he should have got the position.
I liked the way you portrayed Ian as having more nerve than is commonly seen, demonstrating that he is more than just a joker. With so many against him in the school, he is clever, and takes opportunities to reduce the threat as much as he can. This is demonstrated when he goes to eavesdrop on Mr Venables' interview, hoping to get some ammunition. He also shows how much he cares about Harvey during his detention, pleading with Mr Venables for the man not to reveal a new weakness to Jeff. He is also kind-hearted enough to try and cheer up Mr Venables when he loses the deputy position, despite how much he was enjoying his disappoint earlier. This was a very enjoyable little story.