Reviews for A Bargain at Any Price
Kindred01 chapter 1 . 6/27/2017
whoa whoa wait Xander's father is Dracula?
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 12 . 8/22/2016
Wow I wish there was more, really interesting and unique story
Nicci chapter 12 . 12/14/2013
I really like this story. And I hope you someday will update it. Even though it's been a decade since last chapter, I will wait and hope. Good job writing. Please write more. :-)
the-ravens-love-story chapter 12 . 8/7/2013
Aw! I really like this! awesome so far!
darkmoonlady chapter 12 . 11/24/2012
Nice fic
friendly darkmoonlady
Draechaeli chapter 12 . 9/16/2011
I've come across this story about a half a dozen times I love the summary and then I get to the part where Xander's dad in Vlad and I stop reading. This time I didn't stop reading and it is a really good fic. I wish I had read it earlier! Please continue and keep up the good work!
NeverMagpie chapter 12 . 8/13/2011
This was quite a good read :)
rogue chapter 12 . 8/7/2011
Are you alive? If so, another chapter please.
Spastic Fruit Bowl chapter 12 . 12/23/2010
I really hope you update this someday...

Enjoyed every bit of this weird concoction. :)
hA-UkA chapter 12 . 8/24/2010
Very well done. I hope you decide to update some day.
Shinigami-chan chapter 12 . 5/24/2010
This is an awesome story! Please tell me that you will eventually finish it!
hisokauzumaki chapter 12 . 5/21/2010
Please update/continue this!
killing u with umbrellas chapter 12 . 5/12/2010
i liked this story. i hope you continue it. but i kinda doubt it.
Deedsday1 chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
so cool and un expected i love it
CrazyManiacChick chapter 12 . 1/5/2010
I really like the backstory that you developed for Xander. This is one of my favorite stories on Fanfiction. I hope you decide to continue this story someday. Signed CrazyManiacChick-(secret Fangirl)
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