Reviews for Taylor Varga
Derich chapter 361 . 31m
... Okay, seriously, where can I get one?
Derich chapter 334 . 23h
I'm waiting for Contessa to join the team, so that (once she get boosted) we get a "Yes" in all parahuman classification categories.

What do you mean by "Overkill"? Is that the name of a meal?
Derich chapter 309 . 10/20
Taylor: "... Or... alternatively... You... could have asked?"
Derich chapter 253 . 10/19
I see a Mr Black reference... I upvote.
(and thanks for all the omake... it slows the story, but they are great :D )
Derich chapter 237 . 10/19
Got some gamebreaking abilities.
Use them to confuse the hell out of other people (Family style!)
BlazeStryker chapter 272 . 10/17
So does the creator of The Addams Family.

They do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say,
Live how they wanna live, play how they wanna play...

Speakin' and thinkin' about the Addams
You know the hammer is with it (I'm with it)
Act a fool, no bones, swooop, goofy and randy
You know we kick it (the posse)

Now is the time to get in your mind
It's ok to be yourself (be yourself)
Take foolish pride and put it aside
Like the Addams, yo! they def (that's a family!)
Derich chapter 198 . 10/16
"12.4. Mobility in soil : Vertical" ... No kidding :D
BlazeStryker chapter 246 . 10/12
Everybody wants to get into the act.-Jimmy Durante
BlazeStryker chapter 229 . 10/12
You know what we need? Maria Hill to end up meeting Colin and volunteering to be the surrogate mother for his kids, as long as they get to commiserate over the Family every once in a while.
c-wolf chapter 323 . 10/12
mental image of pokemech now.

"Oh for f* sake... taylor?"


"Why did Zephron go along with this."

"It's good relations for the dockworkers?"

"That wasn't my point"


"flight of the valkyries plays"

"Danny. When I asked you to help fix up this area of the city, I didn't expect a nighttime parachuting of metal balls followed by mechs calmly ripping buildings apart and building new ones in their place"

"Don't look at me roy... I'm just in charge. supposedly"
Derich chapter 44 . 10/9
I completely agree that this needed to be written :)
Derich chapter 23 . 10/9
I bet Danny Hebert ends up conquering the world by accident (and by shear awesomeness).

Thanks for the fun read :)
BlazeStryker chapter 179 . 10/7
BlazeStryker chapter 149 . 10/3
Visualize whirled peas...
BlazeStryker chapter 128 . 10/2
Alliteration's Awful? What's weird about equal elocution?-Mistress of Mystery
Don't make me come over there.-The Silver Shroud
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