Reviews for Taylor Varga
alt-darkstar chapter 393 . 8h
Good chapt. But well, to answer your message about negative reviews - most people are concerned about possiblity that we won't see the end of any of your stories. Cause it certainly seems that you really have no intentions to finish it. Even this story full of "interludes/omakes" and no end on horizon, never mind otehr stories. I've read that opinion about your stories for many times now, at reddit, SB, SV - that's common scene, mp31415player writes great but will not walk the story to the final. And that worries us great deal - cause we really really like your stories. But interest fade in time when we start to think that there won't be grand finale...
H Max Marius chapter 393 . 8h
Heh... Like to see Contessa /try/ to take on TaylorVarga... :D
Sefera chapter 393 . 8h
Very Good!
H Max Marius chapter 392 . 8h
Eh... one thought pops into my mind... With now having two dragons for Lisa and Amy to 'wear' it might not be a bad idea to recruit a couple of norms to pilot Ianthe and Metis...

I'm thinking Lucy and Mandy...

It also makes Amy available to heal alongside the other two in a disaster situation.


Danny hopped off the dragon back from where it had neatly landed in the open parking space. Turning he held out a large black rectangle, pressing the red button in its center.

"Chirp chirp." The dragon said, settling in for a nap.
H Max Marius chapter 391 . 9h

Will you STOP saying that!

starandsky1 chapter 391 . 11h
Is the entire DWU going to join the lizards? Like Amy has? Because that would be so funny!
Jack Inqu chapter 393 . 12h
This should be an interesting visit...

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
Jack Inqu chapter 392 . 12h
Taylor's greatest strength may be finding clever work arounds to problems.
Jack Inqu chapter 391 . 12h
Very nice talk between father, daughter, and demon.
Jack Inqu chapter 390 . 12h
Ethan is a pretty good guy.
zigmas chapter 393 . 18h
And this is still 40 (FORTY!) chapters behind the ACTUAL fic's size (on SV).
LordGrimstorm chapter 59 . 19h
Pretty sure Amy isn't really that close to being 18 years old at this point in the story, unless you have changed things. Taylor was 15 at story start, and I am fairly certain Amy was 16. So being six months or so from turning 18 sounds kind of off.
rankokunalpha1 chapter 393 . 20h
Fantastic more please! Very interesting can'twait for more.
avid11read11er chapter 393 . 22h
Great chapters. That was a very clever solution to your two body restriction.
Marcus Rowland chapter 393 . 10/27
And more pieces come together. I think Lisa's power is going into overdrive.

On an unrelated note, is there going to be an epic fail teamup between Shadow Stalker and Skidmark?
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