Reviews for Arcane Chaos
DeluxeHipster chapter 44 . 11/30
My little pony.
Oh jeez...
johngrace763 chapter 1 . 11/17
I love you and how you write for real it’s gotten me back into fan fiction. Please update Solaris as soon as possible i need to need to know what happened to Diana
Guest chapter 56 . 11/8
How powerful is poseidon compared to other gods?
montanoaries9 chapter 5 . 10/31
and also hecate and his kids wasnt a thing before book 6, also how did those guys know theyre hecate kids since they weren't claimed before book 6, and also the reason many kids was in hermes cabin is all because of the minor gods kid can't be claimed since there's no cabin for the minor gods in book 1 to 5.
such a glaring plot hole
montanoaries9 chapter 6 . 10/31
wew useless flashbacks, marked of a bad author
TropesBeDamned chapter 1 . 10/26
Read and here’s the review:
“Honed from his five years of defending himself from supposed “hoodlums” and “gangbangers” (and no not those kind of gangbangers. Dirty minds.)”

- Was this written by a 12 year old? Less than two paragraphs in and I’m already edging towards dropping this. That’s gotta be a record.

Don’t get me started on the parentheses. Three words - Jarring as F.

Gonna give this the benefit of the doubt due to the number of favs and follows. Hopefully this chapter doesn’t reflect the work as a whole. Otherwise RIP.
CompuBob chapter 40 . 10/23
Cold temperatures only go to -273 degrees Celsius or roughly -450 F, and after that is absolute zero, where nothing moves.
RenBiscuits chapter 56 . 10/22
Markus should dream about the future. Like, him with his wives and future children! But seriously this story is awesome! Please keep up the excellent work!
Arrowman chapter 12 . 10/11
The 4th wall is strong with this one.
DATONEGUY chapter 39 . 10/5
The first 30 chapters or so were good, deserving of the 2k favorites and follows. Now, it's shit. There's no conflict or struggle anymore, just Markus being WAY too overpowered as fuck and doing whatever the hell he wants. Now, this story isn't deserving of the 2k, hell, I'd say it's not even deserving of 100. If this is what you want to do with the story, go ahead. But if you want it to be good, I'd suggest a total overhaul starting at,say, chapter 25.
roy900jong chapter 43 . 10/6
Markus is becoming more arrogant than the olympians
I am starting to dislike him arrogant asshole who has to beg other panteons to train him because he would not be able to get this strong without them
Joe Lawyer chapter 56 . 10/6
I re-read the entirety of the story in preparation for this chapter. Given how long it’s been since your last update, I’m not sure a Markus-free chapter was a great idea, personally.

Percy actually got several kills this chapter. Hopefully that’s good for his development as a fighter.

Seriously, Percy is trying to drown them? Markus figured out how deadly pressurized water was ages ago; Percy better wise up and use the water more efficiently. They used to do strip mining with pressurized water. You can cut a car in half with pressurized water, or precision cut metal. That would have been pretty useful against these mortals.

Percy also seemingly forgot that he can vapor travel. The ability to move instantaneously around the battlefield is a huge tactical advantage.

I’m looking forward to seeing this story update once again.
roy900jong chapter 42 . 10/6
This guy is worse than hitler
Joe Lawyer chapter 55 . 10/6
I feel angry on Markus' behalf. This is a fate of the pantheon type deal and they send people who are weaker than Markus himself. He's not even part of the Norse pantheon nor is he getting anything directly for his troubles! They didn't teach him Norse magic, nor did they even prepare him for the enemies he'd be facing or how to counter the magic of the various people he'd encounter in Hel.

All these Gods are claiming they're prevented from interfering while Odin seems to be just fine attacking and trying to kill Markus. Markus also has to go against two uber powerful Gods in Balder and Bor. How does that make sense? I think these Gods are full of shit and they claim the ancient laws are preventing them from helping whenever they don't want to do anything. He's also been given no help in preparing for Norse magic and Bor has been using it to kick Markus' ass.

Well, if he survives this, I have a feeling he'll replay this battle in his mind many times to learn as much as he can from it.

Markus should also probably contact Dalf and see if he knows anything about the changes to his demon form.
Joe Lawyer chapter 53 . 10/6
It seems a bit ridiculous to me that all these Gods are directly interfering, yet Poseidon and Susanoo are both claiming they're being prevented from helping directly. They're literally the only ones that seem to be playing by the rules.

If I were Marcus, I'd ask for compensation for the unjustified attack as well as the help he's providing. Nothing is for free and amends need to be made.
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