Reviews for Atlantis Homeworld Command
crankshaft7 chapter 70 . 9/28
Awesome chapters! There is so much going on it makes my mind spin trying to keep it all somewhat straight. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in writing it and keeping all the details straight. I'm sure that alone is a daunting task.
I'd like to see kind of a description of the forms the old ones take when manifesting in normal space and/or attacking. I'm guessing they would have to have some kind of physical structure in order to be able to interact with matter in our dimension as they did when they attacked the Nox.
kylecolecole7170 chapter 70 . 9/27
Nice twist there waiting for the next one. Liking the ships
CCSakuraforever chapter 70 . 9/27
Esta muy bueno el capitulo mas como le va a oneill con su nueva nave mas las relaciones diplomaticas con los planetas aliados y que paso con el encuentro con los jaffa como se lya cuando la insultaron que nueva tecnologia desarrollara con la tierra, y que paso con la noticia de carter embarazada de trillizos como se puso mas que esta pasando con la expedición del destino quien le acuso de robar tecnologia
Eagleone 55 chapter 70 . 9/27
good chapter
WhiteEagle1985 chapter 70 . 9/27
A great chapter here.
Hadrian.Caeser chapter 70 . 9/26
I wonder who that is
kylecolecole7170 chapter 69 . 9/24
I found this down right frightening that the Asgard has done so much. What ever they are planing will keep me up at night for weeks to come. You have a very disturbing mind. LOL. Like the way you tell the story had me going in a few chapters. This was a nice break from my story a few things gave me some ideals that hadn't thought about. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Nice work.
CCSakuraforever chapter 69 . 9/21
Esta muy bueno el capitulo me gusto el regalo de thor a oneil para la nueva nave para el mas que paso en la reunión y lya con el nuevo incremento mas su ayuda en el ejercito asgard mas su ayuda si hay mas ataques de naves de los antiguos malvados y que harán los asgard con su propia arma datara en su posición
dpdp chapter 69 . 9/21
Nicely done.
WhiteEagle1985 chapter 69 . 9/21
A great chapter here.
Chloe chapter 69 . 9/20
Great chapter
Hadrian.Caeser chapter 69 . 9/21
aaron chapter 68 . 9/12
Cant wait to see what the Asgard are up to building copies of the Dakara superweapon. It's not clear yet wether O'Neill has approved the action or if Thor is acting along a 'preserve the Asgard by any means necessary' line.
Guest chapter 68 . 9/3
Excellent chapter. Very pleased to see Walter grow into his role. I can't remember if Harry Maybourne has been mentioned? He turned into a good guy, needs some love in this story. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next.
dpdp chapter 68 . 9/1
Interesting. Quite a number of ships. looking forward to more.
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