Reviews for Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord's Diary
hule chapter 86 . 2h
Oh oh
jj chapter 86 . 18h
hellkiss chapter 86 . 20h
Yeah because he's now in raven law doesn't mean he changed.
Love it
Sona14 chapter 86 . 6/23
PS I love it that he is so polite and sounds so civilized in his wording! Very nice.
nshaikh281 chapter 86 . 6/23
Somethings won't change it seems but at least the action was harmless considering history of Tom Riddle. Eagerly waiting for next update.
Evanna chapter 86 . 6/22
I have defended the honour of the fair Nargle, Lady Luna, and braved the wrath of Dumbledore for it!
Why are you giving me raddish earings? In honour of the Fresh-Water Plimpies? Honestly, Luna, I start to suspect you just want to keep me from being attractive to Slytherin girls.
Sona14 chapter 86 . 6/22
uh... can Tom come to the poitions club too? 3

I love it, how Tom reactes when meets one of Lunas bullies and somehow I had to think about Snape and Lily and what happend back than and what happens when Tom gets with the same situation again, how his friendship with Luna changes his response. It shows again the warmth that the sorting hat founded. It's also cute that he doesn't tell her he didn't it on her behalf, she would be against it and feel properly guilty for it.

I wonder how Tom will perform at school.

Thank you for the little chapter, it is good to see that you won't stop the story because of a pause or problem and we'll wait patiently till you have time again to write for this story.

Sorry for the crappy grammar, but it's too late/early to think proper in a foreign language right now.
kind regards,
moonshadowed chapter 86 . 6/22
This meeting between the unnamed Slytherin girl and Tom sort of mirrors what Draco said to Harry back when they first met - about having the right friends and connections.

I like that Tom defended Luna... I do hope what he used was a stinging hex. I can't imagine he'd really use an unforgivable and risk being expelled or sent to Azkaban and away from Luna...

Looking forward to seeing more of this story - and the Secret Potions Club.

An idea... maybe an interaction between the Weasley twins and Tom? And/or Snape and Tom?
or even more Dumbledore and Tom? I mean, I can't imagine he (Dumbles) would be hands off with Tom... he'd want to get to know him... to make sure he really has changed... and also if he does care for Tom, he'd want to keep encouraging him on the "right" path... or prevent him from straying down the dark ones again.
AdaDiya chapter 86 . 6/22
Awwww. Tom is so sweet!
Albertasteinthe21st.genius chapter 86 . 6/21
A perfectly harmless stinging hex . . . riiiiiiiiight :)
Guest chapter 86 . 6/21
yup, that was perfectly harmless
Lioness1988 chapter 86 . 6/21
She's damn lucky he stuck with a Stinging Hex, if he can be believed, but I have doubts.
E-man-dy-S chapter 86 . 6/21
Love the update.
Thank you for posting this.
Looking forward to whenever you update next. :)
Regina00phalange chapter 86 . 6/21
Oh no, was the harmless stinging charm the torture curse?
Brievel chapter 86 . 6/21
Love it. xD
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