Reviews for Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord's Diary
Annak94 chapter 88 . 4h
I love this it's whimsical and funny. You did all the text talk very well. Love how you made Tom talk to himself
E.L.A.I.N.E The Mage chapter 88 . 8/10
Aww poor Tom. Does he even realize he's jealous? Aww...
Sona14 chapter 88 . 8/9
nice to hear from you again!

I don't know if you care but I would vote for Tom best friend and Rolf husband XD
I think the pink maybe isn't as bad as the green but on the other hand there are really ugly shades of pink (the most of them if you ask me) but it could have been even worse: griffendor-red XD

nice prank by the way, can see both happen, as well as the popcorn and Luna being oblivious that the fight is still going on. It would be so cool if Tom and Rolf could be best friend later and for Rolf to become an Artisian, let me hope, yeah?

so,nice chapter, interesting way to introduce them to each other.

have a nice day,
Guest chapter 88 . 8/9
This is brilliant and really fun to read : )
TheDarkRavenclaw chapter 88 . 8/9
Please post soon
Sacred Dust chapter 88 . 8/9
Oh no, you didn't Rolf ... x_x That kid bugs me. I'm on Tom's side here.
Heart chapter 88 . 8/9
Hi. I do love a "done" Luna *snicker* Unleash the cracken! *cackles* I wonder if Tom explained that it 'twas the tone...hmmmmmmm. Someone's feeling insecure, territorial, and scared. Yeesh. Best BFF indeed. I adore Fred and George. I love them here. Which indeeeeed. Cool. I do believe Tom is oblivious in his own way if he were to be in love with her, it MAY take him a while just to comprehend that. After all loving someone and being in love... Is Rolf gonna be a part of the group? I wonder... Awesome chapter! Have a nice day! Buh-byyyyye~
gUest chapter 88 . 8/8
I love this so much! their rivalry is so much fun thank-you for sharing!
Haven chapter 88 . 8/8
absolutely love this story, i read it in less than a day! great work!:)
justacatthatprocastinatesalot chapter 88 . 8/8
I really want it to be a romantic thing xD
Guest chapter 88 . 8/7
I missed this chapter for 4 days, nooo!
Thank you for writing this
Brievel chapter 88 . 8/7
This chapter is *awesome.*

Ilovebooksforeverandever chapter 88 . 8/7
jj chapter 88 . 8/6
glad to have you back
Kittyfox77 chapter 88 . 8/6
No rush on updates! Heaven knows I'm terrible at reliably updating on time. I'll be here for the next chapter no matter when!
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