Reviews for Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord's Diary
Itack23 chapter 100 . 2/16
Thanks for the story!
It was really a good story. I wondered sometimes if there was a story where diary-mort could be redeemed. I wondered too if there was a story where Luna and here imaginary (?) creatures where one of the focus.
Well, got both! Thanks!
LysNoire chapter 87 . 2/16
"Tommy boy is in fact… a fellow prankster"
I'm crying
LysNoire chapter 79 . 2/15
But Tom has blue eyes in the movies
Bil chapter 100 . 2/14
That was a lot of fun. I liked how Luna's brand on crazy was just what Tom needed.
TheLostArchivist chapter 86 . 2/13
That's a strangely fitting way to wrap that part up. I do wonder if he used the "hex" though...
TheLostArchivist chapter 3 . 2/13
It's strangely adorable that he suggests THAT as a gestureless stinging curse. I now have a headcanon that it's what he truly thinks the curse is...
LysNoire chapter 60 . 2/12
Chapter 60 is adorable.
elizathe0dd chapter 100 . 2/10
Like I loved this, I read it all in one night. It's funny, well written and just so good! Though part of me wanted her and Tom to end up together... But anyway nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. Well done!
LysNoire chapter 58 . 2/9
"Muggles are people too and it's not ok to hurt them." LMAO
AlexanderSmart chapter 32 . 2/6
very nice. but I do believe that July usually comes after June
Rosezelene Ersa chapter 100 . 2/4
I nearly stopped reading this story. I got extremely close, simply because it felt like I was reading a script of one shots at the beginning. I’m so incredibly glad I didn’t; this has been a lovely rollercoaster of nonsense and legitimate plot that I would have really missed out. The humor is really refreshing and I enjoy this take off the characters. Thanks for sharing this story with us
SonofSet chapter 18 . 2/3
Okay I am only on chapter 18 but I am cracking up. Thank you so much! Apparently I share your sense of humor.
tubin chapter 100 . 1/29
Wonderful! Just snarfed the whole thing. Thanks for taking the time to write it. You do beautiful characterization through dialogue!
Guest chapter 96 . 1/19
oh god, how are you so good at writing plots that just give so much... closure?
Guest chapter 91 . 1/19
i liked this spin, it was plausible and beautiful and makes the story whole, in a way
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