Reviews for Luna Lovegood and the Dark Lord's Diary
Fancy Tuna chapter 1 . 5/2
Fancy Tuna chapter 100 . 5/2
Loved this fic it was amazing. So I'm guessing that no one else ever found out about Tom and that other than that encounter with Voldy in first year the Golden trio were able to just live through school without worries or anything eventful ever happening other than that time they were held captive by the potions club. Also all the other death eaters are just continuing their lives like they did when the war ended. It's odd reading a Fanfic with 101 chapters where Harry Potter and his friends only ever play a (minor) role in like 2 of them. Odd but greatly welcomed. The members of the potions club all definitely deserved the attention and spotlight. (Snape would probably cheer up even more if he found out he played a bigger role - one of a hero at that - in a HP Fanfic than Harry himself did) also I like that this story continually kept Luna and Tom's friendship it's main focus. You're brilliant and wrote a bloody gem. ️
TomVorlostRiddle chapter 95 . 5/2
Those are really good! I Loved them! You're a great poet!
TomVorlostRiddle chapter 90 . 5/2
Don't worry I really loved the bonding moment between Rolf and Tom. It was perfect. They can now both love Luna in their own way and bond over being the two closest people to her. (assuming that Rolf and Luna start dating) It would have also kind of felt out of character for Tom if his feelings had been of the romantic sort. So you made the right call in my opinion. Their dynamic is like the golden trio's. Hermione and Harry are close too and she's still dating Ron. So yeah it works and it's great. Also proud of Tom this chapter.

Ps: I hope Rolf and Tom become friends instead of just tolerating each other. They'd be their own trio. And Salazar knows Tom needs more friends.
Fancy Tuna chapter 65 . 5/2
That conversation was so adorable I can't. Loved it. "Brat man the dark lord returns" hilarious! I like them as best friends best because I simply can't see Tom marvolo riddle, THE dark lord, darkest of lords, lord of the dark in love with anyone really. However I know that I'll be happy with whatever direction you choose to go because I've read 50 or so chapters and if that's not enough chapters to know you like the way a writer writes than I don't know either. Tuna fits too, it's weird which makes it perfect. They're both dorks they'd find it amusing. Oh and before I forget, I liked Tom's explanation it makes him being able to change and being able to want to change make sense. Like not that it didn't make sense but it made it more believable, not that I care about it being believable or not just thought that it was a top notch way to explain the whole he's rediamable and still human in his core but the other voldemort isn't.
SassyDKitten chapter 101 . 4/29
Come back... Please come back...I just about died from laughter, I want more, please come back!
SassyDKitten chapter 95 . 4/28
That was beautifully written, thank you
PersonLatinoamericaComun chapter 100 . 4/4
mcepl chapter 101 . 4/1
I have moved my Czech translation (and now working on this last chapter!) to AO3 with ID 20896994 (under my same nickname).
CM chapter 57 . 3/30
T-that’s a horrible threat... *shudders with horror at the mental image*
CM chapter 48 . 3/30
The evidence mounts indeed. He has some good points. I should take notes.
CM chapter 44 . 3/30
I’m with Tom here. Sorry, but as a Ravenclaw I’m allowed to have my pride. Not to say that Hufflepuffs are stupid or anything, but I never really liked the canon Gryffindors. Strong opinion, not sure why I’m sharing it.

And yeah, don’t we learn, like, ten spells tops from Harry in the entire series? Their faith is misplaced indeed.

Why do I understand Tom more than is healthy?
CM chapter 36 . 3/30
I hope that Tom figures out that it was Pettigrew who actually did it. Rarely before have I ever sympathized with a villain this much, never mind scared-of-death himself.
CM chapter 35 . 3/30
B-but it IS fun Luna! How can you say that? I’m literally crying, no joke because of that. How is judging people not fun? It just is. But Moony is cool, I don’t wanna judge him. Otherwise, I can relate.
CM chapter 29 . 3/30
Oh, that makes sense too, but didn’t they go to school together? No? Oh yeah, now I remember. Oops. Yes, your reasoning makes more sense (being the author aside, dam it!)
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