Reviews for je veux ta revanche
Emiliya Wolfe chapter 1 . 8/28/2017
Since this is so long, I'm reviewing scene by scene, in case I forget something.

First of all, your imagery in this is astounding. I can see the cave in my mind's eye, feel the slight breeze and hear Luna's voice echoing inside my head. This is also unlike any other fic I've ever read, and it was a jolt of surprise to find out that Luna was the evil one. (Though Draco, seriously, she's sitting on a throne of skulls, she's bound to be the baddie)

Draco was surprisingly noble (and guilty?) in the second scene. Still, I enjoyed the growth of his character, the need to prove that he was no longer the boy from the 2nd WW. I also love that he was so embarrassed about her nudity, what a cute thing to add into an Auror's thoughts.

Luna is so OOC in this fic that I can't wait to find out what happened to her to make her this way. What could POSSIBLY have happened? I'm still enjoying it, though ouch, those handcuffs must hurt...

My first complaint comes in part four. How did Draco manage to avoid prison, and Xenophilius be thrown in like a dog? Does no one remember the Quibbler and all the good it did? I wish this part had been explained more fully, especially since it happens so long after the war when everyone's mind is clear.

The fifth part is maybe my favourite one. I love that Draco explains all of these things, because of course someone hell bent on revenge wouldn't stop to think, to consider. The way he does it so dispassionately against Luna's cries of anguish give me hope for her.

I find that Luna's sudden change is a bit drastic. She had killed many more people than that one person, and no explanation was given. Also, I don't believe that she could do a U-turn that easily, given the state she was in. I CAN believe the part where she throws herself at Draco, though I'm surprised that he was willing to have her. This is the part that I find a little rushed.

Okay, now I take my words back for the harsh punishment. Forget that part ;) (I review as I read). I'm glad that Luna gets house arrest for life. Her mental problems aren't excuse enough for what she did, and yet she doesn't deserve Azkaban at all. This was a great way to end this.
An excellent fic!
octocelot chapter 1 . 3/27/2017
Wow! I was immediately intrigued at the start of the story. I'm a sucker for AUs in which Draco goes into law enforcement, and this was really great!

One thing that I felt could have been drawn out a little more was her change from self righteousness to remorse at having killed people. It seemed like a really fast switch. I also feel like the reasons that Draco fell for Luna could have been explained more, because as it is, I feel like it's a little unbelievable.

The story flowed well; I think you created a serene mood, especially in the scene where Draco discovers Luna. She sounds very beautiful but broken in a dangerous way.

Interesting way to bring these two together! Well done.
The Cinder Crown chapter 1 . 3/26/2017
Oh my goodness, I’m still totally flashed after reading such a truly amazing piece of work! I mean, usually, I’m not really into DracoLuna, simply because their characters are so different, but with this, you really managed to convince me!
I really liked that you chose to write Luna as the Dark!Character; I still feel the shivers running down my spine when I remember the way you described her ‘new’ personality – so dark, angsty, twisted and cold-hearted… wow, just wow!
I also think that you did a wonderful job explaining her backstory, which is in my opinion a very important part. That you told the reader the reason behind Luna’s change, and what caused her to be like this in the first place. Very believable!
The following interactions between Draco and Luna were wonderful to read as well – I really enjoyed to follow their slow way of getting closer to each other; especially the scene where Draco is washing her!
It felt very natural, with a good flow and character descriptions. And well, you finished it with a perfect end! Really nicely written – Lexi -
Francesca Salazar chapter 1 . 3/24/2017
Love it!
padfootastic chapter 1 . 3/18/2017
Can I just start with how beautifully you expressed everything? The way Luna was soaking in the sunshine on the balcony, gazing at the flowers, regaining little pieces of her old self the more time she spent at the Manor (Which is slightly ironic if you think about it xD) I especially enjoyed how a tiny bit of her previous clairvoyance came out when she said ‘I know what you’re thinking.’ You explained the feelings Draco felt, the physical surroundings, Luna’s appearance really well.

It might feel like I’m nitpicking here, but please bear with me, since I’m really new at writing reviews :)

There were some sentences that could maybe have been phrased a little differently? Like, ‘her silver tresses fell over her shoulder’ instead of ‘her tresses of silvery hair’, ‘desperately feeling around for his wand’ instead of ‘feeling around desperately’, the second line could be ‘It had taken weeks but he had finally managed to hone in on a possible base of the Dark Wizard….” Just tiny things here and there, a couple words shifted around. Like instead of saying expert experience, maybe first hand experience?

Also, I caught a little typo (infuriatingly exact, I know, sorry) where Luna’s depression was showing. It says ‘it was although she was seeing a different…” and I think you meant ‘as though she was seeing..”.

I loved the part where Luna said, ‘How can I live i peace if I can’t live with myself?” It’s so...Luna you know?

My favorite part, however, was the end (not surprising since Harry’s my favorite character xD) where you just perfectly captured Harry’s personality. His unwavering loyalty, and sheer passion came out.

This was a very well written one shot (despite all my annoying comments, I just have weird quirks), thank you so much for writing it :”)