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Jeff Excellence chapter 18 . 9/24
Sorry for the delay with reviewing this one, but it was a fitting end to a great story and you should be very proud of it. All of your callbacks to prior chapters and characters from the adventure gone by were neatly done; almost nostalgic, even, and reading about your view of the inner workings of Hoenn's league added an interesting extra dimension to this chapter, regardless of how brief it was, and you have done a fantastic job of hammering in as much relatability to our protagonist as possible here as much as ever. Even the final touch, with the conclusion of the trainer's handbook, was a fantastic one. I have greatly enjoyed reading this from start to finish and I am supremely excited to see where you take any potential sequels you do. Great job.
NoLife-sama chapter 18 . 9/7
Well, I don't really know what to say that I haven't said earlier. This was wonderful. The fight against Drake was intense and in every way worthy of a Champion battle, but the only think I think about is the epilogue.
While you had me at the edge of my seat forgetting literally everything around me by being totally engulfed in the battle in chapter 17, you had me on the verge of tears more than once in chapter 18, and even actually tearing up at a few points, I think. I think the best line in the chapter, which may be the best line (or at the very least one of) in the whole story is when Steven describes his pack as "fuller than his wallet, the wealth of experiences for more valuable than any riches from acorporate bank account", and you realize that as you said, yes, it has indeed been a long way from the quiet boy from Rustboro who wanted to make a name for himself outside of Devon. And that Steven Stone and his Pokemon fully deserve to be there.

Was that a bit of Roxanne/Steven at the end? I was a little confused, because I saw you reviewing on quite a few Hoennchampionshipping fics and thus assumed you prefeed that ship. Actually, the actual story of why I am here in the first place is that I saw you on many others Hoenn or Steven-related fanfics, to the point that I went to check your profile out of curiosity, and, well, here I am?

Anyway, on second thoughts judging by your st Valentine fic with Steven and Wallace, you don't seem to ship Steven with anyone. (it was another wonderful piece of work by the way. You touched to a very sensitive subject and handled it with a lot of delicateness and elegance, and with as much style as ever ;) ) Anyway, it left me kinda confused at the finale, although considering chapter 3 it really isn't that surprising in the end. I was having an internal dilemma afterwards because on one hand, I'm on the Hoennchampionshipping side to hell and back, but on the other, the relationship you portrayed between the two of them just seemed to fit and really put a wonderful final note to the story, which made it all the more frustrating :D

To come back to the actual story (because I've digress ed far enough), it was one of the rare long stories that I've read in which I found literally every single chapter good, and every single paragraph interesting and feeling like it belonged there. I can count the number of writers like you, who seem to have an ability to make basically every single work they write good, on one hand. In three words, you have talent. And I'm proud of little Stevie for all he did and how far he went :3

That Wallace cameo though, I was barely even surprised :D It did feel incredibly fitting to see him being the one to design Steven's final suit. And speaking of cameos, Steven's dad as well, I was really happy that he got a place during the epilogue, just like every other main character. That conversation between him and Steven felt emotional and much needed. Actually, I think I'm fining to stop this review there or I may end up writing my thoughts on every single line of the two last chapters... ;) I heard that you are preparing a sequel for The Long Road and I can't wait to read it, to hear again from Steven and the others. So, until then I guess!
Sana Lama Samaha chapter 18 . 9/3
Wow, what a journey! It was amazing to see an in-game character depicted with life, history, and connections. Thanks for writing. I loved reading this fic.
NoLife-sama chapter 15 . 9/3
One more thing, though: it was a really nice aspect of Glacia you just showed. I didn't notice it at first because I was too much into the whole stuff, but her attitude toward Phoebe was really adorable. Their sweet relationship was interesting character development for the both of them. Funny to think that even despite her rather scary outburst, if you could call it that, Phoebe really is as innocent as Steven originally thought she was :D
NoLife-sama chapter 16 . 9/3
That was absolutely terrifying. I always adored Phoebe for her cute lighthearted nature and you did convey that aspect of her really well, but God this is one of the most intense Pokémon battle I have ever read, without any exaggeration. Holy crap. Kudos to Steven and Armaldo for managing to hold on until the end of the battle...
NoLife-sama chapter 3 . 8/31
The two last chapters cere adorable but this was genuinely amazing. Why did I not read that fic earlier!?
NoLife-sama chapter 1 . 8/31
What the hell, this is only the first chapter and it's already that adorable?! Can't wait to read the rest!
Fox4Deviler chapter 18 . 8/15
This was a beautiful piece which far exceeded my expectations. I can count the number of fics which were written in such a smooth manner on 1 hand. This fic deserves to be in the first 10 when you sort by favourites.
Will you be writing another one like this or will it be more original and different?
If you do write another one, I would suggest a Unova Champion or Cheren. They are generally ignored and a perfectly epic story goes waste.
pointvee chapter 18 . 8/7
Oof. It's been a long journey, but a very worthwhile one indeed. I look forward to whatever you have in store!
SilverRockets chapter 18 . 8/6

Ehem... alright, let's go through this one step at a time even though I'm super excited.

Man, I can't even begin to imagine what Steven must be feeling as he enters that room; if I were him I'd just collapse on the spot out of exhaustion and relief alone. I like that his first instinct is to get all his Pokemon out of their balls. They earned the room as much as he did. That hug was super adorable and the ensuing pillowfight was really the only way to welcome him to his new life as a Champion.

(BTW on this part I think there's a typo. You wrote "settled" instead of "settle")

The next part is a lot more emotional than I expected. I've written my fair share of family drama but it's nice to see Steven and his dad make an effort to take one step into the right direction with their relationship. There's still a lot more work to do with it, you can still feel them kind of distant, but it's definitely a good start. The silver ring was a nice touch too; much like Inyssa I imagine Steven as someone who would wear silver even while being the number one (And since this fits better here; the latter line about his ring shining brighter than gold was my favorite of the entire chapter, it's just gorgeous.)

Sometimes I forget that the League is... well, kind of an official thing? Of course Steven would need to file papers, and lots of them in his future too. I like that Drake aknowledges his strength right away and gives him good advice for the future. Also I imagined how his room must've looked like with all the maps and alcohol and it's super badass, I love it.

Wallace! Long time no see, buddy. I always find it funny how dispassioned Steven is with the idea of new outfits and such. In reality this kind of worldbuilding is my favorite surrounding the idea of Champions, and something I kinda incorporated into my own fic, too. Of course the Champion would have a personal stylist; each one needs to have a strong look because they are technically the face of the region itself, at least when it comes to Pokemon battling. Lance, Steven, Cynthia, they all have very different looks but each one speaks to their own strength and what they're capable of.

And finally the announcement and ceremony! Man, I'll never shut up about how much I love Glacia and the rest of the E4. Steven's slip into being the Champion feels natural, but also like a big thing. A lot of effort had to be put in order for him to get there and you can feel that in this last part of the chapter. It all fits perfectly, and I love it.

Also, that last line about the trainer's handbook? Fucking... sublime. What a way to end a fic.

There's really not much else I can say. THis really is one of the best fics I have ever read, and every second of waiting for this epilogue was worth it. Thanks a lot for writing it, and I'll patiently await for whatever you decide to write next :D
The Trainer of Legend chapter 17 . 7/28
Wow just wow. I binged this entire work today and I am flabbergasted. This is an amazing piece of work and I don’t have quite the eloquence to put it into words. Hoenn is one of my favorite regions due to its lore, landscape, Pokémon, and characters. This work has fleshed everything I love about Hoenn in the best possible way. I absolutely loved the exploration of the natural features that Hoenn has to offer. The characterization of Steven and his team was perfectly done and seeing his growth throughout was extremely satisfying. I can’t give you enough praise for this work, but I hope this is satisfactory. I eagerly await the prologue and anything else you have to offer. Keep up the amazing work!
SomecallmeMichelle chapter 14 . 7/20
Oh my...this might just be my favorite chapter in the entire story. Don't get me wrong, you're not half bad at writing action scenes, and your fights are the stuff of legends, epic, engaging and capable of making me hold my breath on every movement, this is the reason I came for. You know me a sucker for character interaction. - And thought I expected Pokemon battles in a journey towards the Champion spot, it would be foolish not to expect character interaction, introspection and evolution.

Steven here he's...- closer to the Steven Stone, champion extraordinare, rock expert, and steel type specialist, than the rookie trainer with big shots and ideas that he was in the beginning. He places a very important question too - When does a journey end?

Of course as champion Steven would be correled in a room, fighting trainers. Much as I pretend otherwise - or I like to pretend otherwise because Wallace and Steven make the cutest pair of friends - he's not getting many chances to retreat into the wild water filled caves of Hoenn - or any other - he's got league business to attend, and so, so much to do.

Anyway, this chapter feels, in many ways, like it's tying things up before the big battles that follow. It's got the return of the granite cave - a cave that gave such problems. It's got the evolution of Beldum into his final stage - always the great companion. - It's got Steven returning home, and facing his fears of the cold Devon business swallowing him up. I was wondering when that eletrike, or Manetrik would show up. - I wonder if it's the same used by Wattson in gym Battles during ruby and sapphire?

Ah - this chapter makes me feel warm, tingly and safe. It's many things, from the way Steven has grown - and aknowledges he has grown but he's still got much to learn - to the way he reconnects. It's Mrs Evans and how she clearly regards Steven as a son. The first time I read this chapter I had to stop after she talked with Steven and told him his father did miss him, for my eyes were wet. Liquid pride, they call it in the mlp fandom? I legit teared up at that part.

I don't know how to more fully express my love and admiration for this chapter. From warmth filled citizens of Hoenn to the way Steven is - quite clearly - a companion to his Pokemon, he even makes a grumpy Skarmory grudgingly admire him.

And don't tell me about berries, I know berries very well - actually I don't, I never did live the life of a berry farmer in this generation in particular - but from my understanding the enigma berry is a gen fourth berry? No? Well, they say the rarest stuff is better appreciated. And I can't help but think that a berry that blossoms every four years - to two single berries. Is the perfect way to have that particular pokemon evolve.

In a way it's the perfect subversion. You'd expect Metang to evolve into Metagross in an epic battle, maybe even getting ready to pounce the final blow - against an elite - or something similar. But no, it just did it to help Steven. And I couldn't help but laugh at the fact it has more energy than it knows what to do with. Ah Steven, truly you're a friend to your Pokemon.

Anyway - all that aside I wish I could kudo and comment on this chapter half a dozen times. Throughout all the ways Steven has been portrayed in the fandom - arrogant, charming, smart, - and in this fanfic, nothing really comes close to the love I want to demonstrate to this Steven - not yet the confident man who fears no defeat. No longer a inexperienced trainer doing dumb mistakes. No, right there, with the urge to keep improving himself. That's - I feel - a very Steven like thing to do. Want to improve himself - not only focused on rocks - but on his pokemon and the journey he's having.

This chapter might single handely given me the will to write for this fandom again. Because I might enjoy Wallace - I might enjoy Wallace a lot, but this Steven - this Steven crosses barriers in making me emphatise with him. It made me want to boot up my copy of Omega Ruby. And perhaps write something later.

I'm proud to have favorited this fanfic since the beginning, but, with this chapter it became my favorite Pokemon fanfic of all time.

Amazing. Now onwards to battle!
SomecallmeMichelle chapter 13 . 7/6
You know it's impressive that in a chapter featuring my favorite character, acting so smug and adorable, with an intense Pokemon battle, the first thing that catches my eye is the mention of Aggron picking berries. Perhaps it's a little detail written in media res, as I don't recall it, but it's a sign of a good writer that you make me wonder. There have to be days, weeks, going by without being narrated. And the story itself isn't chronologically told. It's a tribute to the quality of your writing that I wonder about it.

But let us not deceive ourselves, the star of this chapter was Wallace, oh how I love the way you write him, he's smug, he's a bit camp - to be honest - he's polite and well brought up, but he's not unwilling to get dirty and fight Pokemon battles. To him every pokemon of him is a darling or a dear. He's, truly, a great man, and a friend to have. The sheer raw intensity of the Pokemon Fight! I know that the real focus is on the battle with Juan, but how can I not enjoy this?

And Skarmory still isn't controlled it seems. Make Steven blush Skarmory, as Juan makes Wallace blush. It is the job of a master to make their pupils blush after all. I could comment on the complexities and the many ways your battles are both intense, thrilling to read and full of excitement. But I won't bore you with such repetition. I have done that time after time after time. You always manage to sneak some new element. What I'll say, however briefly, is that I have to drop the phone and take a long breath every time I finish reading them.

I can not drop the phone while reading, so pulled by them I am, but as soon as I finish I need to refresh myself. Reading your stories - every battle feels like red vs green for the champion spot. Even when it's just a friendly rivarly or a Gym Leader which can be retried. Steven takes battling with all his heart, and so I do too.

There's the matter of Roxxane to deal with, previously covered if I'm not mistaken. And also raising skarmory. But I am exhausted. In a good manner. I need to take a break from Pokemon. You've packed so much emotion, thought, strategy and strength into the battle, I don't even know what to say!

And of course Wallace would not admit defeat quite as easily as that. He's still got some of his arrogance. Steven has grown as a trainer, facing two of the top trainers of the region without much of a break.

As for Wallace, maybe one day he'll be champion himself. Though he has to get better names, who names a ludicolo "George"?

Amazing chapter. Look forward to more!
General Lemarc chapter 8 . 6/8
Of all the things here that could get to my nostalgia, I never expected Ruin Maniac Dusty to be one of them. But there you go.
General Lemarc chapter 1 . 5/23
So far, this reads great. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.
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