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Alindorie chapter 55 . 10/20
Bonjour !

I'm a French reader so, excuse my poor English. I juste pass three days reading your story. It was amazing. I'm sorry to don't have enough vocabulary to discribe how plaisant moment it was.

Thank you very much for this wonderful moment.
ivanpotapov4 chapter 55 . 10/9
For me, it's one of the best stories. Yes, there are places which weren't as smooth and fluent. For example, the confrontation of Lucius and Severus. I find this part a bit... lame. But, at the same time it seems more realistic because of that.

Across the board, this is one the book which makes you even speak in a different way. At least for several days. The plot and characters are captivating indeed. Also it's very soothing story. I'm sure you know what I mean. Emotional rollercoasters. Excellent links to literature.

Dear author, thank you for sharing your story! This is definitely from category "great job", which is far much better that just "good job". :) Thank you!
GeekLoveFan chapter 55 . 10/1
I stumbled upon this fic quite accidentally, which was really serendipitous, as I had seen another author recommend it over at AO3. However, when I searched for it there, I was unable to find it (I think it may have been mistitled as “What Sorrows Come”). It was absolutely as good as had been suggested. Absolutely beautiful fic. Bravo!
kagomeLove2 chapter 54 . 8/18
I just do not like the fact that Lucius did not get punished at all. He did mess up people life but only Reginald was painted as the bad guy. Hermione has been forgiving Lucius in a way. But she could not Reginald. In the end I have to say Lucius was the winner. He got to have sex with Hermione, she would forever remember what he has done to her because they have a child. He divorced his wife and he is a free man, did not go to Azkaban. he can start over with his life.

What was the point of Reginald not been dead if it was to paint him as the bad guy? He could have just stayed dead. Suddenly he was more despicable than Lucius. I have to say I did not like the turn of some events in this story. Hermione and Severus story was over shadowed by Narcissa story (Which was more interesting than the main story. It would make a nice story) delphini (I did not see the point in her story at all except that she is a good girl) . One thing that really annoyed me was the fact that Hermione was too forgiving towards Lucius.
kagomeLove2 chapter 53 . 8/18
I do find it hard to see the Weasley in a power position. Glad Delphine told what happened to her.
kagomeLove2 chapter 32 . 8/18
Nice story. I have been enjoying it so far. One think that I do dislike is the fact that they are all a big family. Severus had an affair with Narcissa, he has a child with Bellatrix, he will be married to Hermione who was the wife of Ron and alsowho had a child with Lucius who is the husband of Narcissa. This was too much for me really. I felt like soon I will discover that either Harry is a child of Severus or Harry is the really father of Hermione children. You tied and connect the characters in your story too much so I could not take the story very seriously.

I do not find the relevance of Delphine at all. Will continue just to find out what Henry senior will do when he found out that his wife had moved on.
aelfwynne chapter 33 . 8/16
A books width.. nice
Orrery chapter 55 . 8/9
I originally started reading this sometime last year and due to reasons not related to the story I stopped about half way through. I am so glad I restarted this! Finished it in a few days! Loved it!
nedjheret chapter 39 . 6/21
In retrospect, I think Delphini showed remarkable restraint... I hope a series of Pensieve memories will clear things up for her as some sort of proof..
nedjheret chapter 18 . 6/21
I believe she also played Anne Boleyn in Henry VIII, likewise penned by Shakespeare. I could be quite mistaken, however..

MotekElm chapter 55 . 6/12
well written. it's HEA in a way, but it left me feeling sad
MotekElm chapter 51 . 6/12
I'm annoyed that Hermione and everyone around her keep saying Lucious did not rape her. yes, he raped her. he threatened to take away her children and get her locked in Azkaban if she didn't let him do whatever he wanted. that is rape. she may be in denial, as many victims are, but the people around her should not be
MotekElm chapter 49 . 6/12
where are the Aurora in all this? magic and the dark mark in a largely populated area and they don't cone is strange. it would have been a good opportunity to reunite HarryHermione
MotekElm chapter 47 . 6/12
aww, some sweet fluff in an otherwise heartwrenching tale
MotekElm chapter 36 . 6/11
unclear why Hermione's birthday is changed from the 19th to the 9th for this story
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