Reviews for When Sorrows Come
mysticreaderz chapter 55 . 4/13
What a fantastic story! Thank you for sharing!
brittingbloom chapter 20 . 10/30/2023
Love this "history in review" reflection :)
brittingbloom chapter 7 . 10/29/2023
oooooooohhhhhhhhh. soooo good :) loving this unique take on H being a single mom and severus also needing help. very interesting! gonna grab a cup of tea and settle in!
brittingbloom chapter 3 . 10/29/2023
Oh. My. Goodness. I am so engrossed! What is going to happen!?
Callie Silverthorn chapter 55 . 7/23/2023
second time I've read this work... and it is utterly perfect! thankyou!
erm31323 chapter 55 . 6/25/2023
Really loved this story!
erm31323 chapter 53 . 6/25/2023
I love that Hermione appealed to Molly. Hope she can get through to Bill.
erm31323 chapter 47 . 6/25/2023
This was such a sweet chapter! I loved Severus' talks with Delphini and Narcissa's discussion with Lucius. And Delphini being so excited about making friends was adorable.
erm31323 chapter 46 . 6/25/2023
So glad they told each other and made up!
erm31323 chapter 42 . 6/24/2023
Glad Severus is going to be there for Delphini. The reasons why Narcissa has to stay married to Lucius are horrible! Sweet, but sad ending to this chapter.
erm31323 chapter 39 . 6/24/2023
Where were the professors? Delphini's in the Great Hall at dinner, a crowd gathered around her and no one intervened? Honestly I don't blame her for throwing a curse, although I wish she hadn't chosen that particular one.

Hermione and Severus, I feel horrible for both of them. I know Hermione doesn't trust herself after her two failed relationships but I doubt Severus is going to think of it that way. He'll take it as rejection. Sadness all around.
erm31323 chapter 29 . 6/23/2023
I really hope Hermione doesn't fall for Lucius' lies. And I just want to hug Delphini. I'm glad that Severus has told her the truth about Bellatrix and Voldemort.
erm31323 chapter 28 . 6/22/2023
I know he's supposedly dead but I feel like it's Reginald hiding behind the tree and that he's the one that kidnapped Lucius.
erm31323 chapter 23 . 6/22/2023
Severus thinks he wouldn't be a good father but the way he is with Henry proves otherwise. I'm so sad for both of them trying to figure all these things out.
erm31323 chapter 21 . 6/22/2023
Definitely wasn't expecting that!
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