Reviews for When Sorrows Come
MotekElm chapter 5 . 6/11/2018
unique plot. broken Hermione abandoned by everyone makes me so sad
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 55 . 6/5/2018
What truth is Narcissa speaking about?
I don't like the Cursed Child. I don't like the idea of Bellatrix having a child, partially because I cannot imagine Bellatrix being in a loving relationship with anybody, just like I cannot imagine the nose-less Dark Lord having biological capacity to have children after all the self-mutilation. You do find a good solution for that though. And you write Bellatrix truly beautiful, especially in the Fiendfyre scene by the lake. In this scene, she acknowledges the reality of how the Dark Lord treats her, without giving up her devotion to Lord Voldemort; she is beautiful and strong, despite the damage weathered through time; and she cares, she cares.
Severus, had you not sent Lucius against Narcissa, Lucius would have gone after Hermione immediately. And Hermione can hardly defend herself, under these circumstances. Narcissa is hopefully better at defending herself from Lucius - albeit she is locked in marriage with him, and hardly allowed to leave.
Hermione shouldn't be sure of her safety. Lucius, or whoever controls him, are a threat.
Reginald isn't dead? He is pursuing Lucius and Narcissa?
I had hoped Delphini would kill Lucius, before he once again attacked Narcissa. But maybe, Delphini is taking the prudent route of securing allies, and maybe looking into laws.
I don't know how Draco survived living in the terrible environment. Maybe, house elves protected him. But it's terrible that Delphini has to think, courtesy of Lucius, than one human may force self onto another, by force, or by threat.
I do hope that Hermione isn't as gullible as Lucius thinks her to be. I do wonder what Narcissa was planning, to lure Lucius into the night, and then to leave afterwards before the morning comes.
Hermione should look into getting a gun, or a pepper spray, to defend herself and her children in Muggle environment. Then she will not hesitate to stop Lucius, or anybody else.
Surely, Hermione knows that Hero, unlike Delphini, has good siblings, and good parents. While Delphini, amidst quarrels, and without siblings, is very lonely. And Severus is much better than Lucius, Severus doesn't lie or force people.
"That's one of the few things we have in common." How fitting...
Ron, your words are vulgar. You are the one who insisted on trying to get private details from Hermione.
Children are much more observant than adults give them credit for. Delphini is not three years old, or even six years old - and at six years old, kids already have a great memory and a brilliant mind. Delphini is eleven years old, she can lie, she knows others can lie, she knows fear and terror, she knows defiance, and she knows oppression. She barely has anybody to confide in. She doesn't have a house elf of her own, outside of influence of adults, or anybody else whom she trusts.
"Docile, obedient" doesn't mean that she loved him. Only that she feared him, and hoped that obedience would give her safety. Now she knows that even obedience will not give her safety.
More money, sssure... But not a better home, not with all that was, and is, going on in it. Not better reputation - he is mostly feared, and hated. Not better looking - Lucius is a sleaze.
Draco removes drinks from Narcissa's reach. Could Draco please remove Lucius from influence?
Both your houses? Malfoys and Blacks, is Delphini in danger? Or Narcissa and Hermione, as Reginald is trying to kidnap Hermione's children - probably Delphini as well?
That's a good question that Severus raises, about survivors of violence being accustomed to it, to the point of craving it, if only for familiarity. I cannot get it, either. But then, it's said that in lab experiments, rats would inflict pain onto themselves willingly, if they have no other entertainment - out of boredom?
Delphini... Do try to not let the flattery of ignorant children to sway you.
Don't be melodramatic, you say... Narcissa, you are ignorant. Humans, abused as you are, often underestimate danger. They become used to it. They don't notice when it becomes worse. When it "gets out of control"? There is no control in such situations. Humans used to violence don't expect it to reach fatal levels, and yet it does, without warning.
Narcissa... Share the code with Hermione and Severus, it's Shakespeare. Delphini, do share your concerns about bullies, with Narcissa or Severus - surely, Bill and Fleur brought up their kid better than that. At least, I thought Bill to be better than that.
It is Malfoys' house, not Lucius's. And it's Narcissa's room. Privacy.
Polyjuice? Reginald? No, Imperius.
You may just get your wish... Severus, how will you capture him? You are weak, out of practice.
What about blood magic, to track Lucius? Surely, with Draco, Narcissa, it should be doable?
Great Hall... Where are the Teachers?! Professors?
Blood Oath Vow... I did think that Narcissa has no way to file for divorce.
Henry, you are not logical. You hit somebody, and then you are surprised to be hit back? Apologise immediately, young man!
Where does Lucius go? He is fighting the Imperius curse.
I understand Delphini's fight about hair. My hair used to be curly, long ago. After all "wash this, comb that", it's straight and boring. And gets tangled all the time.
St Mungo's, a good choice. And breaking wand in two, as well.
What kind of Chemistry (sorry, Potions) Professor doesn't know biology enough to know at least something about girls? Surely, you know potions for crumps and such?
Molly is neither sweet-tempered nor mild-mannered. She is a mother hen, and a frightening one at that, sometimes.
She would soon be divorced... How does Narcissa know? Filed the papers for divorce?
Delphini is an Occlumens, unlike Lucius. She might be able to fool Reginald. Thank you, Henry, for sending Obliviate off-course. Why would Reginald even pretend to think that Hermione would have left Henry ignorant of magic?
Reginald is a liar. His words are entirely plausible, but not necessarily the truth. Bellatrix was caring for Delphini, not throwing Crucios around. And if she was, it was to obey Dark Lord's orders, to protect Delphini.
Had Reginald's words been true, he would have attacked Delphini from the start, instead of thinking to Obliviate her and exchange for Helena.
Self-defense, or mercy killing, are not the same as revenge.
Helena is idiot. Defend Reginald? After he hurt Hermione so? I understand that bloody wound is obvious hurt. But words hurt more. Especially mixed with lies.
Reginald lies so much that not even Veritaserum will be sufficient, I am afraid. He is mad.
We use our words, not our hands. Severus's and Hermione's curses were part emotion and part self-defense from verbal and emotional attack.
Victoire... Don't you see the difference? Delphini was bullied savagely by you for days, and even then her curse was weak. Reginald wasn't hurt by Delphini at all, and yet Reginald's curse against Delphini was strong, if not fatal.
Memory charm, confundus, imperius... Why is tampering with memories so easy? Muggles are defenseless, understandable. But magicals?
I like Augusta.
Agree with Severus, shorts are ridiculous. And Severus, you should have thought of swimming, first time beach was mentioned.
I like idea of Bellatrix reaching into dreams, of Delphini, of Narcissa, and others, haunting them from beyond the grave. Beautiful, smart, deranged, insane, hurt... But in dreams, caring.
Thank you. Good day, good night, and good luck.
cagzclarine chapter 55 . 6/3/2018
Malgré quelques longueurs, votre fiction est très bien écrite. Le portrait d'une Hermione mère de famille est assez surprenant mais vous arrivez à le faire fonctionner. J'ai moins adhéré au complot Réginald. En revanche, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le personnage de Delphni et la relation qu'elle et Severus développent.
Mention particulière aussi pour Narcissa : son personnages est très riche -femme bafouée par son mari, amoureuse (Lucius ,Severus, Siobban...), mère (Delphini)- et très ambigu (cf sa relation avec Hermione).
TheEdgeOfTheDeepGreenSea chapter 55 . 5/31/2018
Excellent fic!
WhereforeArtThou chapter 55 . 5/30/2018
Omg this was such an amazing story! I was bored and looking for a new HP fic to read since I tend to just re-read the same favorites over and over again, and everything I was clicking on was Bad Writing, but then I clicked on this and I was immediately hooked! You have seriously pulled my emotions through a wringer with this one hahahaha. I cried SO hard during the scene where Delphini is bullied by Victoire and her friends, as well as during the scene where Delphini relays her feelings to Molly. And that scene where Severus is hurt by Hermione and unresponsive to her desire to talk, and she almost leaves but then she decides no, she won't, and she turns right around and goes back down to the cellar - that was fantastic! That felt so realistic, like something a person in a real relationship rather than a fictional drama would do, and I completely loved it. Never stop writing!
Dindore chapter 55 . 5/25/2018
Wow..that was really spectacularly well-written. I absolutely loved it.
Sigrid Frost chapter 55 . 5/16/2018
Thank you so much for the story. Loved it very much and binged it in only two days (which caused a lack of sleep and temporarily neglected children). The characters felt so real. I particularly adored Narcissa and the way she developed through the story. She was both tragic, brave and also a bit ridiculous when she found her inner teenager at the end. I was also very satisfied that Delphini turned out differently than she did in the cursed child. She is an interesting character, and being the orphan of a notorious Death Easter is much harder than being the orphan of war heroes like Harry Potter. The way she struggles to come to terms with her history is very well written. The only tiny thing that annoyed me was Hermione's massive cursing. I felt it was a bit out of character, but I figured that it was to show that she had changed after Hogwarts due to her failed marriages and the way she was treated by her x-husbands.
Vitellia chapter 55 . 5/4/2018
This is the first story I've read of yours, and I just loved it. The characters were believable, the dialogue was often funny (oh, that Henry!) and the plot moved along nicely. One review said the kids were annoying - did that person read the same story I did? I loved the kids, and I have several, so I'm annoyed by unrealistically written kids, i.e., miniature adults, which these kids weren't at all. And I think this may be my favorite Narcissa of all time - Narcissa, fixer of lousy lovers. Telling Hermione, "You're welcome." Ha!
WritinginCT chapter 55 . 4/20/2018
Amazing saga! Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.
Nuria chapter 55 . 4/11/2018
Hey there! I read this fanfic a while ago always regretted not leaving a review at the moment, because I absolutely loved it! You handled the characters and the plot masterfully, the way you made everything feel so natural and real is something to admire.

I've never been a fan of Shakespeare, really, but you made his work so essential to the story that I felt like I wanted to learn more, read everything he wrote to truly understand all the references and how you used them in the foreshadowing. It was a pleasant surprise to feel that way and I appreciate that your story brought me this curiosity.

Oh, but the aspect I loved the most was the children. God, if you knew how many fanfic authors I've encountered that couldn't write a child character to save their lives! And it's not their fault as it is indeed a very difficult thing, I can imagine how much practice it must take, but you managed to hit the perfect balance between childish and a unique level of intelligence while giving each kid a distinct personality that I loved to bits. Also, thank you so much for changing Delphini's story, it bothered me a lot how little sense it made when I read "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" but your take on it and how you used it for character development was very smart and endearing.

I'm very grateful for finding you, I'll be sure to check out the rest of your work! Keep it up!
pixelbun1 chapter 55 . 4/10/2018
Jaysus. This is a LOOOONG fic, and I'm not sure if I mean it in a good way. Deals with a lot of distressing subjects (like abused women stuck in emotional/physically abusive relationships), has a crazy pervert Lucius, annoying tweens, idiot old friends, school bullying. Well written but man was it difficult to read, at the end I was not happy about the HEA, merely relieved.
pixelbun1 chapter 35 . 4/9/2018
this fic is filled with a whole bunch of really silly women. Narcissa, Hermione, Delphine, Helena, Ginny... *eyerolling"
pixelbun1 chapter 28 . 4/9/2018
is Lucius a few fries short of a Happy Meal? Too much hair and not enough sense? I'm starting to suspect he is that and a whole helping of Delusional on the side...
pixelbun1 chapter 8 . 4/9/2018
god. I died laughing at 3year old Henry Granger and his vast vocabulary of f#cks.
Aerialla451 chapter 55 . 4/6/2018
Wow, this was amazing. I loved all the characters and the originality of the story. I couldn't put it down. This was incredibly thought out and written, something that is often lacking in fanfiction. Thank you for such a wonderful tale.
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