Reviews for Passive Aggressive Post-Its
Sherlollylover17 chapter 40 . 12/10
This was very very good. I think we are all pervs of we read it so don't feel any shame. Please update soon. That wait was too long.
Axelle.813 chapter 40 . 12/9
Yay! I was so happy to see an update for this story! And I loved it! It was awesome! I loved how Lucy told Erza of, in the nicest way possible! Although I’m not sure how I’m feeling about Gray trying to have a relationship with Yukino. I really want Juvia to make an appearance and become a main part of the story! DX

Can’t wait for the next update! I will try and wait as patiently as possible!
sonikastalker chapter 40 . 12/8
Well, that was so hot Great chapter as always!
But, is Gray and Yukino gonna be a thing? Hoping to see Juvia coz lowkey Gruvia trash here. Oh c'mon, considering your profile pic is Juvia cosplay, I hope that you're a Gruvia fan too hahaha, love the costume btw. But either way, I still like to see how the new pairing will go! Cant wait for the next!
ThayetJade chapter 40 . 12/7
Loooved it! Side note: I noticed you said threw and dropped right next to each other instead of choosing just one when Natsu had whipped off Lucy’s tummy from his mess and at first I thought it was accident but then I thought maybe it was supposed to show the beginning rambling of natsu’s mind as he slowly sank into unconciousness lol...I loved the term “octopus Natsu” hahahahaha might use that as a discriptor from now on with cuddles hehehehehehe Cuz that was seriously adorable!
Random-Gaurdian chapter 40 . 12/7
Good to see you back! Is there more lemon on the way? The one this chapter was pretty good!
An Amber Pen chapter 40 . 12/7
Woohoo! Finally, they got a chance to finish what they started (mostly) without being interrupted. Even though Erza is probably going to give Natsu and Lucy a "Look" later on. Something tells me that nothing about finding love is going to be remotely easy for Gray from here on out, but I also have a feeling we're going to enjoy it. Please keep writing!
Mezatron chapter 40 . 12/7
ooo i was wondering where you disappeared to! yay for a new chapter and is it hot in here or what! loved the jerzagan trianglebut frik erzagan on their own is freaking cute! must saypoor gray! bad decisions coming again? i do hope juvia comes crashing in at some point as i think that would be hillarious (maybe where they dont know but she still stalks him haha does the whole bonded thing activate on touch?)
cRaZieSt aNgEl eVeR chapter 40 . 12/7
Love this chapter especially the beginning when natsu wakes up and realizes gray is there not natsu. Is yukino and gray going to be a couple or is juvia going to appear as well? I'm soo used to her...Love rival yukino. X_X
AnonymousStalkerFriend chapter 40 . 12/7
Shit that was fuckin hot.
raizorshrp chapter 40 . 12/7
very spicy chapter, love it... also yukinoxgray if it moves beyond and we forego juvia is interesting. I've never shipped them together but I'm excited to see where it goes
Kaihaku No Iroke chapter 38 . 12/6
Sorry to review twice for the same chapter, but the more I thought about it, the more I wasnt sure about Yukino and Gray. And then I'm like were the heck is Juvia?! And then my imagination ran away and I was thinking he does get into a serious relationship with Yukino, and its going great for a while, and he starts to love her. But then one day, he accidently bumps into this girl. He doesn't think about it at first, bu lets say she is on the swim or diving team and every day at the same time he gets the inescapeable sensation of being soaking wet. Takes him a couple times to put together what it means and he is devistated about what it means for his relationship with Yukino when he realizes it isnt her. Fun angsty times ahead... and a rightfully jealous Juvia. ;)
ShanaHollows chapter 40 . 12/6
Yup...gonna need a smoke after reading that! And a cold shower! Holy crud!

This chapter was so much fun to read. I'm loving the connection between Natsu and Lucy - so focused on each other! And Gray...Sigh...well, you know I have a soft spot for him. He and Yukino - intriguing pair! Can't wait to see what happens with that! Not to mention the Erza/Fernandez brothers pairings...

Waiting with anticipation for the next chapter!
Satyrykal chapter 40 . 12/6
Oh my gosh, so worth the wait! what a great chapter! let's dissect shall we?

I love your humour, I can just see allvthese conversations play out. Natsu asking Gray for ceoissanrs, the antics of the frat, natsu ignoring angry Lucy and basically skipping towards her... so adorable!

random question, is this going to be a yukinoxgray story? personally hoping to see Juvia, I love her and she s grown so much over the years! I actually say an amazing OMV on YouTube for Gruvia, which I highly recommend, even if they aren't my main ship.

and glad you don't have shame, that tension is palpable. great that you managed to make part of that humorous too. Lucy is super innocent without being a damsel in distress. Also apparently obvious of what she is saying hahaha.

Thanks for a wonderful chapter. high hopes for this new arc.


ps: I just discovered ff has an app and it's so convenient to stay logged on so my reviews aren't anonymous anymorealso finally added you to my favourites list for the same reason. now time to sleep so I can be semi competent for class tomorrow lol
Kaihaku No Iroke chapter 40 . 12/6
*bows deeply* thank you sempai for feeding my addiction. Best chapter yet (for obvious reasons) and I am so excited see what is coming!
DarlingDraeni chapter 40 . 12/6
So happy to see you back! Such a nice suprise to open my email to, I had almost given up hope!
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